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Intermediate Polish : A Grammar And Workbook - Dana Bielec

Intermediate Polish

A Grammar And Workbook


Published: 30th September 2004
Format: PDF
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"Intermediate Polish "is designed for learners who have achieved basic proficiency and wish to progress to more complex language. Each unit combines clear, concise grammar explanations with examples and exercises to help build confidence and fluency.
Features include:
* focus on areas of particular confusion such as verbs that are difficult to translate and nouns made from numbers
* comprehensive glossary of grammatical terms
* reference list of over 250 Polish verbs
* full key to all exercises.
Suitable for independent learners and students on taught courses, "Intermediate Polish," together with its sister volume, "Basic Polish," forms a structured course in the essentials of Polish.
Dana Bielec is the author of the popular "Polish: An Essential Grammar," as well as "Basic Polish: A Grammar and" "Workbook," both published by Routledge.

Verb aspects -- -a?? and -i?? verbs: present tense consonant changes -- Comparisons: adjectives in -er and -est -- Present tense of -n???? verbs -- Short-stem non-wa?? verbs: padding with 'j' (present) -- Comparisons: adverbs with 'more' and 'most' -- Past tense of most imperfective verbs; movable person suffixes -- Past tense of imperfective verbs in -e?? and -n???? -- Past tense of double imperfective verbs -- Short-stem verbs in -???? and -?? (present, past) -- Modal verbs musie??, chcie??, wole?? (present, past); because, since -- Past tense of perfective verbs (prefixed); when(ever), as soon as -- Past tense of perfective verbs (stem-changed) -- 'Can': m??c, potrafi??, umie?? (present, past) -- Past tense of perfective verbs in -???? and -n???? -- Unusual verb pairs; polite commands with Prosz?? -- Higher numbers and dates -- Future with by?? - imperfective verbs; time expressions -- Future with by?? - imperfective verbs; time expressions -- Future without by?? - perfective verbs; gdy, jak -- Informal commands -- Commands with niech; -?? and kolwiek; vocative case -- Verbs from i??c (past, future) -- Verbs from i??c (past, future) -- Verbs from i???? and chodzi?? (commands); concessions -- Modal verbs powinienem and mie?? (present, past) -- How verbal prefixes change meaning; direction to/from -- Six very precise verbs -- Simple conditions and wishes; je??li/je??eli, mo??e -- Conditions with 'I would ...if'; avoiding ambiguity -- Modal verbs (future, conditional); ??eby; else -- Impersonal verbs (present); cause and result -- Impersonal verbs (past, future, conditional) -- Si?? to translate 'one' and 'you' -- Impersonal wida??, s??cha??, czu??, zna?? -- Present adverbial participle in -??c (while ... -ing) -- Past adverbial participle in -wszy and -??szy (having...) -- Indefinite numbers; -ka nouns from numbers -- Relative pronoun kt??ry; adjectives used as nouns -- Present adjectival participle (active) - imperfective verbs -- Present adjectival participles (passive) - imperfective verbs -- Past adjectival participle (passive) - imperfective verbs -- Past adjectival participle (passive) - perfective verbs; until, while, before.

ISBN: 9780203325605
ISBN-10: 0203325605
Format: PDF
Language: English
Published: 30th September 2004
Publisher: Willan Pub.