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Leadership in Organizations : There is a Difference Between Leaders and Managers - David I. Bertocci

Leadership in Organizations

There is a Difference Between Leaders and Managers


Published: 16th May 2009
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Leadership in Organizations is the first in a series of three books written primarily for distance-learning students in online undergraduate and graduate programs with a focus on management, leadership, and organizational development.

Chapter 1 List of Tables, Preface, Acknowledgments
Chapter 2 Introduction
Chapter 3
Chapter I: What is Leadership?
Chapter 4
Chapter 1: The Evolving Nature of Leadership
Chapter 5
Chapter 2: Definitions of Leadership
Chapter 6
Chapter 3: Functional Differences between Leaders and Managers; Comparing Leaders and Managers; The Process of Leadership; Strategic Issues; Summary
Chapter 7
Chapter II: Theories and Principles of Leadership
Chapter 8
Chapter 4: Personality Characteristics or Traits of Leaders; The Emergence of Trait Theories; The Search for Traits; Developing Leadership Skills; Criticism of Trait Theory; Strengths of Trait Theory; Identifying Leaders; Summary
Chapter 9
Chapter 5: Personal Behavior Theories of Leadership; The Research Bases; A Comparison of Research Approaches; Summary
Chapter 10
Chapter 6: Situational Theories of Leadership; Situational Factors; Fiedler's Contigency Theory; Path-Goal Theory; The Hersey-Blanchard Theory; The Vertical Dyad-Linkage Theory/Leader Member Exchange Theory; Summary
Chapter 11
Chapter 7: Charismatic Leadership; Stages of Charismatic Leadership; Charisma and Vision; Charismatic Leadership in Crises; Examples of Charismatic Leaders; Summary
Chapter 12
Chapter 8: Transactional and Transformational Leadership; Transactional Leadership; Transformational Leadership; Summary
Chapter 13
Chapter 9: A Critical Review of Leadership Theories; Trait Theory; Behavioral Theory; Fiedler's Contingency Theory; Path-Goal Theory; Vertical Dyad-Linkage Theory; Transactional Leadership Theory; Transformational Leadership Theory; Summary
Chapter 14
Chapter III: Leadership: Power, Conflict, and Change
Chapter 15
Chapter 10: Leadership and Power; The Need for Power; Formal and Informal Leaders; Power and Organizations, Summary
Chapter 16
Chapter 11: Leadership and Conflict; What is Conflict?; Dealing With Conflict; Where Does Conflict Come From?; Pondy's Model of Organizational Conflict; Managing Personal Conflict or Conflict Among Individuals; Managing Substantive Conflict; The Dynamics
Chapter 17
Chapter 12: Leadership and Change; The Changing Environment; Reasons for Change; Types of Organizational Change; Change in the Organization???Today; Change in the Workplace???The Next Decade; Resistance to Change; Understanding Change Management; Making Cha
Chapter 18 Findings and Conclusions; Additional Reading Sources; Bibliography; Index; About the Author

ISBN: 9780761844259
ISBN-10: 0761844252
Format: ePUB
Language: English
Number Of Pages: 130
Published: 16th May 2009
Publisher: University Press of America