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Divine Reflections in Natural Phenomena - Eva Peck

Divine Reflections in Natural Phenomena

By: Eva Peck, Alexander Peck (Photographer)

Paperback Published: 22nd February 2013
ISBN: 9780987090591
Number Of Pages: 128

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The Divine is understood by religious traditions to be transcendent, immanent and personal. Various faiths may emphasise one of these aspects over the others. In the East, for example in India, religion is largely a matter of direct experience and a sense of the sacred is everywhere. In the West, by contrast, correct teachings and beliefs have often been the point of focus.

Few would question the importance of sound teachings. Nevertheless, God is far outside of our realm of perception and comprehension, and therefore human language becomes limited in accurately formulating concepts about the Divine. While groups differ in how they see the Ultimate Reality, no one can know fully in this life - we all understand partially at best.

The Bible includes both doctrinal teachings and references to direct experiences with God. They are presented from individual perspectives of the writers and editors of the Scriptures. From the texts we can deduce that a close, experiential relationship with the Divine is possible. Examples include King David, Abraham, Job, Enoch and Noah walked with God. We are all children of God, each with a special and individual relationship to our Father / Mother (since God is genderless and has both male and female qualities).

This book (the second of a trilogy) suggests that the Divine can be experienced all around us - that indeed everything is sacred and as such teaches us about and brings us closer to God. In other words, the immanent aspect of the Divine pervades all things, enabling us to catch glimpses of the transcendent reality. Increased consciousness of the Creator in the seemingly ordinary and mundane will help us appreciate divine qualities in the creation. Furthermore, it will awaken our own creative potential, since we are, at soul level, made in the divine image and therefore co-workers and co-creators with God!

For centuries, nature has been seen by many as the second book of divine revelation, next to inspired writings. Through nature we can, by grace, unexpectedly and often in surprising ways, encounter the Divine. When this happens, the literal becomes a metaphor which invites us to explore its larger and deeper meanings. By looking for the sacred in the mundane, be it dew on the grass, clouds in the sky, or new growth in the spring, we can also perceive the interconnection ("inter-being") of all things. Everything contains all else - the sun and clouds are in the grass and buds, which couldn't come into existence without rain and sunshine.

By our becoming open to new possibilities and interpreting experiences in fresh ways, the ordinary becomes transformed into the extraordinary, and what we had previously not even noticed becomes wonderful. When we open our hearts and become emotionally receptive, we will notice surprising presences.

Seek to be really aware, mindful and attentive to your surroundings. Open your senses, take a deep look, and truly experience things. Pay closer attention to the unusual flower or beetle, appreciate the beauty and diversity of both the living and non-living aspects of the creation. "Come and see," as the Scriptures encourage. Become open to the unpredictable, to adventure - allow circumstances to spontaneously unfold. Then you, too, may well echo the words of the poet Gerald Manley Hopkins, "The world is charged with the grandeur of God."

Industry Reviews

"Divine Reflections in Natural Phenomena" is part of the Divine Reflections trilogy. It's the second in the trilogy which also includes: "Divine Reflections in Living Things" and "Divine Reflections in Times and Seasons." These books will all increase your awareness of how nature and life can mirror spiritual realities. On a personal note, I begin reading this trilogy and it's given me a sense of peacefulness. The books I've read by Eva Peck are all like that. They just make you feel good. As I've read them over the past few weeks, my faith in a higher power has grown stronger. Her books are like a gentle nudge, showing evidence of the existence of God. In this book on Natural Phenomena, it includes: Order, Beauty and Harmony - Of Creations and Creators - Life's Paradoxes and Mysteries - Life and Death - Weather - The Heavens and the Earth - The Marvel of Water - Riverside Reflections - Springs in the Desert and From Deserts to Oceans. A highly recommended read! (Becca at Amazon) "Divine Reflections in Natural Phenomena is another great book, written by Eva Peck. In this book, the author focuses on nature, natural phenomena and how are they related to spiritual terms. As the author claims - through the nature we can encounter the Devine. The book will make you think wider, become open to new possibilities, aware of surroundings and see the (physical) world from another, fresh perspective Overall, it's interesting and captivating read and I would definitely recommend it to all readers who are interested in such topics! (Yania at Amazon)

ISBN: 9780987090591
ISBN-10: 0987090593
Audience: General
Format: Paperback
Language: English
Number Of Pages: 128
Published: 22nd February 2013
Publisher: Pathway Publishing
Country of Publication: GB
Dimensions (cm): 20.32 x 12.7  x 0.76
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