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Dynamic Learning : Photoshop CS3 - Jennifer Smith

Dynamic Learning

Photoshop CS3

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"Dynamic Learning: Photoshop CS3" is part of the O'Reilly Dynamic Learning series, a comprehensive, integrated learning environment that combines books with video tutorials and online resources. Written and produced by product experts and trainers who have produced many of Adobe's training titles, the book, along with the Digital Classroom video tutorials on the DVD, takes you step-by-step through the process of learning to use Photoshop CS3 like a pro on your Mac or PC.
This full-color book is organized into lessons, with easy-to-follow instructions, tips, examples, self-study exercises, and review questions at the end of every lesson. Each lesson is self-contained, so you can go through the entire book sequentially or just focus on individual lessons.
Topics covered include: What's new in Photoshop CS3 Bridge Camera Raw Making Selections Painting and Retouching Layers, Smart Objects, and Smart Filters Creating graphics for video and the Web
The companion DVD included with the book includes video tutorials and all of the lesson files, with starting images, additional elements, and the final, completed image files. A free Instructor's Guide is available online in PDF format.

Starting Up
About Dynamic Learningp. 1
Prerequisitesp. 1
Adobe Photoshop CS3 versionsp. 1
System requirementsp. 1
Starting Adobe Photoshop CS3p. 2
Fonts used in this bookp. 3
Loading lesson filesp. 3
Resetting Adobe Photoshop CS3 preferencesp. 3
Saving Adobe Photoshop CS3 color settingsp. 4
Restoring previous color settingsp. 4
A note about color warningsp. 5
Working with the video tutorialsp. 6
Setting up for viewing the video tutorialsp. 6
Viewing the video tutorialsp. 6
Additional resourcesp. 7
Images used in this bookp. 8
What's New in Adobe Photoshop CS3?
A different Photoshop for different usersp. 9
Starting upp. 10
Easy-to-manage workspacep. 10
Using the new interfacep. 10
Docking palettesp. 10
Unified user interface panelsp. 12
Understanding the Smart Filter featurep. 13
Select like a pro with the Quick Selection toolp. 15
Making selections with the Refine Edge featurep. 17
Creating better compositesp. 19
Camera raw improvementsp. 20
Understand the improved Vanishing Point filterp. 21
Photoshop CS3 vs. Photoshop CS3 Extendedp. 22
Creating Animationsp. 22
Exploring Adobe Photoshop CS3
Starting upp. 25
Viewing the completed lesson filep. 26
Creating a panoramap. 27
Placing another image into the filep. 29
Using smart filtersp. 31
Masking a Smart Filterp. 33
Applying a layer maskp. 35
Using new selection techniquesp. 36
Using the Quick Selection toolp. 36
Saving your selectionp. 37
Refining the edge of the selectionp. 37
Creating a layer maskp. 41
Creating a vector shapep. 43
Adding artwork from Adobe Illustratorp. 45
Placing artworkp. 45
Applying layer effects to the artworkp. 48
Adding a text layerp. 49
Using the new Zoomify featurep. 50
Getting to Know the Workspace
Starting upp. 53
Opening an existing document in Adobe Bridgep. 54
Discovering the Toolbarp. 55
Hidden toolsp. 57
Getting around your imagep. 59
Using the Zoom toolp. 59
Using the Hand toolp. 61
Maximizing productivity with Screen Modesp. 61
Using palettesp. 65
Putting the new palette system to usep. 66
Choosing other palettesp. 68
Expanding your palettesp. 69
Customizing your palettesp. 69
Self studyp. 72
Reviewp. 72
Using Adobe Bridge
Starting upp. 73
What is Adobe Bridge?p. 74
Navigating through Bridgep. 74
Using folders in Adobe Bridgep. 76
Making a Favoritep. 78
Creating and locating metadatap. 79
Using keywordsp. 80
Opening a file from Adobe Bridgep. 82
Automation tools in Adobe Bridgep. 82
Changing the viewp. 88
Other Bridge features worth investigatingp. 88
Self studyp. 90
Reviewp. 90
The Basics of Photoshop CS3
Starting upp. 91
Understanding Document Settingsp. 93
Combining imagesp. 95
Using Copy and Pastep. 95
Dragging and dropping to copy an imagep. 96
Transforming and editing combined imagesp. 98
Changing the size of a placed imagep. 98
Removing a backgroundp. 100
Understanding the stacking order of layersp. 101
Adding textp. 103
Saving filesp. 104
Understanding file formatsp. 104
Choosing a file formatp. 106
Saving a JPEG filep. 106
Saving for printp. 107
Adjusting image sizep. 108
Saving a Photoshop PDF filep. 110
Self studyp. 111
Reviewp. 111
Creating a Good Image
Starting upp. 113
Choosing your color settingsp. 114
Why you should work in RGBp. 116
Finding the highlight and shadowp. 118
Defining the highlight and shadowp. 119
Defining the white and black point valuesp. 120
Adjusting the midtonesp. 123
Setting the neutralp. 126
Sharpening your imagep. 128
Comparing your image with the originalp. 131
Using the Camera Raw plug-inp. 132
Using Camera Raw controlsp. 136
Saving a DNG filep. 138
Reopening a DNG filep. 139
Self studyp. 140
Reviewp. 141
Making the Best Selections
Starting upp. 143
The importance of a good selectionp. 144
Using the Marquee toolsp. 144
Creating a square selectionp. 148
Creating a selection from a center pointp. 150
Changing a selection into a layerp. 153
The Lasso toolp. 154
Adding to and subtracting from selectionsp. 155
Using the Quick Selection toolp. 156
Understanding the Refine Selection Edge featurep. 157
Working with the Magic Wand toolp. 158
Using Quick Maskp. 161
Saving selectionsp. 163
Using the Pen tool for selectionsp. 165
Converting a path to a selectionp. 172
Self studyp. 173
Reviewp. 173
Painting and Retouching
Starting upp. 175
Setting up your color settings for this lessonp. 176
Color primerp. 176
Understanding color gamutp. 176
The RGB color modelp. 177
The CMYK color modelp. 177
Why you will work in the RGB modep. 178
Editing color settingsp. 179
Selecting colorsp. 182
Starting to paintp. 184
Using the Color palettep. 184
Using the Brush toolp. 185
Changing opacityp. 188
Save time-learn the shortcutsp. 189
Applying color to an imagep. 189
Changing blending modesp. 191
The Eyedropper toolp. 193
Retouching imagesp. 195
Using the Clone Stamp toolp. 196
Repairing fold linesp. 197
The History palettep. 198
The Spot Healing brushp. 199
The Healing brushp. 200
Using the Patch toolp. 202
Using the new Clone Source palettep. 203
Cloning from another sourcep. 206
Self studyp. 208
Reviewp. 208
Getting to Know Layers
Starting upp. 209
Discovering layersp. 210
The Layers palettep. 210
Getting a handle on layersp. 210
Selecting layersp. 215
Moving layersp. 217
Changing the visibility of a layerp. 218
Using masks in a layerp. 218
Preserve transparencyp. 220
Creating a compositionp. 223
Moving images in from other documentsp. 224
Creating a layer maskp. 226
Cloning layersp. 230
Aligning and distributing layersp. 231
Applying filters to layersp. 232
Creating a type layerp. 233
Applying a Layer Stylep. 235
Creating a clipping maskp. 236
Self studyp. 239
Reviewp. 239
Taking Layers to the Max
Starting upp. 241
Making color changes using adjustment layersp. 242
Adjusting the Hue/Saturation layerp. 247
Adding a Pattern Fill layerp. 248
Defining the patternp. 248
Applying the patternp. 249
Using the new Black & White adjustment layerp. 251
Adding a tintp. 254
Applying a gradient to the adjustment layerp. 255
Layer Stylesp. 256
Creating the text layerp. 256
Applying the Outer Glow layer stylep. 257
Applying the Bevel and Emboss layer stylep. 260
Changing the shadingp. 261
Changing the fill opacityp. 262
Saving the stylep. 262
Accessing the stylep. 263
Self studyp. 264
Reviewp. 264
Using Smart Objects
Starting upp. 265
Creating a composition using Smart Objectsp. 266
Opening an image as a Smart Objectp. 266
Converting a layer to a Smart Objectp. 269
Placing a Smart Object from Adobe Bridgep. 270
Editing a Smart Objectp. 271
Editing the contents of a Smart Objectp. 274
Modifying multiple Smart Object layersp. 277
Replacing the contents of a Smart Object layerp. 278
Working with Smart Filtersp. 280
Modifying a Smart Filterp. 283
Self studyp. 285
Reviewp. 286
Using Adobe Photoshop Filters
Starting upp. 287
Filter Basicsp. 288
Starting to use filtersp. 288
Using the Clouds filterp. 289
Fading your filterp. 290
Using the Filter Galleryp. 291
Applying filters in the Galleryp. 293
Taking advantage of Smart Filtersp. 297
Applying a Smart Filterp. 297
Smart Filter optionsp. 300
Enabling and disabling effectsp. 301
Using a filter effects maskp. 301
Using the Vanishing Pointfilterp. 305
Building perspective planesp. 307
Building an attached planep. 308
Self studyp. 310
Reviewp. 311
Creating Images for Web and Video
Starting Upp. 313
Viewing the completed filep. 314
Creating a preset for the Webp. 315
Changing your units of measurementp. 317
Creating the navigational bannerp. 318
Using the Crop tool to start the bannerp. 318
Adding a logop. 320
Adding additional text buttonsp. 320
Cloning your text layerp. 321
Distributing the layers evenlyp. 322
Creating slicesp. 323
Selecting and combining slicesp. 324
Applying attributes to your slicesp. 325
Using Save For Web & Devicesp. 327
Saving files for videop. 331
Creating animationp. 333
Working in Frame modep. 333
Saving an animated GIFp. 336
Creating animation for videop. 336
Working in Timeline modep. 336
Self studyp. 342
Reviewp. 342
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