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Lego Star Wars : The Padawan Menace  / The Empire Strikes Out (2 Discs) - Tim Gaul

Lego Star Wars

The Padawan Menace / The Empire Strikes Out (2 Discs)


Released: 13th March 2013
Classification: G
Region: 4 (Australia & New Zealand)
RRP $24.95

The Padawan Menace:
A routine Jedi Academy field trip is turned into a rip-roaring comic adventure in LEGO Star Wars: The Padawan Menace tour guide Master Yoda leads a group of rambunctious Jedi younglings through Senate chambers when he senses a disturbance in the Force. Summoned to help save the Republic, he discovers that one of the younglings, Ian, has secretly boarded his ship and young Ian has a taste for adventure! Meanwhile, C-3PO and R2-D2 are put in charge of the boisterous group and find themselves in over their heads. As the evil Sith prepare to wreak havoc, it is up to Yoda and the Droids to ensure that their young charges are not torn to bits bricks!

The Empire Strikes Out:
Your favourite characters are back to save the galaxy in LEGO Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Out. The heroes of the Rebel Alliance including heroic Luke Skywalker, swaggering Han Solo and steadfast Princess Leia have no time to celebrate their victory over the Empire as a new Imperial threat arises. But as Jedi-in-training Luke embarks on this next mission, he discovers that his celebrity status as a Death-Star-Blower-Upper can be a double-edged light saber when he was constantly mobbed by crazed fans. So much for secret missions! Meanwhile, Darth Vader and Darth Maul are locked in a hilarious Sith-ling rivalry as they compete for the Emperors approval. It is an action-packed comic adventure that is out of this world!

Audio: Dolby Digital 5.1, Dolby Digital 2.0 Surround
Barcode: 9321337146737
Classification: G (General)
Encoding: PAL
Format: DVD
Language: English
Number of Discs: 2
Region: 4 (Australia & New Zealand)
Released: 13th March 2013
Running Time: 43.0 mins