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eBay : The Missing Manual - Nancy Conner


The Missing Manual

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Published: 9th February 2009
Format: ePUB

It's the undisputed king of Internet auction sites. It's a global bazaar offering a range of goods from Antiques to Zulu Daisies. Cars, clothing, collectibles: you name it, and it's likely that you can find on eBay. But along with the vast selection of goods available, buyers and sellers also encounter all the other elements that markets are known for: tricks and swindlers, overpriced goods, deceptive labeling, small print, recycled items marked as new, and the occasional rare priceless find or undiscovered treasure.

Seasoned eBay traders know that to successfully buy and sell within this mega-shopping platform, you need to understand the system. Unfortunately, the secrets of the site are often tightly held by other buyers and sellers seeking a competitive edge. But what if you're a newcomer? Or an experienced trader who wants to make the jump to power buyer or seller? "eBay: The Missing Manual" gives you the inside information you'll need to become an eBay expert.

Buyers will find the most effective ways to find you want and pay prices that are sure to bring a smile to your face. And you'll get authoritative advice on strategic bidding: how to watch for elusive items, time your bids to take the competition by surprise, and--above all--avoid paying more than you ought to.

Sellers will get sure-fire tips from eBay veterans who have discovered ways to ramp up their own auctions and sell at the highest possible prices. From the smallest details, such as how to take and post the most effective photos of your goods, to pricing strategies, inventory management, and shipping methods, this user-friendly manual will help you make more money on eBay. Whether you're selling a single item or running fulltime business on the site, you'll find tips to help you do it more effectively.

As in any community, problems and disputes arise, and you'll learn how other eBayers resolve such troubles or work around them.

"eBay: The Missing Manual" has gems of wisdom for everyone from total novices to more experienced traders. If you're looking to improve your eBay auction experience, you'll savor the tips and trick revealed in this guided exploration.

About the Author

Nancy Conner has a PhD in English from Brown University and has taught writing, including technical writing, to college students for more than a dozen years. She is currently a freelance copyeditor, specializing in technical books covering topics ranging from the MS Office suite to programming languages to advanced network security.

The Missing Creditsp. xi
Introductionp. xv
Buying on eBay
Ready, Set, Shop!p. 3
Get Registered and Get Goingp. 4
Who Are You?p. 6
Who Do You Want to Be (on eBay, Anyway)?p. 9
Check Your Emailp. 12
How to Find What You're Looking Forp. 13
Just Browsing, Thanksp. 14
Searchingp. 15
Better Searchingp. 16
Deciphering Auction Pagesp. 19
Auction Typesp. 24
Timed Auctionsp. 24
Reserve Auctionsp. 25
Buy It Nowp. 26
Best Offerp. 28
Private Auctionsp. 28
Mature Audiencesp. 29
Preapproved Bidder Auctionsp. 30
Dutch Auctionsp. 30
Live Auctionsp. 31
My eBay-Your Shopping HQp. 32
My Summaryp. 34
All Buyingp. 34
Start Selling!p. 35
My Messagesp. 35
All Favoritesp. 36
My Accountp. 37
Bidding, Paying, and Following Upp. 39
Is This Seller Trustworthy? How to Read Feedbackp. 40
Tips for Interpreting Feedbackp. 42
Bidding on eBayp. 47
Placing a Bidp. 49
When to Bid Againp. 51
After the Auctionp. 51
Paying the Pricep. 51
Where's My Stuff? Communicating with the Sellerp. 58
Having Your Say: How and When to Leave Feedbackp. 59
Buyers' Woes and What to Do About Themp. 67
The Seller Cancels Your Bid on Your Very First Auctionp. 67
You Made a Mistake in Your Bidp. 68
You Don't Hear from the Seller After the Auctionp. 70
You Bought it Now when You Meant to Bidp. 72
You Were Outbid-But Then You Wonp. 73
You Bid Against Yourselfp. 74
Finding-and Getting-Bargainsp. 77
Tips and Tricks for Serious Searchersp. 77
Speak the Search Engine's Languagep. 78
Search for Items by Bidderp. 79
Search for Items by Sellerp. 80
Have Searches Find Youp. 81
Search Within a Price Rangep. 82
Think Globally, Search Locallyp. 83
Find What Other Shoppers Missp. 84
Going, Going, Gone!p. 84
Buy It First, Buy It Nowp. 85
Watch the Clock-and the Calendarp. 85
List It Again, Samp. 86
Have Sellers Search for Youp. 86
The eBay Toolbarp. 89
Go Wirelessp. 93
Offsite Searchingp. 95
What's It Worth?p. 97
Do Your Researchp. 97
Comparison Shoppingp. 99
Bidding Warsp. 101
Bid to Winp. 102
How to Win by Two Centsp. 102
Swoop in and Snipep. 104
Other Proxy Bidding Strategiesp. 109
How to Win Dutch Auctionsp. 110
More Ways to Get a Good Dealp. 112
About Mep. 112
eBay Anything Pointsp. 113
Power Buying Strategiesp. 117
Tools for Power Buyersp. 117
Price-Analysis Toolsp. 118
Feedback-Analysis Toolsp. 119
Tools for Collectorsp. 120
Hey, Big Spenderp. 122
Smart Shopping for Big Spendersp. 124
Jewelryp. 125
eBay Motorsp. 127
Real Estatep. 130
Avoid Scamsp. 132
Designer Fakesp. 132
Shill Gamep. 135
Spoof Emailsp. 137
Sham Auctionsp. 140
Bogus Escrow Servicesp. 141
Illegitimate Second Chance Offersp. 143
Selling on eBay
Sell Stuff, Make Moneyp. 149
Get the Lay of the Landp. 150
Learn from Othersp. 150
What Should You Sell?p. 151
How Much Is It Going to Cost You?p. 152
Listing an Itemp. 154
Register as a Sellerp. 154
Choose an Auction Typep. 155
Choose a Categoryp. 156
Write a Title and Descriptionp. 157
Add Pictures and Detailsp. 160
Specify Payment and Shipping Detailsp. 164
Review and Submit Your Listingp. 169
During the Auctionp. 172
Finding Your Itemp. 172
Answering Buyers' Questionsp. 173
Revising the Listingp. 174
Ending a Listing Earlyp. 176
After the Auctionp. 177
Invoicing the Buyerp. 177
Getting Your Moneyp. 177
Packing and Shippingp. 178
Leaving Feedbackp. 182
Common Problemsp. 182
Miscommunicationp. 183
Deadbeat Biddersp. 184
The Item Doesn't Arrivep. 186
The Item Arrives Damagedp. 187
The Buyer Wants to Return the Itemp. 187
You Dealt with a Problem-and Got Negative Feedback for Your Troublep. 188
Honing Your Competitive Edgep. 191
It's All About Youp. 191
Build a Better Auctionp. 194
Tempting Titlesp. 194
Irresistible Descriptionsp. 195
Photos That Sellp. 198
More Photos, More Biddersp. 202
Auction Tips and Tricksp. 207
Best Category, Best Pricep. 207
Meet or Exceed Buyers' Expectationsp. 209
The More Auctions, the Merrierp. 211
Donate Some of Your Profitsp. 211
Offer Incentivesp. 212
Offer Anything Pointsp. 212
Sell in Lotsp. 213
How to Get More Feedbackp. 213
Big-Time Marketing Strategiesp. 214
Identify-and Reach-Your Marketp. 214
Get Some Buzz Goingp. 216
Promote, Promote, Promotep. 217
Just Say Nop. 223
Shill Biddingp. 223
Keyword Spammingp. 223
Stealing Photosp. 224
Violating VeROp. 225
Avoiding Feesp. 225
Padding S&H Chargesp. 226
Protecting Your Auctionsp. 227
Blocking Unwelcome Biddersp. 227
Canceling Bidsp. 230
Defending Your Auctionp. 232
Scams to Watch Out Forp. 232
The Check's in the Mailp. 232
Phishing for Sellersp. 233
"Damaged" Goodsp. 234
Fake Escrow Sitesp. 235
The I'll-Ship-It-Myself Scamp. 236
Overpaymentp. 236
Going from Hobby to Businessp. 239
What Should I Sell?p. 240
Research the Marketp. 240
Finding Merchandisep. 240
Doing the Paperworkp. 247
Write a Business Planp. 247
What Kind of Business Are You?p. 249
Keep Good Recordsp. 251
Account for Yourselfp. 252
Keep It Legalp. 254
Setting Up Shop with an eBay Storep. 259
Creating Your Storep. 261
Managing Your Storep. 265
Selling Internationallyp. 267
Parlez-Vous eBay?p. 268
Money Makes the World Go 'Roundp. 268
Worldwide Shippingp. 270
Sell for Othersp. 273
Become a Trading Assistantp. 273
Find Business Beyond eBayp. 277
Franchise Feverp. 278
Become a PowerSellerp. 279
Join the Big Leaguesp. 279
Membership Has Its Privileges (and Problems)p. 280
Specialty Sellingp. 283
Half.com: Mass Media Maniap. 284
Registering on Half.comp. 284
Listing an Itemp. 286
Managing Your Inventoryp. 291
Making a Salep. 292
Selling on eBay Motorsp. 293
Revving Upp. 293
Creating Your Listingp. 294
During the Auctionp. 298
Crossing the Finish Linep. 299
Tips for a Successful Salep. 300
Selling Real Estate Onlinep. 302
Two Ways to Sellp. 303
Tips for Selling Property on eBayp. 306
Live Auctionsp. 309
eBay Giving Worksp. 310
Signing Up to Contributep. 312
How Can Buyers Tell It's for Charity?p. 313
After the Auctionp. 315
eBay B2Bp. 315
Sell Your Services on Elancep. 318
How Elance Worksp. 320
Elance Professional Servicesp. 320
Signing Up and Biddingp. 321
The Drawbackp. 322
Other Sitesp. 322
Cool Tools for Sellersp. 323
eBay Toolsp. 324
Turbo Listerp. 324
Selling Managerp. 332
eBay Blackthornep. 334
Accounting Assistantp. 342
eBay Sales Reportsp. 343
Third-Party Softwarep. 344
Market Analysisp. 344
Listing and Auction Managementp. 348
Email and Feedback Automationp. 356
Other Toolsp. 356
Finding Other eBayers and Getting Help
Connecting with Other eBayersp. 361
Connect with the Communityp. 362
Discussion Boardsp. 362
Groupsp. 366
Answer Centerp. 368
Chat Roomsp. 371
eBay Affiliatesp. 374
Other Places to Talk About eBayp. 375
Google Groupsp. 376
Yahoo! Groupsp. 377
Forums on Other Sitesp. 379
eBay Live!p. 380
Finding Helpp. 383
Learning Centerp. 383
Help Pagep. 384
Help via Emailp. 384
Live Helpp. 385
Site Mapp. 386
eBay Servicesp. 386
Help from Other eBayersp. 387
Answer Centerp. 387
Discussion Boardsp. 388
Chatp. 389
Where to Learn Morep. 393
eBay Updatesp. 393
Start Spreading the News(letters)p. 395
Specialized Newslettersp. 395
The Chatterp. 395
Seller Newsflashp. 397
Newsletters for Buyersp. 397
eBay on the Airp. 399
More Radio Programsp. 400
The Unofficial Scoopp. 402
Auction Newsp. 403
Software Reviewsp. 405
Further Educationp. 406
Take a Workshopp. 406
Take a Live Classp. 409
Get Your B.A. in eBayp. 410
HTML for eBayersp. 413
Getting Startedp. 414
Adding Colors and Backgroudsp. 417
Coloring Textp. 418
Adding Linksp. 419
Creating Lists and Tablesp. 419
Tablesp. 420
Other Auction Sitesp. 423
Amazon Auctions and Marketplacep. 424
AuctionAddict.comp. 425
Bid4Assetsp. 425
Biderap. 426
BidMonkeyp. 426
Bidvillep. 426
Bidzp. 426
Blujayp. 427
iOfferp. 428
Overstock Auctionsp. 429
The Auction Manp. 430
uBidp. 430
Yahoo! Auctionsp. 431
Indexp. 433
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ISBN: 9780596006440
ISBN-10: 0596006446
Series: Missing Manual
Audience: General
Format: Paperback
Language: English
Number Of Pages: 464
Published: 2nd September 2005
Country of Publication: US
Dimensions (cm): 23.2 x 17.8  x 3.18
Weight (kg): 1.57