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Easy Pre-Calculus Step-by-Step : Easy Step-by-Step Series - Carolyn C. Wheater

Easy Pre-Calculus Step-by-Step

Easy Step-by-Step Series


Published: 15th June 2012
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Published: 15th June 2012
Format: PDF

Take it step-by-step for pre-calculus success!

The quickest route to learning a subject is through a solid grounding in the basics. So what you won’t find in Easy Pre-calculus Step-by-Step is a lot of endless drills. Instead, you get a clear explanation that breaks down complex concepts into easy-to-understand steps, followed by highly focused exercises that are linked to core skills--enabling learners to grasp when and how to apply those techniques.

This book features:
  • Large step-by-step charts breaking down each step within a process and showing clear connections between topics and annotations to clarify difficulties
  • Stay-in-step panels show how to cope with variations to the core steps
  • Step-it-up exercises link practice to the core steps already presented
  • Missteps and stumbles highlight common errors to avoid

You can master pre-calculus as long as you take it Step-by-Step!

About the Author

Carolyn Wheater teaches middle and upper school mathematics at the Nightingale-Bamford School in New York City. She has taught math and computer technology for 30 years to students from preschool through college. She is a member of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) and the Association of Teachers in Independent Schools.

Prefacep. ix
Graphs and the Graphing Calculatorp. 1
Review Linear Equationsp. 1
Meet the Parentsp. 3
Master the Fundamentals of Graphingp. 15
Transform the Graphsp. 16
Master Basic Calculator Skillsp. 22
Functionsp. 25
Analyze Relations and Functionsp. 25
Perform Arithmetic of Functionsp. 28
Compose Functionsp. 33
Find Inverse Functionsp. 39
Quadratic Functionsp. 43
Solve Quadratic Functionsp. 43
Explore Complex Numbersp. 46
Graph Parabolasp. 49
Apply What You've Learnedp. 52
Polynomial Functionsp. 55
Factor Polynomialsp. 55
Use Synthetic Division to Find Zerosp. 58
Use Long Division to Factor Polynomialsp. 60
Find the Zeros of Polynomial Functionsp. 62
Graph Polynomial Functionsp. 65
Rational Functionsp. 71
Operate with Rational Expressionsp. 71
Deal with Discontinuitiesp. 76
Examine End Behaviorp. 78
Find Interceptsp. 82
Graph Rational Functionsp. 83
Conic Sectionsp. 88
Analyze and Graph Parabolasp. 88
Analyze and Graph Ellipsesp. 91
Analyze and Graph Circlesp. 93
Analyze and Graph Hyperbolasp. 95
Graph and Solve Quadratic Systemsp. 101
Exponential and Logarithmic Functionsp. 104
Get to Know the Exponential Functionp. 104
Define the Logarithmic Functionp. 106
Learn to Use Properties of Logarithmsp. 108
Solve Exponential and Logarithmic Equationsp. 112
Explore Exponential Growth and Decayp. 117
Radical Functionsp. 122
Review Rules for Exponentsp. 122
Simplify Radicals and Rationalize Denominatorsp. 124
Explore the Square Root and Cube Root Functionsp. 126
Systems of Equationsp. 130
Review Two-Variable Linear Systemsp. 130
Solve Systems of Linear Equations in Three Variablesp. 134
Solve Nonlinear Systemsp. 137
Matrices and Determinantsp. 142
Master Matrix Arithmeticp. 142
Find Determinantsp. 146
Apply Cramer's Rulep. 148
Find Inverse Matricesp. 151
Solve Systems by Inverse Matricesp. 156
Triangle Trigonometryp. 159
Review Right Triangle Trigonometryp. 159
Use Trigonometry to Find Areasp. 162
Use the Law of Cosines to Extend to Nonright Trianglesp. 164
Apply the Law of Sinesp. 168
Trigonometric Functionsp. 174
Expand Your Concept of Anglesp. 174
Learn the Unit Circlep. 176
Define Trigonometric Functionsp. 180
Explore Inverse Trigonometric Functionsp. 186
Verify Identitiesp. 188
Use Identitiesp. 193
Solve Trigonometric Equationsp. 194
Polar and Parametric Equationsp. 196
Plot Points in the Polar Coordinate Systemp. 196
Convert Coordinates Between Systemsp. 198
Graph Polar Equationsp. 200
Convert Equations Between Polar and Rectangular Formsp. 205
Convert Equations Between Parametric and Function Formsp. 207
Graph Parametric Equationsp. 208
Limitsp. 211
Evaluate Limitsp. 212
Deal with Problemsp. 217
Use Properties of Limitsp. 220
Evaluate Infinite Limits and Limits at Infinityp. 221
Sequences and Seriesp. 224
Find Terms of Sequencesp. 224
Find Limits of Sequencesp. 226
Find Sums of Seriesp. 227
Find Sums of Infinite Seriesp. 229
Answer Keyp. 231
Indexp. 317
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Published: 15th June 2012
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