Inside Spin : The dark underbelly of the PR industry - Bob Burton

Inside Spin

The dark underbelly of the PR industry


Unfortunately this eBook is only available from within Australia.

Public relations professionals invisibly influence just about every news story we read, see and hear. Even more significant is what they manage to keep out of the news altogether...Inside Spin is the first behind the scenes investigation of the billion dollar a year Australian PR industry. Bob Burton illuminates the hardball and soft tactics used by PR companies to smother dissenting viewpoints, mask sponsors, court journalists, attack corporate competitors and influence politicians. Through detailed case studies from both private and public sectors, he shows just how much PR filters what we see, hear and think about the organisations that affect our lives and shape our society...Inside Spin is a searing expose of the influence industry and the deep-pocketed organisations they serve...'While journalists surrender to the increasing mastery of the misinformation industry, media consumers will more often need to become their own gatekeepers. Bob Burton's Inside Spin is a comprehensive guidebook.' Chris Masters, ABC TV Four Corners..'A punchy and passionate book that tells us things we need to know about both PR and journalism.' Margaret Simons, author and journalist

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