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Healing through Pure Mindfulness -  Dhiravamsa

Healing through Pure Mindfulness


Published: 11th March 2014
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Healing through Pure Mindfulness guides us through the transformations of consciousness that lead to the realization of nirvana.

This process begins at our human personality or ego-state level. On this level, we are all dominated ruthlessly by our ruling passions, the compulsive conditioning of our fixations, our harmful, instinctual energy patterns. These include the chief features or fixations of the various personality types. Foremost among all of these harmful patterns are greed, hate, and delusion, the principal mental infections spreading psychological torment that is harmful to our health and well being.

This healing leads from three-dimensional consciousness that roams about in the realm of samsara?the cycle of contamination, action, and consequence (kilesa, karma, and vipaka)?represented by Shakespeare?s Hamlet, to four-dimensional consciousness, a realm outside normal human experience. Here ends the samsaric journey and begins immediately the entrance into the ever-lasting flow of nirvana.

ISBN: 9781938459368
ISBN-10: 1938459369
Format: PDF
Language: English
Published: 11th March 2014
Edition Number: 1