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Astrologically Incorrect : Unlock the Secrets of the Signs to Get What You Want When You Want! - Terry Marlowe

Astrologically Incorrect

Unlock the Secrets of the Signs to Get What You Want When You Want!

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Astrologically Incorrect is an entertaining and edgy guide to people management. Unlike other books, which just skim the surface of the twelve sun signs, Astrologically Incorrect exposes the fetishes, neuroses, and hang-ups of each and every member of the zodiac. Astrology is the easiest way to find out how another person's mind works-and get that mind to work in your best interests. Aimed at cosmic novices and astrologers alike, Astrologically Incorrect shows you how to wield power by using sun and rising signs to take charge in personal relationships. Astrologer Terry Marlowe gives you all the insight you need to manipulate friends, lovers, and bosses into doing favors, screwing the cap back on the toothpaste, and giving you a raise!

Introduction : the case for craftiness -- How to Get the most from this book : using the sun sign and rising sign to dance the astrological tactics-tango -- Aries, the ram : trolling for trauma -- Taurus, the bull : galvanized into immobility -- Gemini, the twins : the sultan of subterfuge -- Cancer, the crab : the capitulation of aggression -- Leo, the lion : the dictator diva -- Virgo, the virgin : ministering to minutiae -- Libra, the scales : frantic for balance -- Scorpio, the scorpion : crimes against chastity -- Sagittarius, the archer : gambling with immortality -- Capricorn, the goat : a fugitive from faddishness -- Aquarius, the water bearer : fettered to freedom -- Pisces, the fishes : searching for synchronicity -- Sun sign and rising sign combinations.

ISBN: 9781440519208
ISBN-10: 144051920X
Audience: General
Format: ePUB
Language: English
Number Of Pages: 224
Published: 1st July 2003
Publisher: Adams Media