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Dynamic Mars : Recent Landscape Evolution on the Red Planet - Clifford

Dynamic Mars

Recent Landscape Evolution on the Red Planet


Available: 31st July 2018
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Dynamic Mars: Recent Landscape Evolution of the Red Planet presents the latest developments in understanding the geological history of Mars. Presenting observational data and tightly-linked scientific hypotheses across a broad swath of landscapes, latitudes and geological contexts, as well as an examination of the impact of climate change mitigated by multiple geomorphological agents, the book covers a diverse array of themes and subjects. This highly illustrated book includes data from recent missions, and will be of interest to all levels of research in the geological history of Mars, as well as other terrestrial planets.

For years after the first detailed orbital and ground images of Mars were taken, it was thought that the red planet could have been wetter and warmer in its deep past than today. However, as the book demonstrates, the possible involvement of water in recent, if not contemporary, gully-like flows and slope streaks (i.e. recurring slope lineae), as well as the identification of a suite of geomorphological agents (i.e. glacial, periglacial, aeolian, meteorological, volcanic and meteoric) associated with surface and near-surface changes on a local to regional scale, suggest the history of the red planet may be much more dynamic than previously thought.

  • Utilizes observational as well as geological context to examine the geomorphology of Mars and its implications
  • Encompasses a broad spectrum of highly-regarded experts and themes contributing to a comprehensive examination of the geological history of Mars
  • Includes extensive and detailed imagery to illustrate the topics clearly

Prologue: Mariner's Way: Beyond the Future to the Past Introduction Possible Recent Water and Landscape Evolution 1. Unraveling the Mysteries of Recurring Slope Lineae (RSL) 2. Recent Fluvial-channels, Landforms, and Fresh Shallow-valleys in the Olympus Mons Lava Plains 3. Martian Gullies and their Connection with the Martian Climate Glacial and Periglacial Landscapes 4. The Impact of Late Amazonian Epoch Ice-flows on Martian Landscape Development at the Mid-latitudes 5. Paleo-periglacial and "Ice-Rich" Complexes in Utopia Planitia 6. Bi-hemispheric (Periglacial) Mass Wasting on Mars The Polar Regions 7. Active Geomorphological Process Involving Exotic Agent 8. CO2-driven Geomorphological Processes: Landscape Evolution Volcanism 9. Volcanic Disruption of Recent Ice-Deposits in the Argyre Basin, Mars Aeolian and Other Surface-Modification Processes 10. Dust Devils: Stirring Up the Martian Surface 11. The Dunes of Mars 12. Orbital (Climatic) Forcing and Its Imprint on the Global Landscape 13. Modification of the Martian Surface by Impact Cratering 14. Stone Pavements, Lag Deposits, and Contemporary Landscape-evolution 15. Karst Landforms as Markers of Recent Climate Change on Mars: An Example from the Late Amazonian Evaporite Karst within a Trough in Western Noctis Labyrinthus Epilogue: Mars (actual): What There May Lie on the Decadal Event-horizon

ISBN: 9780128130186
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Format: Paperback
Language: English
Number Of Pages: 464
Available: 31st July 2018
Publisher: Elsevier Science Publishing Co Inc
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