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Contemporary Perspectives on Religious Epistemology - R. Douglas Geivett

Contemporary Perspectives on Religious Epistemology

Paperback Published: 4th February 1992
ISBN: 9780195073249
Number Of Pages: 368

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This unique textbook--the first to offer balanced, comprehensive coverage of all major perspectives on the rational justification of religious belief--includes twenty-four key papers by some of the world's leading philosophers of religion. Arranged in six sections, each representing a major approach to religious epistemology, the book begins with papers by noted atheists, setting the stage for the main theistic responses--Wittgensteinian Fideism, Reformed epistemology, natural theology, prudential accounts of religious beliefs, and rational belief based in religious experience--in each case offering a representative sample of papers by leading exponents, a critical paper, and a substantial bibliography. A comprehensive introductory essay and ample cross-references help students to contrast and evaluate the different approaches, while the overall arrangement encourages them to assess the full range of philosophical positions on the issue.
Carefully selected to provide both a comprehensive overview of current work and a series of modern perspectives on many classic sources--Swinburne's detailed discussion of Hume's critique of the design argument, for example, as well as an entire section evaluating and extending Pascal's famous Wager--the essays also provide a uniquely readable survey that will be useful in a wide range of undergraduate and graduate courses in philosophy of religion and epistemology.

"The book will prove its value by allowing both the serious student of philosophy and the novice to closely compare competing epistemic views. The format chosen by the editors has not stacked the deck towards one viewpoint. Therefore teachers from any background may profitably use the text....Apart from philosophy of religion courses, the book is also useful for classes in epistemology, theism, and a host of others. The editors have read widely and chosen well."--Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society "[A]n excellent volume....Scholars and students who seek guidance into recent work on the rationality of belief in God now have the volume they need. The high quality of the essays will repay careful analysis on this profound issue. It will make an excellent text for philosophy of religion courses, and will also serve well as corollary reading in systematic theology or religion courses."--Bibliotheca Sacra "Quite sophisticated--better suited to upper level course."--Regina Hobaugh, Holy Family College "A book of this kind is needed....Should be a good market at the graduate and upper-class undergraduate level."--John Hick, Claremont Graduate School "An excellent, fascinating and accessible series of recent essays. The selection and organization of the readings is almost flawless."--Stephen T. Davis, Claremont McKenna College "Appropriate for introductory courses in philosophy of religion as well as for more advanced courses focusing more specifically on epistemology of religion."--Richard Purtill, Western Washington University "With something old and much that is recent, this collection successfully covers the contemporary state of philosophical analysis."--Shalom Carmy, Yeshiva University "An excellent and well-balanced collection of provocative essays for students and scholars."--Bruce R. Marino, Valley Forge Christian College "Important collection of seminal texts on such problems as Atheism, Wittgensteinian Fideism, Nahal Theology, etc. Most appropriate for background reading in preparation for class discussion. Excellent choice of texts."--Edgar C. Polome, University of Texas at Austin "A good and provocative collection of recent thought concerning religious belief and related issues."--Kelly Nicholson, Westminster College "An excellent collection of authoritative essays on the central issues in contemporary debate on religious epistemology. Eminently suited for use in senior courses on the problem of religious knowledge for its well-balanced presentation of the main conflicting positions. Good bibliographies for further reading."--Andy F. Sanders, University of Groningen, the Netherlands

Introduction I. ATHEISM Expositional 1: Anthony Flew: The Presumption of Atheism 2: William L. Rowe: The Problem of Evil and Some Varieties of Atheism 3: Michael Martin: Atheistic Teleological Arguments Critical 4: Scott A. Shalkowski: Atheological Apologetics II. WITTGENSTEINIAN FIDEISM Expositional 5: D.Z. Phillips: Faith, Skepticism, and Religious Understanding 6: Norman Malcolm: The Groundlessness of Belief 7: Paul L. Holmer: Theology, Atheism, and Theism Critical 8: Kai Nielson: Does Religious Skepticism Rest on a Mistake? III. REFORMED EPISTEMOLOGY Expositional 9: Alvin Plantinga: Is Belief in God Properly Basic? 10: Nicholas Wolterstorff: Is Reason Enough? 11: Robert Pargetter: Experience, Proper Basicality, and Belief in God Critical 12: Stewart C. Goetz: Belief in God Is Not Properly Basic IV. NATURAL THEOLOGY Expositional 13: William Lane Craig: Philosophical and Scientific Pointers to Creatio ex Nihilo 14: Richard Swinburne: The Argument from Design 15: Dallas Willard: The Three-Stage Argument for the Existence of God 16: Robert M. Adams: Flavors, Colors, and God Critical 17: Steven M. Cahn: The Irrelevance to Religion of Philosophic Proofs for the Existence of God V. PRUDENTIAL ACCOUNTS OF RELIGIOUS BELIEF Expositional 18: Thomas V. Morris: Pascalian Wagering 19: William G. Lycan and George N. Schlesinger: You Bet Your Life: Pascal's Wager Defended Critical 20: James Cargile: Pascal's Wager VI. RATIONAL BELIEF AND RELIGIOUS EXPERIENCE Expositional 21: William P. Alston: Religious Experience and Religious Belief 22: John Hick: The Rationality of Religious Belief 23: James Kellenberger: Three Models of Faith Critical 24: Wayne Proudfoot: Explaining Religious Experience

ISBN: 9780195073249
ISBN-10: 019507324X
Audience: Professional
Format: Paperback
Language: English
Number Of Pages: 368
Published: 4th February 1992
Publisher: Oxford University Press Inc
Country of Publication: US
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