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The Craic


Released: 3rd July 2008
Classification: M
Region: 4 (Australia & New Zealand)
Ships: 5 to 9 business days

It's 1988 and Fergus (Jimeoin) and Wesley (Alan McKee) flee Belfast for Sydney to escape the vengeance of local crim, Colin. Like other adventurous backpackers before them, they wind up at Bondi Beach and spend their days doing constructive things - like drinking Guinness. When they outstay their visas, Fergus and Wesley find themselves on the run from Immigration officials. In between drinking, backpacking, picking up girls and more drinking, they're climbing out of skyscrapers and running around half-naked to escape the authorities. But that's the least of their worries. Irish thug, Colin, is on their trail: he's framed them as terrorists and brought the SAS along for support. Now with everyone whose anyone after them (and not one of them is a girl), these guys are going to need the luck of the Irish to get out of this alive.

Audio: ENG
Barcode: 9397910837590
Classification: M (Medium level coarse language)
Encoding: PAL
Format: DVD
Language: English
Number of Discs: 1
Region: 4 (Australia & New Zealand)
Released: 3rd July 2008
Running Time: 85.0 mins