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Evolutionary Biology : Concepts, Biodiversity, Macroevolution and Genome Evolution - Pierre Pontarotti

Evolutionary Biology

Concepts, Biodiversity, Macroevolution and Genome Evolution

By: Pierre Pontarotti (Editor)

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The annual Evolutionary Biology Meetings in Marseilles serve to gather leading scientists, promote the exchange of ideas and encourage the formation of international collaborations.This book contains the most essential contributions presented at the 14th Evolutionary Biology Meeting, which took place in September 2010. It comprises??19 chapters organized according to the following categories:?????????????????? Evolutionary Biology Concepts?????????????????? Biodiversity and Evolution?????????????????? Macroevolution?????????????????? Genome EvolutionOffering an up-to-date overview of recent results in the field of evolutionary biology, this book is an invaluable source of information for scientists, teachers and advanced students.

Site-specific self-catalyzed DNA depurination, the basis of a spontaneous mutagenic mechanism of wide evolutionary significance / Jacques R. Fresco ... [et al.] -- Stochastic processes driving directional evolution / Sean H. Rice, Anthony Papadopoulos, and John Harting -- Evolution of self-fertile hermaphrodites / Ronald E. Ellis and Yiqing Guo -- Insights into eukaryotic interacting protein evolution / Sandip Chakraborty ... [et al.] -- Integration of evolutionary biology concepts for functional annotation and automation of complex research in evolution : the multi-agent software system DAGOBAH / Philippe Gouret ... [et al.] -- A new animal model for merging ecology and evolution / Gabriele Procaccini ... [et al.] -- Rapid evolution of simple microbial communities in the laboratory / Margie Kinnersley ... [et al.] -- Use of paleontological and phylogenetic data in comparative and paleobiological analyses : a few recent developments / Michel Laurin -- Seasonal flowering and evolution : will plant species be under stress from global warming? / Rod W. King -- The emergence of cellular complexity at the dawn of the eukaryotes : reconstructing the endomembrane system with in silico and functional analyses / Lila V. Koumandou and Mark C. Field -- Neurophylogeny : retracing early metazoan brain evolution / Rudi Loesel -- A new early Cambrian lobopod-bearing animal (Murero, Spain) and the problem of the Ecdysozoan early diversification / Jos?? Antonio G??mez Vintaned, Eladio Li????n, and Andrey Yu. Zhuravlev -- Genomic perspectives on the long-term absence of sexual reproduction in animals / Etienne G.J. Danchin ... [et al.] -- Evolutionary constraint on DNA shape in the human genome / Thomas D. Tullius, Stephen C.J. Parker, and Elliott H. Margulies -- Evolution of fungi and their respiratory metabolism / Marina Marcet-Houben and Toni Gabald??n -- Genome structure and gene expression variation in plant mitochondria, particularly in the genus Silene / Helena Storchova -- Evolutionary dynamics and genomic impact of prokaryote transposable elements / Nicolas Cerveau ... [et al.] -- Transposable elements in a marginal population of Aegilops speltoides : temporal fluctuations provide new insights into genome evolution of wild diploid wheat / Alexander Belyayev and Olga Raskina -- Analysis of the conservative motifs in promoters of miRNA genes, expressed in different tissues of mammalians / Oleg V. Vishnevsky ... [et al.].

ISBN: 9783642207631
ISBN-10: 3642207634
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Language: English
Number Of Pages: 345
Published: 1st January 2011