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Computation and Neural Systems - Frank H. Eeckman

Computation and Neural Systems

By: Frank H. Eeckman (Editor), James M. Bower (Editor)

Hardcover Published: 31st July 1993
ISBN: 9780792393498
Number Of Pages: 539

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Computational neuroscience is best defined by its focus on understanding the nervous systems as a computational device rather than by a particular experimental technique. Accordinlgy, while the majority of the papers in this book describe analysis and modeling efforts, other papers describe the results of new biological experiments explicitly placed in the context of computational issues. The distribution of subjects in Computation and Neural Systems reflects the current state of the field. In addition to the scientific results presented here, numerous papers also describe the ongoing technical developments that are critical for the continued growth of computational neuroscience.
Computation and Neural Systems includes papers presented at the First Annual Computation and Neural Systems meeting held in San Francisco, CA, July 26--29, 1992.

Self-Organising Ion Channel Densities: The Rationale for 'anti-Hebb'p. 3
A Modified Hodgkin-Huxley Spiking Model With Continuous Spiking Outputp. 9
The Neurone as a Nonlinear System: A Single Compartment Studyp. 19
Unsupervised Hebbian Learning and the Shape of the Neuron Activation Functionp. 25
A Method for Estimating the Neural Input to a Neuron Using the Ionic Current Modelp. 31
A Model of a Thalamic Relay Cell Incorporating Voltage-Clamp Data on Ionic Conductancesp. 37
An Entropy Measure for Revealing Deterministic Structure in Spike Train Datap. 43
A Multi-Neuronal Vectorial Phase-Space Analysis for Detecting Dynamical Interactions in Firing Patterns of Biological Neural Networksp. 49
The 'Ideal Homunculus': Statistical Inference from Neural Population Responsesp. 55
The Effect of Slow Synaptic Coupling on Populations of Spiking Neuronsp. 61
Neural Geometry Revealed by Neurocomputer Analysis of Multi-Unit Recordingsp. 67
Signal Delay in Passive Dendritic Treesp. 73
Matching Neural Models to Experimentp. 81
Neuronal Model Predicts Responses of the Rat Baroreflexp. 89
Simulations of Synaptic Integration in Neocortical Pyramidal Cellsp. 97
Modeling Stimulus Specific Habituation: The Role of the Primordial Hippocampusp. 103
Effects of Single Channel Kinetics upon Transmembrane Voltage Dynamicsp. 109
An Object-Oriented Paradigm for the Design of Realistic Neural Simulatorsp. 115
Neural Network Simulation in a CSP Language for Multicomputersp. 121
Designing Networks of Spiking Silicon Neurons and Synapsesp. 127
RallPacks: A Set of Benchmarks for Neuronal Simulatorsp. 133
Invariant Contrast Adaptation in the Primate Outer Plexiform Layerp. 143
A Computational Model of the Limulus Eye on the Connection Machinep. 151
Does Synaptic Facilitation Mediate Motion Facilitation in the Retina?p. 159
Fast-Most Information Extraction by Retinal Y-X Cellsp. 165
An Adaptive Neural Model of Early Visual Processingp. 171
A Local Model for Transparent Motions Based on Spatio-Temporal Filtersp. 177
A Neural Model of Illusory Contour Perceptionp. 183
Adaptive Receptive Fields for Textural Segmentationp. 189
Cortical Mechanisms for Surface Segmentationp. 195
Direction Selectivity Using Massive Intracortical Connectionsp. 201
Correlational-Based Development of Disparity Sensitivityp. 207
Dynamical Control of Visual Attention Through Feedback Pathways: A Network Modelp. 215
The Gating Lattice: A Neural Substrate for Dynamic Gatingp. 221
Hair Cell Modelling to Explore The Physiological Basis of Tuning in the Lower Vertebrate Earp. 229
Mechanisms of Horizontal Sound Localization at Low and High Frequency in Avian Nuc. Laminarisp. 235
A Neuronal Modeling System for Generating Brainstem Maps of Auditory Spacep. 241
Modeling Chemotaxis in the Nematode C. elegansp. 249
Formal Model of the Insect Olfactory Macroglomerulusp. 255
Dynamic Activity, Learning, and Memory in a Model of the Olfactory Bulbp. 261
Differential Effects of Norepinephrine on Synaptic Transmission in Layers 1A and 1B of Rat Olfactory Cortexp. 267
Cholinergic Modulation of Associative Memory Function in a Realistic Computational Model of Piriform Cortexp. 273
Numerical Simulations of the Electric Organ Discharge of Weakly Electric Fishp. 281
Identification of Leech Swim Neurons Using a Resonance Techniquep. 289
The Use of Genetic Algorithms to Explore Neural Mechanisms that Optimize Rhythmic Behaviors: Quasi-Realistic Models of Feeding Behavior in Aplysiap. 295
Undulatory Locomotion - Simulations with Realistic Segmental Oscillatorp. 301
Network Model of the Respiratory Rhythmp. 307
Model of the Peristaltic Reflexp. 313
Simulation of the Muscle Stretch Reflex by a Neuronal Networkp. 323
Modeling and Simulation of Compartmental Cerebellar Networks for Conditioning of Rabbit Eyeblink Responsep. 331
Recurrent Backpropagation Models of the Vestibulo-Ocular Reflex Provide Experimentally Testable Predictionsp. 337
Prolonged Activation with Brief Synaptic Inputs in the Purkinje Cell: Intracellular Recording and Compartmental Modelingp. 343
Electrophysiological Dissection of the Excitatory Inputs to Purkinje Cellsp. 349
Integration of Synaptic Inputs in a Model of the Purkinje Cellp. 355
Unsupervised Learning of Simple Speech Production Based on Soft Competitive Learningp. 363
Dopaminergic Modulation and Neural Fatigue in Discrete Time Sigmoidal Networksp. 369
Volume Learning: Signaling Covariance Through Neural Tissuep. 377
Hebbian Learning in Feedback Networks: Development Within Visual Cortexp. 383
The Role of Subplate Feedback in the Development of Ocular Dominance Columnsp. 389
A Comparison of Models of Visual Cortical Map Formationp. 395
Field Discontinuities and Islands in a Model of Cortical Map Formationp. 403
Orientation Columns from First Principlesp. 409
A Model of the Combined Effects of Chemical and Activity-Dependent Mechanisms in Topographic Map Formationp. 415
NMDA-Activated Conductances Provide Short-Term Memory for Dendritic Spine Logic Computationsp. 425
A Model of Cortical Associative Memory Based on Hebbian Cell Assembliesp. 431
Self-Teaching Through Correlated Inputp. 437
Multi-Layer Bidirectional Auto-Associatorsp. 443
A Neural Model for a Randomized Frequency-Spatial Transformationp. 449
Outline of a Theory of Isocortexp. 455
A Network for Semantic and Episodic Associations Showing Disturbances Due to Neural Lossp. 461
Synaptic Deletion and Compensation in Alzheimer's Disease: A Neural Modelp. 467
Effects of Input Synchrony on the Response of a Model Neuronp. 475
Analysis and Simulation of Synchronization in Oscillatory Neural Networksp. 481
Alternating Predictable and Unpredictable States in Data from Cat Visual Cortexp. 487
Temporal Structure of Spike Trains from MT Neurons in the Awake Monkeyp. 495
Temporal Structure Can Solve the Binding Problem for Multiple Feature Domainsp. 503
Assembly Formation and Segregation by a Self-Organizing Neuronal Oscillator Modelp. 509
Inter-area Synchronization in Macaque Neocortex During a Visual Pattern Discrimination Taskp. 515
Acetylcholine and Cortical Oscillatory Dynamicsp. 523
Dissipative Structures and Self-Organizing Criticality in Neural Networks with Spatially Localized Connectivityp. 531
Indexp. 537
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ISBN: 9780792393498
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Number Of Pages: 539
Published: 31st July 1993
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