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Disease Transmission by Insects : Its Discovery and 90 Years of Effort to Prevent It - James Ronald Busvine

Disease Transmission by Insects : Its Discovery and 90 Years of Effort to Prevent It

Paperback ISBN: 9783540554578
Number Of Pages: 361

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About 100 years ago, it was dicovered that insects transmit grave, mainly tropical diseases - very much to the astonishment of the physicians of that time, who saw this as a new, possibly easy, way of eradicating the diseases by exterminating the vectors. For some years, DDT and other then new insecticides achieved great improvements, but subsequently serious setbacks emerged: insecticide-resistance and anxiety about toxicity to man and animals. In the past twenty years, serious efforts have been made tofind alternatives, with varying degrees of success.

The Discovery of Unsuspected Dangersp. 1
Prologue: How Arthropods Came to Transmit Human Diseasesp. 1
The Insect Vectorsp. 4
From Speculation to Certainty: The Incrimination of the Disease Carriersp. 4
Early Indications Based on Circumstantial Evidencep. 4
Experimental Proof of Insect Transmissionp. 8
Discovery of Pathogens and Their Association with Some Insectsp. 8
The Elucidation of Particular Diseasesp. 10
Diseases Transmitted by Mosquitoesp. 11
Filariasisp. 11
Malariap. 18
Yellow Feverp. 27
Denguep. 34
Haemorrhagic Denguep. 35
Miscellaneous Mosquito-Borne Arbovirusesp. 35
Diseases Spread by Higher Dipterap. 40
Sleeping Sicknessp. 40
Diseases Spread by Housefliesp. 45
Diseases Spread by Eye Fliesp. 53
Diseases Transmitted by Biting Midgesp. 54
Sandfly-Borne Diseasesp. 54
Disease Transmitted by Blackfliesp. 59
Diseases Transmitted by Insects Other than Dipterap. 62
Plaguep. 62
Louse-Borne Typhusp. 68
The Brill-Zinsser Diseasep. 70
Louse-Borne Relapsing Feverp. 70
Flea-Borne Murine Typhusp. 71
Chagas' Diseasep. 72
Diseases Transmitted by Mites and Ticksp. 75
Some Differencesp. 75
Diseases Due to Spirochaetesp. 77
Tick-Borne Relapsing Feverp. 77
Lyme Diseasep. 80
Diseases Due to Rickettsiap. 82
Rocky Mountain Spotted Feverp. 82
Fievre Bouteneuse and Tick Typhusp. 85
Tsutsugamushi (Scrub Typhus)p. 87
Rickettsial Poxp. 89
Q Feverp. 90
Diseases Due to Virusesp. 92
Colorado Tick Feverp. 93
Tick-Borne Encephalitidesp. 93
Crimean-Congo Haemorrhagic Feverp. 94
Kyasanur Forest Diseasep. 95
A Tick-Borne Bacterial Diseasep. 96
Tularaemiap. 96
Some Concluding Remarks Regarding the Transmission of Arthropod-Borne Diseasesp. 98
A Tribute to the Pioneersp. 98
The Possibility of the Emergence of New Arthropod-Borne Diseasesp. 100
Control Measures Pre-DDTp. 103
Early Responses to New Opportunitiesp. 103
Control Measures During the Inter-War Periodp. 104
The Control of Various Insect-Borne Diseasesp. 105
Diseases Transmitted by Mosquitoesp. 106
Malaria Control up to the First World Warp. 106
Anti-Malarial Measures During the Inter-War Periodp. 129
Yellow Fever: Control Measures Prior to the First World Warp. 150
Measures Against Yellow Fever in the Inter-War Periodp. 156
Control of Denguep. 163
Control of Filariasisp. 164
Control of Diseases Spread by Higher Dipterap. 165
Sleeping Sickness: Control up to the First World Warp. 166
Control of Sleeping Sickness in the Inter-War Periodp. 172
Control of Housefly-Borne Diseases up to the First World Warp. 182
Housefly Control During the Inter-War Yearsp. 186
Control of Diseases Due to Eye Fliesp. 190
Diseases Spread by Biting Midgesp. 190
Control of Sandfly-Borne Diseasesp. 190
Control of Onchocerciasisp. 192
Diseases Transmitted by Insects Other than Dipterap. 192
Plague Control Prior to the First World Warp. 192
Measures Against Plague in the Inter-War Yearsp. 198
Chagas' Diseasep. 204
Typhus Epidemics and Attempts to Control Them During the First World Warp. 204
Typhus Control up to and During the Second World Warp. 209
The Impact of the New Pesticidesp. 215
New Kinds of Insecticidep. 216
Common Names of the New Insecticidesp. 216
DDT: The Pioneerp. 216
Other Synthetic Chlorinated Insecticidesp. 218
Anti-Cholinesterase Insecticidesp. 218
Synthetic Pyrethroidsp. 220
Formulation and Application Methodsp. 221
Formulationp. 221
Dissemination of Liquid Formulationsp. 221
Insecticide Application Methods in Relation to Vector Controlp. 223
Major Problems Arising from the Use of the New Insecticidesp. 224
Insecticide Resistancep. 225
Toxic Hazards of Insecticidesp. 231
Advances in the Control of Various Insect-Borne Diseasesp. 238
Diseases Transmitted by Mosquitoesp. 238
Malariap. 238
Mosquito-Transmitted Virus Diseasesp. 252
Yellow Feverp. 252
Various Mosquito-Borne Arbovirusesp. 255
Control of Filariasisp. 258
Control of Diseases Spread by Higher Dipterap. 261
Sleeping Sicknessp. 261
Control of Diseases Spread by Housefliesp. 270
Control of Diseases Spread by Other Non-Biting Fliesp. 272
Diseases Transmitted by Biting Midgesp. 273
Control of Onchocerciasisp. 273
Control of Diseases Spread by Sandflies: Leishmaniasis, Sandfly Fever, Bartonellosisp. 285
Diseases Transmitted by Insects Other than Dipterap. 288
Chagas' Diseasep. 288
Flea-Borne Diseases: Plague and Murine Typhusp. 291
Louse-Borne Diseases: Typhus and Relapsing Feverp. 296
Some General Conclusionsp. 299
Modern Problems and Possibilitiesp. 301
The Present Predicamentp. 301
The Present Situation Regarding Arthropod-Borne Diseasesp. 302
Meeting the Challengep. 303
Current Options for Vector Controlp. 304
The Search for New Insecticidesp. 305
Control by Altering Vector Behaviourp. 307
Biological Controlp. 313
Insect Growth Regulatorsp. 316
Physical and Chemical Genetic Control Techniquesp. 318
Genetic Control by Biological Techniquesp. 320
The Sterile Insect Release Methodp. 322
Environmental Sanitationp. 325
Human Factors in Vector Controlp. 334
Population Pressurep. 335
The Human Factor in the Organisation of Control Measures Locallyp. 339
Central Organisation of Vector Controlp. 342
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