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Distant Mental Influence : Its Contributions to Science, Healing, and Human Interactions - William Braud

Distant Mental Influence

Its Contributions to Science, Healing, and Human Interactions


Published: 1st December 2003
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Professionals in modern psychology, behavioral medicine, and psychoneuroimmunology are exploring ways in which we can "mentally" influence our own bodies through hypnosis, imagery, visualization, attention, intention, and other forms of self-regulation--for fostering physical and psychological health and well-being.

Is it possible for us to use such techniques to influence others, even at a distance, for purposes of healing?
Is it possible for us to influence the images, thoughts, behaviors, and physiological reactions of other persons--separated by distance--without conventional sensory means of interaction?
Can these abilities extend to animals and even to cells (e.g., human red blood cells)?
Might these abilities be involved in the efficacy of distant, mental, or spiritual healing and intercessory prayer?
Might these influences even extend to events distant in time--even "backwards in time?"
Do these influences have major implications for our scientific theories, our human identity, the interconnections between ourselves and nature, and our relationships with others?

Careful laboratory work--described in detail in this book--suggests that the answer to all these questions is a resounding "Yes!"

A personal introduction and 12 detailed chapters describe the evidence that supporst these important claims. The book also describes the factors that make such distant mental influences more or less likely, so that anyone might use these distant influence skills more effectively and consistently for their own benefit and for the benefit of others.

Transpersonal imagery effects : influencing a distant person's bodily activity using mental imagery -- Calming other persons at a distance -- Mentally protecting human red blood cells at a distance -- Mental interactions with remote biological systems -- Distant mental influence of physiological activity : new experiments and their historical antecedents -- On the use of living target systems in distant mental influence research -- Reactions to an unseen gaze (remote attention) : autonomic staring detection -- Additional studies of bodily detection of remote staring -- Empirical studies of prayer, distant healing, and remote mental influence -- Helping others concentrate using distant mental influence -- Distant mental influence and healing : assessing the evidence -- Health implications of "backward-in-time" direct mental influences.

ISBN: 9781612832913
ISBN-10: 1612832911
Format: ePUB
Language: English
Number Of Pages: 263
Published: 1st December 2003
Publisher: Hampton Roads Publishing
Edition Number: 1