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Difficult Patient - Sue Currie
eBook Published: 1st March 2017
ISBN: 9781925584103
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Imagine having a life-threatening illness only for doctors to think you were faking it.

For more than 15 years, Sue Currie’s had an incredibly rare strain of Porphyria that was left undiagnosed. She was admitted to hospital, in agony, more than 400 times but was labelled as a drug addict who was only after pain killers. Sue knew what she had and how it could be treated, but the ‘experts’ didn’t believe her – at first they diagnosed her incorrectly and then spent the next decade trying to cover up their mistake. Sue became the difficult patient and it was her against the entire state medical system.

Eventually, when Sue was barely able to walk and talk, after she’d attempted to take her own life, and her marriage was in ruins, Sue found the maverick who saved her life.

Difficult Patient is the story of a survivor but also a chilling reminder that what happened to Sue could happen to anyone.

Rare Disease Get Attention


This book is truly an eye opener for porphyrics and non porphyrics alike, particularly doctors who ignore the symptoms of many patents and follow the American line of seeing patients in pain as addicts. While this is not the first book ever published, on HCP, hereditary coproporphyria, it is a very worthy one. This type of porphyria is one of the four acute Porphyrias: AIP, VP, HCP, PP or ALAD.The first book was Tammy EVANS' Porphyria 1997, (unfortunately portrayed as the vampire/disease), and another Australian, Karen Noonan whose concise accounts have been published on professional websites. I dips me lid to its brave and talented author. I read this book in less than two days, a measure not only of my interest, but the excellent writing style of its author. While much of it was about medically induced addiction for the pain many agree is worse than that of childbirth or cancer, the massive losses suffered by the author, as a result, was really a tragic indictment of the state of medical treatment for porphyria. It was gratifying to see that at least one doctor in Australia has a heart and provides treatment in the face of severe government restrictions as well as opposition from colleagues, let alone a shortage of the relieving treatment. This shortage is well portrayed in Sue Currie's book, as her "maverick" doctor hunts Australia wide for supplies, for it takes four days to get it from overseas, when it should be administered in the first twenty four hours of an attack. The result is almost a miracle. The great pity is that it could have been supplied before she lost almost everything that makes life worthwhile. Hers is not a lone story. Many similar ones can be read on websites for patient support groups. Patients report that Doctors admit they were lucky to get one lecture on the Porphyrias, and a prevalent comment was, "It is such a rare disease that you'll never see one patient." So, they tell patients th

Quipolly, northern NSW AUSTRALIA



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ISBN: 9781925584103
ISBN-10: 1925584100
Audience: General
Format: ePUB
Language: English
Number Of Pages: 288
Published: 1st March 2017
Publisher: Affirm Press

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