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Dreamer's Nightmare (The Dragon Prince : An Original Graphic Novel #4) - Nicole Andelfinger

Dreamer's Nightmare (The Dragon Prince

An Original Graphic Novel #4)

By: Nicole Andelfinger, Felia Hanakata (Illustrator)

Paperback | 1 August 2024 | Edition Number 1

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Available: 1st August 2024

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Don't miss this original canon prequel story set in the world of the Emmy(R) Award-winning Netflix animated series The Dragon Prince, with story by the creators of the series and of the New York Times bestselling Through the Moon (The Dragon Prince Graphic Novel #1).

In the quiet town of Noct in the Human Kingdom of Katolis, a storm has been brewing. By the time young princes Callum and Ezran arrive, the community is in a state of panic. A mysterious force has been sweeping through town, putting any adult who encounters it into a deep sleep. Children recount what they saw -- some describe a beast, others a dragon, some even mention an elf - but is there truly something sinister at work, or have their imaginations gotten the best of them?

While King Harrow, Aunt Amaya, and the rest of the adults attempt to solve the mystery, Callum and Ezran meet compelling forces of their own. While each prince has something to prove, they will need to work together if they want to get to the bottom of things. Can Callum and Ezran uncover the source of the chaos before all of Noct is lost to a nightmare?

Industry Reviews

Praise for Through the Moon (The Dragon Prince Graphic Novel #1):

"Wartman's scripting really excels in the dialogue, capturing both the raw, unresolved emotions from Callum and Rayla and the animated series' underlying sense of humor. Bouma's art soars both in bringing the characters' emotions to visual life and the more magical elements of the story." --

Praise for Bloodmoon Huntress (The Dragon Prince Graphic Novel #2):

"With a vibrant color palette and moody atmosphere, Hanakata shines a new light on Xadia and the adventures of Rayla as she grows accustomed to living without her parents and facing the terrifying perils the world has to offer. Bloodmoon Huntress is a solid, canonical portrait of what is perhaps the series' biggest breakout character, serving as something of a standalone origin story." --

Praise for The Dragon Prince on Netflix:

"The Dragon Prince offers viewers a rich and suggestive world that's teeming with possibilities about what might be happening beyond the frame." -- The Verge

"The Dragon Prince Is a Fantasy Knockout." -- Phoenix New Times

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