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Crimes of the Cross : The Anglican Paedophile Network of Newcastle, Its Protectors and the Man Who Fought for Justice - Anne Manne

Crimes of the Cross

The Anglican Paedophile Network of Newcastle, Its Protectors and the Man Who Fought for Justice

By: Anne Manne

Paperback | 26 March 2024

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A searing expose of institutional child abuse, and the remarkable story of the survivors who would not be silenced

For many years, Newcastle was the centre of a sinister paedophile network run by members of the Anglican Church – and protected by parishioners and community members who looked the other way.

In this gripping book, Anne Manne reveals how this network avoided detection for so long, and how its ringleaders were finally exposed and brought to justice. At the heart of the story is a survivor, Steve Smith, who endured years of childhood abuse but refused to be silenced.

Drawing on extensive research and interviews with survivors, clergy, lay people, police and others, Manne explores how the network operated and how it became entrenched in the upper echelons of Newcastle society. She offers deep insights into the minds and strategies of abusers and pays tribute to the victims and their tireless struggle for justice. Child sexual abuse has previously been thought of as an individual crime; Manne pioneers an examination of it as part of a network.

This is an unforgettable story of courage in the face of unthinkable evil.

About the Author

Anne Manne is an Australian journalist and social philosopher who has written widely on feminism, motherhood, childcare, family policy, fertility and related issues. She is a regular contributor to the Age and the Monthly. Her books include Quarterly Essay 29: Love & Money – The Family and the Free Market, The Life of I: the New Culture of Narcissism, and, Motherhood: How Should We Care for Our Children? – which was shortlisted for the 2006 Walkley non-fiction prize.
Industry Reviews
'A unique story of pain and triumph told superbly by Anne Manne, who follows victims of abuse as they shatter an old alliance between leading citizens of Newcastle and its Anglican cathedral on the hill which for decades protected brazen paedophile priests. In all the writing of the last few years about clerical child abuse, there's nothing like Crimes of the Cross.' – David Marr

'This story gripped me from the first page and refused to let go. The courage expressed, the clear criminality within the Anglican Church, the vividness of the writing – all of it has remained with me ever since. This book is a singular achievement, and I cannot recommend it more highly.' – Jess Hill

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