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Composting Inside and Out : The comprehensive guide to reusing trash, saving money and enjoying the benefits of organic gardening - Stephanie Davies

Composting Inside and Out

The comprehensive guide to reusing trash, saving money and enjoying the benefits of organic gardening


Published: 7th March 2011
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Rethink Your Refuse

Hundreds of millions of tons of solid waste are produced in the U.S. annually, and the landfills simply store it, not eliminate it. Recycling diverts significant amounts of waste, but the fact remains that the majority of landfill space is occupied by organic material. The good news is composting is a natural and beneficial way to eliminate this waste, and anyone can do it.

Whether you live on a farm, in the suburbs or a city apartment, composting is possible. Composting Inside and Out will introduce you to the essentials and explore various methods of indoor and outdoor composting to help you find the perfect fit for your lifestyle.

Inside you'll find:

  • A compete overview of the composting process
  • Advice on finding the right equipment
  • Step-by-step instruction for fourteen different composting methods
  • Ideas for using the soil you produce
  • Quick answers to common problems
Whether you create a compost heap, bury your scraps, ferment them, tumble them or feed them to the worms, you too can be successful with composting. Use the fruits of your labor on you houseplants, your lawn, your flowerbeds or your garden. Put your waste and your energy to good use. Reclaim the benefits of participating in the planet's health through composting ... its rewards are simply miraculous.

Preface: Inside and Out -- Introduction -- Chapter 1: Our Trash -- How landfalls work -- Biodegradable: an American myth -- Watching our waste -- Chapter 2: Our Soil -- Not all soil is the same -- Soil health -- Humus: the key to soil health -- It's alive! -- Nothing goes to waste -- Soil testing -- Chapter 3: Becoming A Composter -- Compost rewards -- Team approach -- Begin at the beginning -- Flow of your life -- Steps to start -- Chapter 4: Beneficial Bacteria And Friends -- Cleaner, the faster, the better? -- Diversity yields strength -- Let the feast begin -- Aerobic decomposition essentials -- How the pile heats up -- Carbon: Nitrogen story -- Creatures you see in your compost -- Chapter 5: Composting Outdoors -- To contain or not to contain? -- Choosing a compost container -- Outdoor composting options: bins, tumblers, three-bin systems, digesters, and heaps -- Do-it-yourself composters -- Composting without equipment -- Chapter 6: Indoor Composting? -- Benefits of composting indoors -- Nose knows -- Perfect pairing -- Indoor composting methods: NatureMill, Bokashi, and vermicomposting with worm bins -- Chapter 7: Worms And Our Soil -- Types of earthbound worms -- Red wigglers inside and out -- Worm castings: the black gold of vermiculture -- Housing worms -- Chapter 8: Getting Started With Worms -- DIY vs commercial worm bins -- Migration bins -- Make your own worm bin -- Keeping your worms happy, and healthy -- Harvesting your castings -- Creatures and critters -- Protecting your worms from pests -- Time away -- Chapter 9: Sharing The Wealth -- Finished compost -- Become a soil steward -- Economy of compost -- Enriching soil and plants -- Brewing compost tea -- Dechlorinated water -- Derail the toxic train -- Simple composting -- Chapter 10: Troubleshooting -- Common problems with outdoor composting -- Common problems with simple composting -- Common problems with indoor composting -- Common problems in a worm bin -- Conclusion: Future Starts Today -- Resources -- Index.

ISBN: 9781440218774
ISBN-10: 1440218773
Format: ePUB
Language: English
Number Of Pages: 192
Published: 7th March 2011
Publisher: F+W Media