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Database and Expert Systems Applications : Proceedings of the International Conference, Valencia, Spain, 1992 :  Proceedings of the International Conference, Valencia, Spain, 1992 - A. Min Tjoa

Database and Expert Systems Applications : Proceedings of the International Conference, Valencia, Spain, 1992

Proceedings of the International Conference, Valencia, Spain, 1992

By: A. Min Tjoa (Editor), Isidro Ramos (Editor)

Paperback Published: August 1992
ISBN: 9783211824009
Number Of Pages: 546

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The Database and Expert Systems Application (DEXA) Conferences are mainly held as state-of-the-art forums on database and expert systems applications. The sessions are application-oriented, ranging from classical applications to more unusual ones in software engineering. Actual research aspects in databases, such as activity, deductivity and/or object orientation are presented here, as well as the implications of the new data models such as the OO-model. Other areas of interest, such as hypertext and multimedia applications, together with the classical field of information retrieval, are also considered. Finally, implementation aspects are reflected in concrete fields.

Invited Paper 1991.- "Object-Oriented Databases and Deductive Databases: Systems Without Market? Market Without Systems?".- Session 1 A Applications (I).- "Broad Path Decision in Vehicle Systems".- "MAITE: An Operator Assistance Expert System for Troubleshooting Telecommunications Networks".- "Heuristics for Maintaining Term Structures for Relaxed Search".- Session 1 B Deductive Databases and Database Programming Languages.- "An Equational Constraint Logic Approach to Database Design".- "Financial Security Analysis and Portfolio Management with a Deductive Database System".- "Processing Knowledge-Based Systems Containing Rules with Complex Bodies".- "An Analytical Method to Allocate Processors in High Performance Parallel Execution of Recursive Queries".- Session 1 C Implementation Aspects (I).- "Data Placement Strategy for a Parallel Database System".- "A Performance Comparison for Priority-Base Protocols in Real-Time Databases".- "Duplicates Detection, Counting, and Removal".- "Techniques for Indexing Large Numbers of Constraints and Rules in a Database System".- Session 2 A Information Retrieval (I).- "Structuring Text Within a Relational System".- "The Inquery Retrieval System".- "A Simple Speech-Act-Theoretic Indexing Scheme for Documents".- Session 2 B Integrity Maintenance.- "Foundations of Simplified Integrity Checking Reviewed".- "Performance Evaluation of Integrity Control in a Parallel Main-Memory Database System".- "Two-Level Modeling Schemes for Temporal-Spatial Multimedia Data Representation".- Session 2 C Object-Oriented Modelling (I).- "Designing Object-Oriented Databases with a Semantic Data Model and a Rule Mode".- "A Framework for Managing Schema Versioning in Object-Oriented Databases".- "OO-Method: An Object-Oriented Methodology for Software Production".- Session 3 A Legal Systems.- "The JURICAS System in a Social Security Environment".- "SLATE: Specialized Legal Automated Term Extraction".- "Improving Automated Litigation Support by Supplementing Rule-Based Reasoning with Case-Based Reasoning".- "ENVILEX: An Integrated Environmental Law Expert System".- Session 3 B User Interfaces.- "PROTEUS: A Concept Browsing Interface towards Conventional Information Retrieval Systems".- "Semantic Constraints in a Syntactic Parser: Queries-Answering to Databases".- "Rapid Prototyping of Medical Graphic Interfaces".- "A Standard Naming Method of Data Elements using a Semantic Dictionary".- Session 3C Multimedia Database and Hypertext (I).- "Linearising Hypertext Through Target Graph Specifications".- "Graphical Structure-Oriented Search in a Hypertext System".- "HyperIBIS - A Tool for Argumentative Problem Solving".- "Neural Networks and Image Data Management".- Session 4 A Applications (II).- "A Cooperative-Architecture Expert System for Solving Large Time/Travel Assignment Problems".- "Fuzzy-Phone: A Fuzzy Logic Based Tool".- "A Motion Picture Archiving Technique, and Its Application in an Ethnology Museum".- "Hypertext, Databases and Computer Aided Instruction: Where Is the Match?".- Session 4 B Advanced Databases.- "A Transition Net Formalism for Deductive Databases Efficiently Handling Querying and Integrity Constraints Aspects".- "PI-DDBS: A Deductive Data Base System Based on C-PROLOG and INGRES".- "A Fuzzy Database System Considering Each User's Subjectivity".- Session 4 C Implementation Aspects (II).- "Concurrency Control in the Interpolation-Based Grid File".- "Parallel Simulated Annealing for Efficient Data Clustering".- "Efficient Management of K-Level Transitive Closure".- Session 5 A Information Retrieval (II).- "BRANT - An Approach for Knowledge Based Document Classification in the Information Retrieval Domain".- "A Connectionist Model for Information Retrieval".- "Workbench for Technical Documentation".- Session 5 B Temporal Aspects.- "Temporal Object-Oriented Database: Implementation".- "A Relational Algebra as a Query Language for Temporal Datalog".- "Evolving Information Systems: Beyond Temporal Information Systems".- Session 5 C Object Oriented Modelling (II).- "View Integration in OODB".- "Uncertainty Modelling in Object-Oriented Geographical Information Systems".- "Visual Object Modelling".- Session 6 A Graphical Interfaces.- "IQL: A Graphical Interface for Full SQL Queries".- "Structure Modeling Hypergraphs: A Complete Representation for Databases".- "A Framework for using Ad Hoc Queries to Geographic Databases as Visual Components of Interactive Maps".- "A Comparison of Interfaces: Computer, Designer, and User".- Session 6 B Active Aspects.- "Deriving Active Rules for Constraint Maintenance in an Object-Oriented Database".- "Towards a Design Theory for Database Triggers".- "Making a Federated System Active".- "A Behaviour Rule Based Approach for Active Object-Oriented DBMS Design".- Session 6 C Multimedia Database and Hypertext (II).- "Design and Specification of EVA: A Language for Multimedia Database Systems".- "Using Hypertext to Interface to Legal Knowledge Based Systems".- "Information Structuring for Intelligent Hypermedia: A Knowledge Engineering Approach".- "ASMMA: A Simple Multi-Media Application - A Modelling Approach".- Session 7 A Applications (III).- "ProdIS: a Database Application for the Support of Computer Integrated Manufacturing".- "A Prototype Expert Database System for Programming Classical Music".- "A Deductive Query Processor for Statistical Databases".- "Hyper-Agenda: A System for Task Management".- Session 7 B Knowledge-Based Systems.- "Supporting Browsing of Large Knowledge Bases".- "Knowledge Engineers, Do not Neglect Terminology".- "Building Knowledge Based Systems for Maintainability".- "Principal Components and the Accuracy of Machine Learning".- Session 7 C Object Oriented Representation.- "A Grammar-Based Framework for Object Dynamics".- "Adopting the Network Model for Indexing in Object-Oriented Databases".- "Integrated Tools for Object-Oriented Persistent Application Development".- "Integrating OODB into Applications-Productivity Factors".- Session 8 A Applications in Software Engineering.- "Elen Prototype: An Active Hypertext System for Document Management in Software Engineering".- "A Hypertext Information System for Reusable Software Component Retrieval".- "Hypertext for Software Engineering: Automatic Conversion of Source Code and Its Documentation into an Integrated Hypertext".- Session 8 B Distributed Aspects.- "An Efficient Load Balancing Strategy for Shared-Nothing Database Systems".- "Automation of Control and Data Flow in Distributed Application Systems".- "MO2: An Object-Oriented Model for Database and Parallel Systems".- Session 8 C Modelling.- "Modelling Knowledge Systems".- "A Data Model Capturing the History of Texts".- "Some Rules for Handling Derivable Data in Conceptual Data Modelling".- Session 9 A Office Information Systems.- "Backtracking Office Procedures".- "Knowledge-Based Audit Support".- Session 9 B Integration of Expert and Database Systems.- "Building Intelligent Interfaces to Relational Data Bases".- "Experiments on Coupling Expert and Database Systems".- Session 9 C Multimedia Database and Hypertext (III).- "Electronic Product Catalogues - A Hypermedia Application with a Dedicated Development Tool".- "Hypertext Browsing and Probabilistic Network Searching".- Appendix: Poster Sessions.- "Electronic Chart Representation and Interaction".- "Image Applications and Database Systems: an Approach Using Object-Oriented Systems".- "Efficient Implementation of Deductive Database Based on the Method of Potential Effects".- "Techniques in Electronic Diagnostic".- "Knowledge Elicitation: Towards Its Transparency".- "A Unifying Object-Oriented Analysis and Modeling Approach and its Tool Support".- "In Integrating Content-Oriented Retrieval on Images in an Object-Oriented Knowledge Model".- "Supporting Plastic Selection by the Knowledge-Based Database Front-End BAKUS ".

ISBN: 9783211824009
ISBN-10: 3211824006
Audience: General
Format: Paperback
Language: English
Number Of Pages: 546
Published: August 1992
Country of Publication: AT
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