Consumer India : inside the Indian Mind & Wallet - Dheeraj Sinha

Consumer India

inside the Indian Mind & Wallet


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A richly insightful account of one of the most significant transformations in the world today. Dheeraj Sinha's intelligence vividly illuminates the intersection of culture and commerce in New India.<br> <b>Adam Morgan</b><br> Founder<br> eatbigfish<br> <p> Among the many books I have read on the cultural evolution taking place in India, this is perhaps the most insightful. It does not just map mindset changes; it does so with the certainty of a person who has lived the changes as much as he has witnessed them. Every marketeer should keep this book on his office desk as a ready reckoner.<br> <b>Ranjan Kapur</b><br> Country Manager &#8211; India<br> WPP <p> India in many ways is a "Nation of Nations." So much heterogeneity and hence complexity in understanding consumers and consumerism. Dheeraj has done a commendable job in peeling off the layers from the onion&#8212;creating frameworks and providing very relatable examples to understand the culture. For instance, Dheeraj has used Bollywood as an effective mirror to portray societal changes. <i>Consumer India</i> is a must-read for those who want to understand the cultural evolution of India with its nuances.<br> <b>Rajesh Jejurikar</b><br> Chief Executive - Automotive Division<br> Mahindra &amp; Mahindra Ltd. <p> A labor of love. For years, I have marveled at how Dheeraj's inquisitive brain continuously churns away to make meaning of everything he observes. His writing simultaneously reflects him as a "<i>sutradaar</i>" telling the captivating story of a changing India, even as it does so with the unbiased and expert credentials of the "<i>computerji</i>" he describes here. Dheeraj insightfully marries the rapid changes he chronicles with the assimilative fabric of India; where "and" trumps "or." Against the clich&#233; "change is the only constant," he underlines that in India, change works <i>with</i> the constant. Enjoy the ride on Dheeraj's time machine!<br> <b>Prasad Narasimhan</b><br> Managing Partner, Asia<br> Brandgym

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