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Depletion and Abundance : Life on the New Home Front - Sharon Astyk

Depletion and Abundance

Life on the New Home Front


Published: 1st September 2008
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Published: 1st September 2008
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Why are so few peak oil authors women? There's been much debate about this, and no one has yet arrived at a definitive answer. But whatever the reason, Sharon Astyk has established herself as a true rarity within the peak oil community by virtue of being a woman who has chosen to write about peak oil. The perspective she offers is thus both uncommon and vital.
In "Depletion and Abundance," she shows how rewarding life on her New Home Front could be, immeasureably improving our health, nutrition, sense of community and overall well-being. Chief among its benefits would be all the extra time that we'd have. She points out that people in medieval times worked far fewer hours than Americans do today, and that most people in modern-day peasant societies also work less hard than we do.
This, along with Astyk's unique perspective as a woman, a mother and a peak oil activist, makes Depleiton and Abundance well worth a read. The ring of authenticity to her writing will hook you - while its relaxed style, ineffable humor, personal anecdotes and comforting touch will soothe your melancholy peaknik soul like a warm hand on the shoulder.
Reviewed by Frank Kaminski, "Energy Bulletin"

Sharon's introduction is pricelss in its succinct, dead-on analysis of collapse, and is reason enough to buy and send this book to everyone you know who is partially or completely clueless about where we're headed. ""When I realized that everything was going to change, I was at first afraid. Because I thought, if my government or public policy or other choices weren't going to fix everything, what could I possibly do? What hope was there, if I had to take care of myself, if my community had to take care of itself?
But when I began looking for solutions that could be applied on the level of ordinary human lives, that involved changes in perspectives and pulling together, the reclamation of abandoned ideas and the restoration of strong communitites, I began to feel hopeful, even excited. Because I realized that when large institutions cease to be powerful, sometimes that means that people start being powerful again."""
Depletion and Abundance "is not a feel-good book, but it is intensely human, compassionate, supportive, pracitcal, alarming, enlivening, and astonishingly accurate.
Reviewed by Carolyn Baker, "Carolynbaker.net"

OK, quick check: everyone who is concerned about the economic crisis turning into a depression and causing food and fuel prices to rise and pockets to empty - whether for yourself, your parents, your children, your neighbors, your friends, or anyone - raise your hand. That covers just about everyone, doesn't it? Almost every conversation I've had recently with different people lately has touched on the economy and people's fears about what this situation means. Astyk knows she's covering a lot of territory to bring many people up to speed on the various causes behind our current crisis. Her research and thoughtful insight in discussing peak oil, climate change, and the economy are on target too.We may be headed into difficult times - and heaven knows, if you read only Astyk's first chapter, you might find yourself too depressed to go on --but ultimately we still retain the ability to choose a certain aount of independence. We can invest our time and our work in the sustenance of our selves, our families, and our communities, and we can begin to build a more sustainable economy. Sharon Astyk's book gives us the hope and the inspiration needed to take that step.Reviewed by Jennifer M," The Ethicurean"

Climate change, peak oil, and economic instability aren't just future social problems--they jeopardize our homes and families right now. Our once-abundant food supply is being threatened by toxic chemical agriculture, rising food prices, and crop shortages brought on by climate change. Funding for education and health care is strained to the limit, and safe and affordable housing is disappearing.

"Depletion and Abundance" explains how we are living beyond our means with or without a peak oil/climate change crisis, and that, either way, we must learn to place our families and local communities at the center of our thinking once again. The author presents strategies to create stronger homes, better health, and a richer family life and to: live comfortably with an uncertain energy supply prepare children for a hotter, lower energy, less secure world survive and thrive in an economy in crisis maintain a kitchen garden to supply basic food needs

Most importantly, readers will discover that depletion can lead to abundance, and the anxiety of these uncertain times can be turned into a gift of hope and action.

An unusual family perspective on the topic, this book will appeal to all those interested in securing a future for their children and grandchildren.

Sharon Astyk is a former academic who farms in upstate New York with her husband and four children. She also raises livestock, grows vegetables, and writes about food and peak oil. (Check out her blog--www.sharonastyk.com.)

Acknowledgmentsp. xiii
Where Are We?p. 1
Getting Out the Boats: A Primer on Hard Timesp. 3
Time to Get Out Our Boatsp. 3
Facing up to the Futurep. 5
Hurry Up, Please; It's Timep. 9
Defining Our Termsp. 10
With What Will We Fix It, Dear Liza, Dear Liza?p. 17
Actions as Activism: The New Home Front and the Riot for Austerityp. 19
The Riot for Austerityp. 19
On the New Home Frontp. 22
Reconsidering Public and Privatep. 24
Women's Work and Political Powerp. 26
The Political is Also the Personalp. 30
The Power Linesp. 30
Coming Together on the Home Frontp. 33
The Church Model of Community Buildingp. 36
Time to Pick Up Your Hatp. 39
Pick Up Your Hatp. 39
Feels Like I'm Dyin' From that Old Used-to-Bep. 43
The Long-Term Problem of Technological Solutionsp. 45
Not the End of the Worldp. 48
The Theory of Anywayp. 49
Money Changes Everythingp. 53
Meet the Real Economyp. 55
Confronting the Real Economyp. 55
Self-sufficiency as the Opposite of Povertyp. 58
Peasant Economics for Everyonep. 61
Digging for Dollarsp. 63
Making Ends Meetp. 73
The Problem of Consumptionp. 73
Use-What-You-Have Adaptationp. 74
Get Out of Debtp. 76
Use It Up, Wear It Out, Make It Do or Do Withoutp. 77
Hang On to Your Housep. 79
Real Family Values - Facing the Future Togetherp. 85
Talking Population With the Old Menp. 87
Why Bring Up Population?p. 87
Trusting Womenp. 89
The Limits of I=PATp. 90
Understanding the Demographic Transitionp. 93
The Tragedy of the Bathroomp. 100
The Permaculture of Familyp. 107
Home Economics and the "Mommy Wars"p. 107
Husbanding Our Resourcesp. 118
This is the Way the World Ends... With Your Brother-in-Law Sleeping on Your Couchp. 121
Raising Kids in a New World: Family Life and Educationp. 127
I Don't Know How She Does It!p. 127
Toys are Not Usp. 128
Childhood in a Changing Worldp. 132
School and Energyp. 135
Home Economics, Home-Land Securityp. 143
Little House in the Suburbsp. 145
Home is Where You are Nowp. 145
Staying Putp. 151
Buy or Rent?p. 154
Where to Live?p. 155
Sufficiency Plan for a Suburban Homep. 160
The Beauty and Necessity of the Low-Energy Homep. 165
Why the Lights Go Out and What to Do About Itp. 165
What Life in Our Low-Energy Home Looks Likep. 173
Food and Health: The New Basicsp. 179
The Bountiful Home: Grow and Preserve What You Needp. 181
The Crazy Lady and the Gardenp. 181
The Bull's-Eye Dietp. 186
How to Start Your Gardenp. 193
Squirrel Timep. 194
The Hand that Stirs the Pot, Rules the Worldp. 197
It's All About Foodp. 197
Getting Over Pickyp. 198
Food Preservation and Democracyp. 203
Frugality, Economy, Preparednessp. 206
How to Eat Cheapp. 209
Health Carep. 213
Public Healthp. 213
The Myths of Medicinep. 215
The Costs and Benefits of Modern Medicinep. 218
Why Health Care Should Be at the Center of Thingsp. 219
The Most Bang for the Health Care Buckp. 221
The Beginning and the Endp. 225
Recompensep. 229
Abundance, Democracy, Joyp. 231
Scared? Duh!p. 231
Abundancep. 234
Am I Romanticizing Poverty?p. 236
The One Thing We Did Rightp. 240
Things You Can Do to Get Ready for Peak Oil, Climate Change and Difficult Timesp. 243
The Best Books About Nearly Everythingp. 257
Indexp. 267
About the Authorp. 273
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