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Coronal Holes and Solar Wind Acceleration : 28 September to 1 October 1998, Asticou Inn, Northeast Harbor, Maine, USA :  28 September to 1 October 1998, Asticou Inn, Northeast Harbor, Maine, USA - John L. Kohl

Coronal Holes and Solar Wind Acceleration : 28 September to 1 October 1998, Asticou Inn, Northeast Harbor, Maine, USA

28 September to 1 October 1998, Asticou Inn, Northeast Harbor, Maine, USA

By: John L. Kohl (Editor), Steven R. Cranmer (Editor)

Hardcover Published: August 1999
ISBN: 9780792358282
Number Of Pages: 356

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The Proceedings of the SOHO-7 Workshop provide an overview of how observations with the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) have led to greater understanding about the nature and evolution of coronal holes and the acceleration of the solar wind. Coronal holes are regions of low density plasma on the Sun that have magnetic fields that expand freely into interplanetary space, and SOHO has allowed solar physicists to investigate the detailed physical processes responsible for maintaining this complex state. The SOHO-7 Workshop Proceedings focus on four topics: (1) constraints by interplanetary and remote-sensing measurements on solar wind models, (2) energy input, heating, and wind acceleration in coronal holes, (3) coronal hole boundaries and adjacent regions, and (4) composition and elemental abundance variations. This book will be of use to the entire solar community by providing scientists with a concise summary of the progress SOHO has made in this field, and young researchers can use it to learn about the most relevant topics in this rapidly evolving discipline.

Solar Wind Models from the Sun to 1 AU: Constraints by in situ and Remote Sensing Measurementsp. 1
Acceleration of the High Speed Solar Wind in Coronal Holesp. 25
Coronal Hole Boundaries and their Interactions with Adjacent Regionsp. 43
Composition Variations in the Solar Corona and Solar Windp. 55
Working Group 1 Report: Solar Wind Models from the Sun to 1 AU: Constraints by in situ and Remote Sensing Measurementsp. 67
Working Group 2 Report: Energy Input, Heating, and Solar Wind Acceleration in Coronal Holesp. 79
Working Group 3 Report: Coronal Hole Boundaries and Interactions with Adjacent Regionsp. 93
Working Group 4 Report: Composition and Elemental Abundance Variations in the Solar Atmosphere and Solar Windp. 105
SOHO after 30 Months: A Personal Viewp. 123
SWAN Observations of the Solar Wind Latitude and its Evolution Since Launchp. 129
On the Stability of Siphon Flows Confined in Coronal Loopsp. 133
Fast and Slow Flows in the Solar Wind near the Ecliptic at 1 AU?p. 137
EUV and Radio Observations of an Equatorial Coronal Holep. 141
The Solar Magnetic Field as a Coronal Hole Extension Forms: Effects of Magnetic Helicity and Boundary Conditionsp. 145
Spectroscopic Constraints on Models of Ion-Cyclotron Resonance Heating in the Polar Solar Coronap. 149
Coronal Heating: A Comparison of Ion-Cyclotron and Gravity Damping Modelsp. 153
Compressible Aspects of Slow Solar Wind Formationp. 157
Statistical Analysis of EUV and UV Lines Inside and Outside of Solar Coronal Holesp. 161
Two-Fluid 2.5D MHD Simulations of the Fast Solar Wind in Coronal Holes and the Relation to UVCS Observationsp. 165
Characterization of Solar Coronal Holes and Plumes Using Spectroscopic Diagnostic Techniques Applied to SOHO/CDS Observationsp. 169
Comparison of Polar and Equatorial Coronal Holes Observed by UVCS/SOHO: Geometry and Physical Propertiesp. 173
Variation of Polar Coronal Hole Profiles with Solar Cyclep. 177
Large-Scale Coronal Heating, Clustering of Coronal Bright Points, and Concentration of Magnetic Fluxp. 181
EUV Observations Above Polar Coronal Holesp. 185
UVCS/SOHO Ion Kinetics in Coronal Streamersp. 189
A Parallel Adaptive 3D MHD Scheme for Modeling Coronal and Solar Wind Plasma Flowsp. 193
Semi-empirical MHD Model of the Solar Wind and its Comparison with Ulyssesp. 199
Plasma Properties in Coronal Funnelsp. 207
The Rotation of the Fe XIV Solar Corona During the Recent Solar Activity Minimump. 211
A CDS Observation of the Relationship Between a Coronal Hole and Chromospheric Structurep. 215
Study of Dynamical Properties of Coronal Structures in the Polar Regionsp. 219
Numerical Simulations of Stellar Windsp. 223
On the Electron Temperature and Coronal Heating in the Fast Solar Wind Constrained by in situ Observationsp. 227
UVCS/SOHO Observations of Spectral Line Profiles in Polar Coronal Holesp. 233
The Highest Solar Wind Velocity in a Polar Region Estimated from IPS Tomography Analysisp. 237
Observation of Transition Region Fine Structures with SOHO/SUMERp. 241
Loop Models from SOHO Observationsp. 245
Search for Signatures of a Coronal Hole in Transition Region Lines near Disk Centerp. 249
A 16-Moment Fast Solar Wind Modelp. 253
Hybrid Simulations of Wave Propagation and Ion Cyclotron Heating in the Expanding Solar Windp. 257
Magneto-Gravity Waves Trapped in the Lower Solar Coronap. 261
Ly-[alpha] Observation of a Coronal Streamer with UVCS/SOHOp. 265
Fluctuations, Dissipation and Heating in the Coronap. 269
Properties of Coronal Hole-Streamer Boundaries and Adjacent Regions as Observed by Spartan 201p. 277
Coronal Heating by Magnetic Explosionsp. 283
SOHO Observations of Density Fluctuations in Coronal Holesp. 287
Outflow Velocities at the Base of a Polar Coronal Hole During the 1998 Total Eclipsep. 291
Velocity Shear Induced Phenomena in Solar Atmospherep. 295
Signatures of Coronal Hole Spectra Between 660 Angstroms and 1460 Angstroms Measured with SUMER on SOHOp. 299
Acceleration Profile of the Slow Solar Wind as Inferred from Gradual Mass Ejections Observed by LASCOp. 303
MICA: The Mirror Coronagraph for Argentinap. 307
Constraints on Coronal Outflow Velocities Derived from UVCS Doppler Dimming Measurements and in situ Charge State Datap. 311
Coronal Hole Properties Observed with SUMERp. 315
Ulysses-UVCS Coordinated Observationsp. 319
Streamer Evaporationp. 323
UVCS/SOHO Observations of H I Lyman Alpha Line Profiles in Coronal Holes at Heliocentric Heights above 3.0 R[actual symbol not reproducible]p. 327
Ion Temperature as Observed in a Solar Coronal Holep. 331
UVCS Observations and Modeling of Streamersp. 335
Alfven Wave Generation in Photospheric Vortex Filaments, Macrospicules, and 'Solar Tornadoes'p. 339
Comparing Quiet Sun and Coronal Hole Regions with CDS/SOHOp. 345
On the Lyman [alpha] and O VI Line Profiles in Streamers and Coronal Holesp. 349
The Transition Between Fast and Slow Solar Wind from Composition Datap. 353
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ISBN: 9780792358282
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Format: Hardcover
Language: English
Number Of Pages: 356
Published: August 1999
Publisher: Springer
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