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Dark Matter in the Universe : International Astronomical Union Symposia - J. Kormendy

Dark Matter in the Universe

International Astronomical Union Symposia

By: J. Kormendy (Editor), G. R. Knapp (Editor)

Paperback Published: 1986
ISBN: 9789027723574
Number Of Pages: 596

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This is the first time that the International Astronomical Union has held a symposium on objects of totally unknown nature. In fact. M. Rees has pointed out that the mass of the individual particles that make up the dark matter is unknown to > 70 orders of magnitude. Since dark matter appears to make up ~ 90 % of the mass of the Universe. it presents us with one of the most fundamental problems in astrophysics. IAU Symposium 117 on Dark Matter in the Universe was held on June 24 - 28. 1985. Our hosts were Princeton University and the Institute for Advanced Study. which together form one of the most active centers of work on the dark matter problem. There were ~ 190 participants from 16 countries. These proceedings include the 31 review and invited papers. 72 of the 85 poster papers. and the two general discussions. The idea that the Universe might contain much more mass than we see in gas. stars and their remnants has been with us for over 50 years. In 1933. F. Zwicky pointed out that the Coma Cluster could be in equilibrium at the large observed velocity dispersion only if a great deal of unseen matter were present. However. in the absence of other evidence. the idea of "dark matter" was not widely pursued.

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Dark Matter: Key Issues.- Dark Matter in the Galactic Disk.- Extreme M Dwarfs and Brown Dwarfs in A Deep CCD Survey.- Kinematics of the Galactic Inner Spheroid.- Relatively Dark Matter: The Local Mass Density of Stellar Remnants.- The Dynamics of Open Clusters 35.- Seen and Unseen Matter in the Galactic Disc.- Kinematics of Nearby FV Stars.- The Local Galactic Escape Velocity.- Constraints on the Dark Matter from Optical Rotation Curves.- Differences in Mass Distribution for Field and Cluster Spiral Galaxies 66.- HI Rotation Curves of Galaxies.- Kinematics and Warp in NGC 4565.- Mass/Luminosity Ratios from Rotation of HI IN SO Galaxies.- Mass Determinations and Dark Matter at Intermediate Scales.- The Mass of the Binary Galaxies NGC 4038/39 (The "Antennae").- Radial Velocities of Remote Globular Clusters.- The Trouble with Binary Galaxies.- Evidence for Dark Matter in Galactic Systems.- Galaxy Luminosity Functions, M/L Ratios, and Closure of the Universe.- About the Coma Cluster (Progress Report).- Estimating the Masses of Galaxy Groups: Alternatives to the Virial Theorem.- Biases in Mass Estimates of Groups of Galaxies.- The Peculiar Velocity of the Local Group in the Direction of the Virgo Cluster 115.- The Ring of H I IN Leo: Probing the Mass Distribution in A Galaxy Group.- Clustering on A Scale of 1018 M?.- Parameters for Dark Halos 119.- Halo Parameters of Spiral Galaxies.- Dynamical Interaction between the Different Components of S0-Sd Galaxies 134.- Is the Ratio of Dark-to-Luminous Matter A Function of Galaxy Mass and/or Luminosity?.- Some Regularities in the Missing Mass Problem.- Measurement of Dark Matter in Spiral Galaxies.- Mass-to-Light Ratios of Spiral Galaxies.- Dark Matter in Dwarf Galaxies.- The Search for Dark Matter in Draco and Ursa Minor: A Three Year Progress Report.- HI and Mass Distribution in the Dwarf "Regular" Galaxy UGC 2259.- Neutral Hydrogen Observations of dI Galaxies in the Virgo Cluster.- Neutrino Mass Limits and Dark Halos.- X-Rays from Galaxies and Clusters of Galaxies: Observations and Phenomenology.- X-Ray Halos in Galaxies and Clusters of Galaxies: Theory.- Cooling Flows and the Formation of Dark Matter.- Hot Coronae Around Early-Type Galaxies: Evidence for Dark Halos.- Extended X-Ray Emission from Early-Type Galaxies: Comparison with Optical.- Filamentary Nebulosity Surrounding M87.- Gravitational Lenses and Dark Matter: Theory.- Gravitational Lenses and Dark Matter: Observations.- A Search for Gravitational Lensing.- Galaxy Mass Distribution from Galaxy-Galaxy Gravitational Lensing.- Dark Matter: Observational Aspects.- N-Body Results on Dark Matter.- Are Numerical Simulations Reliable? Proposed Improvements and Tests.- Cold Dark Matter: Galactic Halos.- Simulations of Compact Groups of Galaxies with Halos.- Voids in the 2D CFA Catalog.- An Upper Limit on the Masses of Galaxies in Clusters.- Clustering Properties of Cold Dark Matter Universes and the CFA Redshift Survey: A Uniform Comparison.- Formation of Galactic Halos in the Cold Dark Matter Universe: Computer Simulations.- Formation of Large Scale Structure in the Explosion Scenario.- Profiles of Galaxy Clusters in Cosmological Scenarios.- Halos and Disk Stability.- Massive Halos and the Stability of Hot Stellar Discs.- The Global Stability of our Galaxy.- Observable Consequences of Triaxial Halos.- Self-Gravitating Polar Ring Models.- Distribution of Dark Matter in Polar Ring Galaxies.- Halos Around Ellipticals and the Environment Dependence of Hubble Type.- The Modified Newtonian Dynamics as An Alternative to Hidden Matter.- Gravitational Channels and the Cosmological Constant ?.- Galaxy Formation.- Galaxy Formation in A Universe Dominated by Cold Dark Matter.- Embedding of Galactic Systems in Extended Neutrino Clouds.- Dwarf Galaxies, Cold Dark Matter, and Biased Galaxy Formation.- Hierarchical Clustering: Angular Momentum Density Anti-Correlation.- The Formation of Galactic Halos in Universes Dominated by Cold Dark Matter.- Hydrogen Molecules and the Radiative Cooling of Pregalactic Shocks.- Cosmological HII Regions.- A Model for the Sequence of Elliptical Galaxies.- Non-Linear Evolution of Inhomogeneities in Universes Dominated By Dark Matter 369.- Anisotropy of the Microwave Background and Cosmological Dark Matter.- Disturbance of the CBR by Isothermal Perturbations.- Possible Constituents of Halos.- Constraints on the Dark Matter.- Limits on the Missing Mass in Dark Stellar Remnants.- Massive Black Holes in Galactic Halos?.- Bimodal Star Formation and Remnant-Dominated Galactic Models.- Background Light from Population III Stars.- Observational Searches for Dark Halos.- Faint Photometry of Edge-On Spiral Galaxies: A Search for Massive Halos.- An Infrared Search for Substellar Objects.- Contributions to the Local Gravitational Field from Beyond the Local Supercluster.- A Cosmologist's Tour Through the New Particle Zoo (Candy Shop?).- The Evaporation of Strange Matter in the Early Universe.- Detecting Cold Dark Matter Candidates.- Constraints on Dark Matter Density and Axion Mass From the Large-Scale Structure of Spacetime.- Baryogenesis in the Inflationary Universe.- Cosmological Consequences of an Unstable Heavy Neutrino.- Prospects for Axion Detection.- The Missing Mass and the Solar Neutrino Problem.- Unstable Dark Matter and Galaxy Formation.- Do Baryon Structures Survive After the Decay of Unstable Particles?.- Constraints on Dark Matter from Primordial Nucleosynthesis.- Poster Discussion.- Conference Summary.- A Historical Perspective on Dark Matter.- General Discussion.- Indices.- Index of Names.- Index of Objects.- Index of Subjects.

ISBN: 9789027723574
ISBN-10: 9027723575
Series: International Astronomical Union Symposia
Audience: General
Format: Paperback
Language: English
Number Of Pages: 596
Published: 1986
Publisher: Springer
Country of Publication: NL
Dimensions (cm): 23.39 x 15.6  x 3.23
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