Dear Sister : An Unexpected Love Story of Fostering the Orphaned Heart - Cadey Fenn

Dear Sister

An Unexpected Love Story of Fostering the Orphaned Heart

By: Cadey Fenn

Paperback | 19 July 2022

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Dear Sister is a raw and honest love story riddled with the brokenness of foster care, impossible love, immeasurable forgiveness, and surprising heart transformation-an incredible spiritual journey readers will come to realize relates to all of God's adopted children.  

Sharing her experiences with loss, pain, and uncertain identity, Cadey Fenn's writing shares a message of rebirth, joy, mercy, and faith. Dear Sister tells deeply personal, relatable stories that highlight how little humanity can know of God's plan, while reinforcing the benefit of trusting His good direction. 

One might expect Dear Sister to be a story about a foster child or orphaned children, but it's more than that. Cadey Fenn is excited to remind readers that they are called to do impossible things-things that often seem reserved for those we consider heroes or "superhuman." Whether someone is planning to become a foster parent or joining the church choir, Dear Sister breaks the belief that an individual's purpose is inconsequential or limited, encouraging believers to discover and embrace God's plan for their life. 

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