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100 Ways to Beat the Blues : An Uplifting Book for Anyone Who's Down - Tanya Tucker

100 Ways to Beat the Blues

An Uplifting Book for Anyone Who's Down

eBook Published: 11th May 2010
ISBN: 9781439106020
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"This book is like a good song; it will reach so many people right where they live." ----Tanya Tucker

How do you beat the blues? We all have moments in life when we're down, lonely, or just plain sad. It's part of being human. Just as everyone is different, everyone has a unique way of beating the blues.

For anyone who needs a bit of inspiration, a smile, or a friendly pat on the back, Tanya Tucker and ninety-nine friends offer this heartwarming collection of their personal recipes for beating the blues. Whether through family, friends, nature, music, or maybe even a little Jack Daniel's (as Nobel Prize winner William Faulkner recommended), the collected voices in this timeless book remind us of all the happiness and joy life has to offer. President George H. W. Bush yells at the television. Loretta Lynn makes herself a fried bologna sandwich. Sir Arthur C. Clarke explores the infinite universe of fractals. NASCAR's Geoff Bodine cleans the house. Seventy celebrities such as Kris Kristofferson, Jerry Orbach, and Garth Brooks and thirty ordinary folks such as a farmer, a private detective, a doctor, and a retired gospel radio-show host share what lifts their spirits and puts them back in the game of life. From George Jones's practical "Around the Farm Blues" to "Weird Al" Yankovic's funny "The Warm Weather Blues" to Cathie Pelletier's soulful "The Sunday Blues," 100 Ways to Beat the Blues is an inspiring guide to finding happiness no matter what the blues may bring.


1. The Two-Hour Blues Tanya Tucker

2. The Wrong Motorcycle Blues Roseanne

3. Perking Up the Blues Myrtle Todd

4. Sweeping Away the Blues Geoff Bodine

5. How We Beat the Blues George and Barbara Bush

6. The Finite Blues Sir Arthur C. Clarke

7. On the Road Blues James Gregory

8. An Alternative to the Blues Willie Nelson

9. The Walter Mitty Blues Robert Timmerman

10. The Faces of the Blues Gayle Sayers

11. The Backseat Blues Wesley McNair

12. The Late-Night Blues Loretta Lynn

13. The Broken Heart Blues Ian Duncan

14. Two Words for the Blues Eric Burdon

15. The Army Blues James Gordon Bennett

16. The Front Porch Blues Rodney Ammons

17. The Blues and Richard Harris Eva Juel

18. Giving Away the Blues Morgan Fairchild

19. The Waylon Blues Wendy Rodrigue

20. The Helping Hand Blues Brenda Lee

21. The Dark Side Blues David Prowse

22. Rolling Over the Blues Pat Schroeder

23. Laughter and the Blues Burt Reynolds

24. Blues of the Heart Daniel Wolff

25. The Good Medicine Blues George Stevens Jr.

26. The Positive Side of the Blues Gene Pitney

27. Quinnie's Blues Dinah Johnson

28. The One-Time Blues Rita Coolidge

29. Shane Beats the Blues Tim Sandlin

30. Friends Can Beat the Blues Dr. Michael Obenski

31. Beating the Blues Daily Garth Brooks

32. The Cinematic Blues Dan Lauria

33. How Farmers Beat the Blues Dave Stapleton

34. The Insignificant Blues Joan Jett

35. The Blues and the Fiddle Doug Kershaw

36. The Jurassic Blues Tom Rymour

37. The Jack Daniel's Blues Paul Sylbert

38. The Warm Weather Blues "Weird Al" Yankovic

39. Swinging Away the Blues Jean Atwood

40. The High Altitude Blues Andrew Stevenson

41. The Duet Blues Chad & Jeremy

42. Hugging Away the Blues Gretchen Wilson

43. When Friendly Angels Get the Blues Terri Derington

44. Around the Farm Blues George Jones

45. How to Dodge the Blues Terry Kay

46. Planting the Blues Phil Richardson

47. Country Music Beats the Blues Jerry Orbach

48. Three Steps Ahead of the Blues Donna Fargo

49. The Food Blues Dr. Joyce Brothers

50. The Starting Over Blues Kristina Copkov

51. Organizing the Blues Wynonna Judd

52. How to Beat the Blues in L.A. Stephanie Germain

53. The Mystery of the Blues Thomas Patrick Straw

54. The Creative Blues Tommy James

55. The Broken-Down Bus Blues Gerald Williams

56. Cooking Up the Blues Ty Herndon

57. The Espionage Blues Sherry Sullivan

58. The Healing Blues Jesse Colin Young

59. Jade's Message for the Blues Helen Vroon

60. How Horses Lick the Blues Lynn Anderson

61. Partying Away the Blues Troy Body

62. The Polka Blues Cure Steve Popovich

63. The Other Side of the Blues Judy Henske

64. Riding Out the Blues Nicole McBreairty

65. Dousing the Blues Bobby Braddock

66. The Night Jimmy Smith Lit Up the Blues Porter Fox

67. The Creepy Blues Taylor Dayne

68. The Writing Blues Jeffrey A. Carver

69. The Rainy Blues Delbert McClinton

70. The Sheltering Blues Laura Gilpin

71. The Starry Night Blues John Lappen

72. The Vietnam Blues Shad Meshad

73. Honky-tonk, Muzik, and the Blues Big & Rich

74. The Yorkshire Blues Chris Simpson

75. The Lawn Mower Blues Little Richard

76. The Map-Crease Blues David Logan

77. The Unbeatable Blues Kris Kristofferson

78. Dissecting the Blues Paul Gahlinger

79. The Friendly Blues Billy Bob Thornton

80. Fly-Fishing Through the Blues Macye Lavinder Maher

81. Outriding/Outplaying the Blues Bret Michaels

82. The Ageless Blues Patsi Bale Cox

83. The Texas Hold 'Em Blues Daniel Negreanu

84. The Sunday Blues Cathie Pelletier

85. Outjumping the Blues Charles Barkley

86. The Swamp Blues Carl Hileman

87. Blues for Sale Robert Westwood

88. The Blues Is the Blues Jerry Lee Lewis

89. The Unemployed Blues Jay Heckman

90. The Sidecar Blues Wally Lamb

91. The Scam Letter Blues Brad Christensen

92. The Boring Blues Kinky Friedman

93. The Four-Legged Rescue Blues Nancy Parker Simons

94. The Positive Blues Rocky Blier

95. Aldo and the Blues Hal Kant

96. Burning Down the Blues Blake Shelton

97. The Blue Heaven Blues José Eber

98. Escaping the Blues Ray "Boom Boom" MancinI

99. The Corner of Joy and Peace Blues Tammy Faye Messner

100. The Tucker Children Beat the Blues

ISBN: 9781439106020
ISBN-10: 1439106029
Audience: General
Format: ePUB
Language: English
Number Of Pages: 208
Published: 11th May 2010
Publisher: Atria Books