Direct Support from a Manager's Viewpoint

A Little Day Habilitation Companion

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Are you a manager overseeing direct support? Are you new to the field or presently a Direct Support Professional looking for answers? Then this is the book for you! DIRECT SUPPORT FROM A MANAGER'S VIEWPOINT can help you answer the frequent how-to questions of direct support. Unlike other "working with individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities" and ?introduction to disabilities? texts, DIRECT SUPPORT FROM A MANAGER'S VIEWPOINT offers a different approach because it: ? Explains the how-to of direct support, providing you understanding of routines, of dealing with challenges arising from individual uniqueness, and of an easy-to-master art of engagement in a way that makes practical application possible. ? Demonstrates ways of developing and delivering individualized staff actions, and applying the Opportunity Approach to understand and empower the person served. ? Tackles the harder questions of the capacity-preference disparities, providing you with navigation techniques and the golden rule of deriving preferences. ? Makes it easier to appreciate working with any given direct support situation by providing you ways to initiate and maintain direct interaction through stimulations and opportunity leads. Most other books on ?tools and approach? to the field of disabilities only provide general advice. On the other hand, subject specific references offer only policy-centric interpretation of the direct support process, but fail to explain the overall context of what transpires on the ground or provide a problem-solving process. DIRECT SUPPORT FROM A MANAGER'S VIEWPOINT does all three?it provides the context, the process, and the problem. Written by a manager who grew through the ranks of direct support, this book is an invaluable guide to what really works in direct support. ?I had always wondered how my child was being supported by Direct Support Staff until I read this book, and indeed Amara captures the nuts and bolts of the direct support process in the most practical and realistic manner that I have ever encountered. The approaches in the book are structured in a way that affords a seamless understanding of what Direct Support entails. The book left me with a clear sense of knowledge of what Direct Supporters do. As a parent of a child that is a recipient of Direct Support and will be a recipient of it as she progresses in life, I found a sense of comfort in knowing that a manual of this nature may be available to those who choose this noble profession.? ---Yuvania J. Espino, Assistant Director, Public Affairs, Harlem Hospital Center, New York, NY. ?Direct Support from a Manager?s Viewpoint is exactly the resource that I have been searching for all along. This book accomplished a lot in terms of the transferable knowledge that fills each page; the practical relevance of the tools and approaches cannot be understated. I have immediately incorporated some of the information into my staff trainings.? --- Raye T. McCollum, Quality Improvement Director, Southeast Bronx Neighborhood Centers, Inc., Bronx, NY ?The depth of knowledge and passion put into this book beams out of each page; the way the content is structured is one of its greatest strengths in terms of the manner in which it exemplifies the everyday direct support situations and challenges through scenarios and then provides a very solid tool set that can be used by the DSP to work through the issues. Additionally, the use of graphics to explain the approaches helps make the book more practical. In short, this book is the clearest and most detailed description of the work a DSP must do and the considerations that must be given to that work that I have ever read in 20 years in the field.? ---Lore Barcelona, Day Habilitation Coordinator, Sinergia, Inc., New York, NY

ISBN: 9781496914439
ISBN-10: 1496914430
Format: PDF
Language: English
Published: 5th June 2014
Edition Number: 1

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