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Data-Driven Services with Silverlight 2 : O'Reilly Ser. - John Papa

Data-Driven Services with Silverlight 2

O'Reilly Ser.

By: John Papa

Paperback Published: 6th January 2009
ISBN: 9780596523091
Number Of Pages: 366

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This comprehensive book teaches you how to build data-rich business applications with Silverlight 2 that draw on multiple sources of data. Packed with reusable examples, "Data-Driven Services with Silverlight 2" covers all of the data access and web service tools you need, including data binding, the LINQ data querying component, RESTful and SOAP web service support, cross-domain web service calls, and Microsoft's new ADO.NET Data Services and the ADO.NET Entity Framework.
With this book, you will: Know when and how to use LINQ to JSON, LINQ to XML, and LINQ to Objects Learn how Silverlight 2 applications bind, pass, read, save, query, and present data Discover how your application can call web services to work with SOAP, REST, RSS, AtomPub, POX and JSON Design REST, ASMX, and WCF web services that communicate with Silverlight 2 Harness RESTful web services such as Digg, Amazon, and Twitter Retrieve and save data using the new Entity Framework and WCF Work with RESTful ADO.NET Data Services and its Silverlight client library to move data between your Silverlight application and a database

" Data-Driven Services with Silverlight 2" offers many tips and tricks for building data-rich business applications, and covers the scenarios you're most likely to encounter. Complete examples in C# and VB can be downloaded from the book's companion website.

Forewordp. xi
Prefacep. xiii
Getting Started with Silverlight 2p. 1
The Importance of Data Accessp. 1
Jumping Inp. 2
Silverlight 2 Featuresp. 3
Framework Languages and .NET Supportp. 4
Self-Describing Data Servicesp. 4
Loose Coupling with Data Servicesp. 5
Control Modelp. 5
LINQ to Objects and LINQ to XMLp. 5
LINQp. 6
Language Enhancementsp. 8
Automatic Properties in C#p. 8
Object Initializersp. 11
Collection Initializersp. 11
Extension Methodsp. 12
Implicitly Typed Variablesp. 14
Anonymous Types/Implicit Typesp. 15
Anonymous Types and LINQp. 15
Summaryp. 16
Silverlight Data-Binding Foundationsp. 17
Life Without Bindingp. 18
Data Binding in Silverlightp. 23
FrameworkElementp. 24
Dependency Propertiesp. 24
XAML's Binding Markup Extensionsp. 27
Binding Extension Propertiesp. 28
Simplified Bindingp. 30
Runtime Bindingp. 31
Creating Runtime Bindingsp. 31
Removing a Bindingp. 35
DataContextp. 36
DataContext and Sourcep. 36
DataContext Propagationp. 38
Binding in Blendp. 39
Summaryp. 44
Modes and Notificationsp. 45
Binding Modesp. 46
OneTimep. 46
OneWayp. 48
TwoWayp. 49
Modes Without Notificationsp. 50
To Notify or Not to Notifyp. 55
Notificationsp. 56
Implementing the INotifyPropertyChanged Interfacep. 56
Adding Notificationsp. 61
Refactoring Optionsp. 64
Summaryp. 67
Managing Lists, Templates, and Convertersp. 69
Binding to List-Based Controlsp. 69
Setting the ItemsSourcep. 70
Binding Mode Considerationsp. 72
Templates and Rowsp. 73
DataTemplates As Resourcesp. 74
Complex Data Templatesp. 75
Item Selectionp. 78
Using Different Binding Modesp. 81
Lists and Notificationsp. 82
ObservableCollection[left angle bracket]T[right angle bracket]p. 83
Changing a List[left angle bracket]T[right angle bracket]p. 84
Changing an ObservableCollection[left angle bracket]T[right angle bracket]p. 87
Convertersp. 88
IValueConverterp. 88
Conversionsp. 89
Summaryp. 93
WCF, Web Services, and Cross-Domain Policiesp. 95
ASMX Web Servicesp. 96
Creating an ASMX Web Servicep. 96
Getting Started with the Examplep. 97
Creating the ASMX Web Servicep. 98
Referencing an ASMX Web Servicep. 100
Returning ObservableCollection[left angle bracket]T[right angle bracket]p. 101
Consuming an ASMX Web Servicep. 102
Bindings Againp. 102
Creating a Proxyp. 106
Asynchronous Invocationp. 107
Asynchronous Completionp. 107
Running the ASMX Web Servicep. 108
Cross-Domain Calls and Policiesp. 108
Understanding Cross-Domain Restrictionsp. 109
Crossing the Boundaryp. 109
Watching the Requestsp. 110
Silverlight Policy Filep. 111
The crossdomain.xml Filep. 113
Cross-Domain Summaryp. 113
Creating a Silverlight-Enabled WCF Servicep. 114
Creating the WCF Web Servicep. 114
Bindingsp. 115
WCF Service Setupp. 116
Invoking the WCF Servicep. 119
Calling Services Written by Other Developersp. 121
Summaryp. 125
Passing Entities via WCFp. 127
Passing Entities Between Physical Tiersp. 127
Domain Model Entitiesp. 128
Silverlight and Entitiesp. 129
Serialization by Defaultp. 129
Serialization Attributesp. 132
Putting It Togetherp. 134
Using LINQ to SQL with Silverlightp. 143
LINQ to SQL Entity Serializationp. 143
Creating Entities with LINQ to SQLp. 143
Serving the LINQ to SQL Modelp. 146
Consuming LINQ to SQL Entities from Silverlightp. 149
Silverlight and the Entity Frameworkp. 150
Creating the Entity Framework Modelp. 150
Consuming Entity Framework Entities from Silverlightp. 155
Summaryp. 155
Consuming RESTful Services with WebClient and HttpWebRequestp. 157
RESTful Primerp. 157
Basic HTTP Web Requestsp. 158
RESTful Web Services Provide Resourcesp. 159
Unique URIsp. 160
Anatomy of a RESTful Servicep. 160
WebClientp. 164
Preparing to Consume a RESTful Service with WebClientp. 164
Invoking a RESTful Service with WebClientp. 167
Creating the XAML for the UIp. 169
Invoking the Service with WebClientp. 170
Consuming the Response with LINQ to XMLp. 172
Measuring Progressp. 176
HttpWebRequestp. 179
HttpWebRequest in Actionp. 181
Working with the Callbackp. 182
Crossing Threadsp. 183
Threading with WebClient and HttpWebRequestp. 184
Summaryp. 185
Consuming Amazon's RESTful Services with Silverlight 2p. 187
Data in the Cloudp. 187
Creating an Amazon Shopping Cartp. 188
RESTful Actionsp. 189
Searching for Booksp. 194
Parsing Books with LINQ to XMLp. 197
Binding the Search Resultsp. 203
Cart Operationsp. 206
Summaryp. 211
Creating RESTful Services and Introducing SilverTwitp. 213
Creating RESTful Services from WCFp. 214
Creating a RESTful Servicep. 214
Creating the Service Interfacep. 215
Configuring a RESTful Servicep. 215
Defining the Contractp. 217
Consuming the REST-Friendly Servicep. 220
Default Valuesp. 222
HTTP Status Codesp. 223
Servicing JSONp. 224
Defining a JSON Responsep. 224
LINQ to JSONp. 226
Consuming Products Using LINQ to JSONp. 227
Serialized JSONp. 230
Posting Data to a RESTful Servicep. 232
Defining POST Methodsp. 233
Posting JSON and XMLp. 235
Case Study: SilverTwitp. 238
SilverTwit Architecturep. 239
SilverTwit UIp. 239
SilverTwitWS RESTful Web Servicep. 243
Cachingp. 246
Tweetingp. 247
Summaryp. 250
Syndication Feeds and Silverlight 2p. 251
Syndicated Feedsp. 251
Requesting a Feedp. 253
Reading a Feedp. 256
Binding a Feedp. 256
Convertersp. 259
Cross-Domain Policiesp. 263
Aggregating Feedsp. 264
Summaryp. 268
Silverlight 2 and ADO.NET Data Servicesp. 271
ADO.NET Data Services Overviewp. 272
HTTP Methodsp. 272
Message Formatsp. 273
Metadatap. 276
Services over Custom Data Sourcesp. 277
Access Rulesp. 280
RESTful Addressingp. 282
URI Optionsp. 282
Creating the Proxy Classp. 284
Async LINQp. 284
ADO.NET Data Services over the Entity Frameworkp. 288
Creating Services on an Entity Data Modelp. 288
Read Accessp. 289
Extending the Client Modelp. 292
The Client Hookupp. 298
Notification Implicationsp. 301
Delayed Loadingp. 302
Query Interceptorsp. 305
Change Interceptorsp. 305
Extending the Service Operationsp. 307
More Saving Optionsp. 308
Inserts and Object Graphsp. 308
Optimistic Concurrencyp. 311
Summaryp. 314
ADO.NET Data Services Quick Referencep. 315
Silverlight 2 Debugging with HTTP Sniffing Toolsp. 321
Indexp. 331
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ISBN: 9780596523091
ISBN-10: 0596523092
Series: O'Reilly Ser.
Audience: Professional
Format: Paperback
Language: English
Number Of Pages: 366
Published: 6th January 2009
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons Publishers
Country of Publication: US
Dimensions (cm): 23.5 x 17.78  x 1.91
Weight (kg): 0.46

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