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Czech : An Essential Grammar - James Naughton


An Essential Grammar

Paperback Published: 11th January 2005
ISBN: 9780415287852
Number Of Pages: 296

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Czech: An Essential Grammar is a practical reference guide to the core structures and features of modern Czech. Presenting a fresh and accessible description of the language, this engaging grammar uses clear, jargon-free explanations and sets out the complexities of Czech in short, readable sections.

Suitable for either independent study or for students in schools, colleges, universities and adult classes of all types, key features include:

* focus on the morphology and syntax of the language
* clear explanations of grammatical terms
* full use of authentic examples
* detailed contents list and index for easy access to information.

With an emphasis on the Czech that native speakers use today, Czech: An Essential Grammar will help students to read, speak and write the language with greater confidence.

An exceptional aid for my studies 😊



Western Australia.



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Standard Versus Non-Standard Usage
Pronunciation and Orthography ^DDS Vyslovnost a pravopis
Vowels ^DDS Samohlasky
Consonants ^DDS Souhlasky
Soft I versus Hard Y
Consonants Before and I /
Voicing and Devoicing
Intonation ^DDS Intonace
The Alphabet
Capital Letters
Non-Standard Czech
Nouns ^DDS Podstatna jmFna
Gender ^DDS Rod
The Plural ^DDS Mnozcaron;nF T8slo
Cases ^DDS Pady
Hard and Soft Declensions
Masculine Types
Feminine Types
Neuter Types
Other Miscellaneous Types
Adjectival Nouns ^DDS Zpodstatnila pu8davna jmFna
Plural-Only Nouns ^DDS Podstatna jmFna pomnozcaron;na
Indeclinable Nouns ^DDS Nesklonna jmFna
Adjectives and Adverbs ^DDS Pu8davna jmFna a pu8slovce
The Adjective ^DDS Pu8davnF jmFno
English Noun Modifiers
Standard Adjectives ^DDS Hard and Soft Types
Adjective Rad
Short-Form Adjectives ^DDS Jmenny tvar
Possessive Adjectives ^DDS Puivlastiovac8 pu8davna jmFna
The Adverb ^DDS Pu8slovce / Adverbs of Manner
Standard Adverbs Ending in -i/e
Adverbs Ending in -cky, -sky
Adverbs Ending in -o
Looking Happy / Sad etc.
Interrogative Adverbs and Derivatives
More Adverbs of Place and Motion
Other Forms of Adverb
Comparison of Adjectives ^DDS Stupiovan8
Comparison of Adverbs
Pronouns ^DDS Zajmena
Pronoun Types
Personal Pronouns ^DDS Osobn8 zajmena
Reflexive Pronoun Se ^DDS ZvratnF zajmeno
Demonstratives ^DDS Ukazovac8 zajmena
Possessives ^DDS Puivlastiovac8 zajmena
Interrogatives ^DDS Tazac8 zajmena etc.
Relative Pronouns ^DDS Vztazcaron;na zajmena etc.
Interrogatives and Their Derivatives ^DDS List
Sam and Samy
The Same ^DDS Stejny, Ten Samy
Jiny etc. ^DDS Other, Another
Vscaron;ichni, Vscaron;echno ^DDS All
Kazcaron;dy ^DDS Each, Every
Jediny ^DDS Only, Sole
Zcaron;adny ^DDS No, Not Any 6 Numerals and Quantifiers ^DDS 8slovky
Cardinal Numerals ^DDS Zakladn8 T8slovky
Ordinal Numerals ^DDS adovF T8slovky
X Times ^DDS X-krat
Compound Adjectives with Numbers
Talking about Numbered Items
Czech Money
Weights and Measures
Indefinite Quantifiers ^DDS NeurTitF T8slovky
Telling the Time
Days of the Week, Months and Date
Collective or Set Numerals ^DDS SouborovF T8slovky
Generic Numerals ^DDS DruhovF T8slovky
The Verb ^DDS Sloveso
Verb Forms and Categories
The Infinitive ^DDS Infinitiv
Reflexive Verbs ^DDS Zvratna slovesa
The Present Tense ^DDS Pu8tomny Tas
The Past Tense ^DDS Minuly Tas
Imperfective and Perfective Aspect ^DDS Nedokonavy a dokonavy vid
Perfective Present and Future
Imperfective Future ^DDS Budouc8 Tas nedokonavy
The Conditional Tense ^DDS Kondicional / Podmiiovac8 zpsob
Synopsis of Main Tenses
Past Conditional ^DDS Kondicional minuly
Pluperfect ^DDS Puedminuly Tas / Plusquamperfektum
Reported / Indirect Speech ^DDS Nepu8ma ueT
The Imperative ^DDS Imperativ / Rozkazovac8 zpsob
Participles and Passive Constructions
Verbal Noun ^DDS PodstatnF jmFno slovesnF
Frequentatives ^DDS Slovesa opakovac8
More Participles
Modal Verbs ^DDS Modaln8 slovesa
Phase Verbs ^DDS Start and Stop
Verbs of Motion ^DDS Slovesa pohybu
More Verbs
Basic/Irregular Verbs
Monosyllabic/Irregular Verbs
Cases and Prepositions ^DDS Pady a puedlozcaron;ky
The Nominative Case
The Accusative
The Genitive
The Dative
The Locative
The Instrumental
The Vocative
Prepositions 9 Syntax and Conjunctions ^DDS Syntax a spojky
Sentences ^DDS Vita a souvit8
Yes and No
Questions ^DDS Otazky
Exclamations ^DDS Zvolac8 vity
Word Order ^DDS Slovosled
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ISBN: 9780415287852
ISBN-10: 0415287855
Series: Essential Grammars
Audience: Tertiary; University or College
Format: Paperback
Language: English
Number Of Pages: 296
Published: 11th January 2005
Country of Publication: GB
Dimensions (cm): 23.42 x 16.1  x 2.29
Weight (kg): 0.49
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