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Digital Personality: A Man Forever : Volume 1: Introduction - Kuldeep Singh Kaswan

Digital Personality: A Man Forever

Volume 1: Introduction

By: Kuldeep Singh Kaswan, Jagjit Singh Dhatterwal, Anand Nayyar

Hardcover | 21 June 2024

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This book delves into the very core of our digital existence, unearthing the essence of a digital persona. It's a realm where authenticity meets multiplicity, as we decipher the nuanced art of crafting and managing our online identities. We confront issues of privacy and ethics, exploring the profound impact of our digital footprints on our lives and society. The integration of AI paves the way for an intriguing future, with predictions that challenge our understanding of self in the digital age. Welcome to a world where your digital personality is more than just data; it's a reflection of who you are and who you can be. The main goal of this book is to enable more seamless and natural human-computer interaction. This will provide better personalized experience. Further, this will influence the performance of the user, wherein they will have the support of the machines to achieve their tasks in the most efficient way. This book is the first of a kind in introducing Digital Personality. It provides an overview of the character dimensions and how state-of-the-art technologies would accommodate such a research field. It includes novel representation of character from various perspectives. It also provides instances of applications of this emerging research field.

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