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Dielectric Ceramic Materials : Ceramic Transactions Series - K. M. Nair

Dielectric Ceramic Materials

Ceramic Transactions Series

By: K. M. Nair (Editor), Amar S. Bhalla (Editor)

Hardcover Published: 28th February 1999
ISBN: 9781574980660
Number Of Pages: 580

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An extension of previous publications, this volume outlines new developments in scientific and technical areas, provides a historical outlook of dielectrics, and forecasts predictions in the application areas. Contents include: Fundamentals and Historical Perspectives of Dielectric Materials Powder Preparation, Characterization and Properties - Thin Films Materials for Low and High Frequency Applications Processing - Structure - Property Relationships Potential Applications. Papers presented at the 100th Annual Meeting of The American Ceramics Society, Cincinnati, Ohio, 1998.

Barium Titanate:Past, Present, and Future (A. Rae, M. Chu and V. Ganine).

Fifty Years of Investigations and Developments to Create Ferro-Piezoceramic Materials (A.Ya. Dantziger, L.A. Reznitchenko, O.N. Rasumovskaya, V.P. Sakhnenko and A.P. Naumov).

Grain Growth of BaTiO3 Doped with Aliovalent Cations (M.N. Rahaman).

Effect of Rare-Earth Oxides on Formation of Core Shell Structures in BaTiO3 (H. Kishi, N. Kohzu, Y. Okino, Y. Takahashi, Y. Iguchi, H. Ohsato, K. Watanabe, J. Sugino and T. Okuda).

Nonlinear Microwave Quality Factor Change Based on the Site Occupancy of Cations on the Tungsten Bronze-Type Ba6-3xR8+2xTi18O54 (R= Rare Earth) Solid Solutions (H. Ohsato, M. Imaeda, A. Komura, T. Okuda and S. Nishigaki).

Dielectric Properties of BaTiO3-Based Ceramics with Gradient Compositions (T. Ota, M. Tani, Y. Hikichi, H. Unuma, M. Takahashi and H. Suzuki).

The Characteristics of Zinc Oxide Varistors with Different Additives (H.S. Kim, S.W. Han, I.S. Kim and H.G. Cho).

Low-Loss Dielectri Ceramics with a Tungsten-Bronze Structure in BaO-Nd2O3-TiO2-Ta2O5 System (X.M. Chen, J.S. Yang and J. Wang).

Novel Ferroelectricity in Piezoelectric ZnO (Li-Subsitution by A. Onodera, N. Tamaki, H. Satoh, H. Yamashit and A. Sakai).

Novel Processes for Synthesis of Dielectric Ceramics Using Metallo-Organic Precursors (E.H. Walker, G.D. Georgieva, E.M. Holt, L.E. Reinhardt and A.W. Apblett).

Hydrothermal Synthesis of Pure and Dy:BaTiO3 Powders at 90°C and Their Sintering Behavior (E.E. Ören and A. Cuneyt Tas)

Preparation of Lead Zirconate Titanate (Pb(Zr0.52Ti0.48)O3) by Homogeneous
Precipitation and Calcination (E.E. Ören and A. Cuneyt Tas)

Preparation and Low-Frequency Electrical Properties of LaFeO3 by Chemical Coprecipitation (C.-F. Kao and K.-F. Huang).

Structure and Optical Property of Translucent BaTiO3 Gels Consisting of Crystalline Fine Particles (H. Matsuda, T. Kobayashi, M. Kuwabara, and H. Shimooka).

Large-Signal Characterization of Prestressed PMN-PT-Ba and PMN-PT-Sr at Various Temperatures (E.A. McLaughlin, R.S. Janus, K.D. Gittings and L. Ewart).

Growth and Characterization of LaAlO3 Single Crystals by the Traveling Solvent Floating Zone Method (I.H. Jung, C.S. Lim, and K.H. Auh).

Spray Pyrolysis Deposition of Oriented, Transparent and Conductive Tin(IV) Oxide Thin Films (S. Kaneko, K. Nakajima, T. Kosugi and K. Murakami).

Solution Derived Ni-ZrO2 Cermet Thin Films on Si Substrates for Resistive Sensor Applications (J.E. Sundeen and R.C. Buchanan).

Fabrication of Bismuth Layer Structured Lead Bismuth Titanate Thin Films Through Sol-Gel Spin Coating by Y.-I. Park and M. Miyayama Complex Permittivity and Permeability of Ferrite Ceramics at Microwave Frequencies (R.G. Geyer).

Sintering Behavior of SrBi2Ta2O9 Layered Ferroelectric Ceramics (Y.-C. Chen and C.-H. Lu).

Microwave Dielectric Ceramics Based on Zinc Titanates (H.T. Kim and Y. Kim).

Barium Bismuth Tantalate (BaBi2Ta2O9) as an Alternative Dielectric for DRAM Applications (C.R. Foschini, J.A. Varela, R. Vedula, C.T.A. Suchicital, P.C. Joshi and S.B. Desu).

The Role of Processing and Dopant Additions on the Phase Formulation and High-Frequency Properties of Zirconium Tin Titanate (P. Pruna, J. Wilson and M. Megherhi).

BaO-Nd2O3-TiO2 Microwave Dielectric Ceramics: Experimental and Computer Modelling Studies (F. Azough, R. Freer, P. Setasuwon, C. Leach and P. Smith).

Pyroelectric and Dielectric Properties of Pb(Sn0.5Sb0.5)O3-PbTiO3-PbZrO3 System for IR Sensor Applications (H.-I. Hwang, J.-S. Park and K.-H. Auh).

Influence of the Reactivity of Inorganic Fillers to a Glass Matrix on the Properties of Glass-Ceramic Composites (H. Mizutani, M. Sato, H. Yokoi, K. Ohbayashi and S. Iio).

Strontium-Lead Titanate Based Composite Thermistor Materials (Z. Gui, D. Wang, J. Qiu and L. Li).

Interfacial Properties of PZT Thin Films with Bottom Electrodes (Pt, Ir, IrO2) (H.-S. Lee, K.-H. Auh, K.-B. Shim, M.-S. Jeon, W.-S. Um and I.-S. Lee).

Dielectic Properties of Tin Substituted Ca(Li1/3Nb2/3)O3-? Ceramics (J.-W. Choi, S.-J. Yoon, C.-Y. Kang, S. Kucheiko, Y.-W. Park, H.-J. Kim and H.-J. Jung).

Mechanical Anisotropy of PZT Piezoelectric Ceramics (S. Wan, W.F. Shelley II and K.J. Bowman).

Sintering and Humidity Sensitive Resistivity of Spinel Ni2GeO4 (M.J. Hogan, A.W. Brinkman and T. Hashemi)

Properties of Donor Doped BaTi(Mn)O3 + SiO2 Sintered in Reducing Atmospheres (D.I. Spang, A. Safari and I. Burn)

Process-Structure-Property Relationships in Recrystallizing CaO-B2O3-SiO2 Low-Temperature Cofired Ceramic for Microelectronic Packaging (A.A. Shapiro, H.P. Lee and M.L. Mecartney)

Preparation and Electrical Properties of SrTiO3-Bicrystals (N. Ichinose, M. Numora, K. Yamaji, H. Haneda and J. Tanaka).

Electrical Characterization of Sol-Gel Derived Pb(Zr,Ti)O3 Ceramics (M. Dong and R.A. Gerhardt).

Effects of Donor Distributions on Domain Structures in PZT Ferroelectrics (Q. Tan, Z. Xu and D. Viehland).

Relaxor Dielectric Characteristics in Polar Dielectric Barium Magnesium Niobate (S.M. Gupta, E. Furman, E.V. Colla, Z. Xu and D. Viehland).

Monoblock ?/4 Dielectric Filter Using High K Material (C.Y. Kang, S.J. Yoon, J.W. Choi, H.J. Kim, Y.S. Ko, C.D. An and C.Y. Park).

Volume Fraction Gradient Piezolelectric Ceramic/Polymer Composites for Ultrasonic Medical Imaging Transducers (R.K. Panda, A. Kholkin, S.C. Danforth and A. Safari).

TiO2-Based Gas Sensors as Thick of Thin Films: an Evaluation of the Microstructure (P.I. Gouma, S. Banerjee and M.J. Mills).

Thick Film Technology: A Historical Perspective (R.J. Bouchard).

Resonant Strain Levels in Modern Ceramic Plate Actuators (A. Ballato)

New Trend in Multilayer Ceramic Actuators (K. Uchino and S. Takahashi).

Influence of Ceramic Microstructure on Varistor Electrical Properties (F.A. Modine, L.A. Boatner, M. Bartkowiak, G.D. Mahan, H. Wang and R.B. Dinwiddie).

Electric Characteristics of Low-Temperature Sintered ZnO Varistors (A. Iga, K. Miyamoto and H. Miyamoto).

Miniaturization Techniques of Microwave Components for Mobile Communication Systems Using Low-Loss Dielectrics (K. Wakino).

M(1-x)CaxMnO3 (M=La, Y) Think Films for High-Temperature Thin Film Thermocouple Applications (R. Vedula, H.D. Bhatt, S.B. Desu and G.C. Fralick).

Borosilicate Glass-coated Stainless Steel Electrostatic Chucks for Wafer Handling Systems (J.N. Calata, S. Wen and G.-Q. Lu).

Strontium-Lead Titanate Based Composite Thermistor Materials (Z. Gui, D. Wang, J. Qiu and L. Li).

Morphotropic Phase Boundary Systems in Ferroelectric Tungsten Bronze (R. Guo).

ISBN: 9781574980660
ISBN-10: 1574980661
Series: Ceramic Transactions Series
Audience: Professional
Format: Hardcover
Language: English
Number Of Pages: 580
Published: 28th February 1999
Publisher: American Ceramic Society
Country of Publication: US
Dimensions (cm): 23.15 x 16.05  x 3.57
Weight (kg): 0.93
Edition Number: 1