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Compound Semiconductors 2002 : Institute of Physics Conference - Marc Ilegems

Compound Semiconductors 2002

Institute of Physics Conference

Hardcover Published: 1st September 2003
ISBN: 9780750309424
Number Of Pages: 468

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A major showcase for the compound semiconductor community, Compound Semiconductors 2002 presents an overview of recent developments in compound semiconductor physics and its technological applications to devices. The topics discussed reflect the significant progress achieved in understanding and mastering compound semiconductor materials and electronic and optoelectronic devices. The book covers heteroepitaxial growth, quantum confined emitters and detectors, quantum wires and dots, ultrafast transistors, and various compound materials.

International Symposium on Compound Semiconductors (ISCS) Heinrich Welker Awardp. v
ISCS Quantum Devices Awardp. ix
ISCS Young Scientist Awardp. xi
Prefacep. xv
Symposium Committeesp. xvi
GaAs on silicon using an oxide buffer layer
Ultra shallow GaAs sidewall tunnel junctions implemented with low-temperature area selective regrowthp. 9
Growth and properties of polycrystalline GaN on ZnO/Si substrates by ECR-MBEp. 13
Single crystalline InN films grown on Si (111) substratesp. 17
Growth and evaluation of CdTe/Si (111) by hot wall epitaxyp. 21
A surface reconstruction functioning as a micro mask during in-situ layer-by-layer etching of GaAs(111)B using AsBr[subscript 3]p. 25
Comparative study of p-type dopants, Mg and Be in GaN grown by RF-MBEp. 29
Area selective epitaxy of anti-dot structure by solid source MBE using MEE deposition sequencep. 33
Processing and Characterization
Contribution of interface states and bulk traps to GaAs MIS admittancep. 37
Electrical isolation of p-type InP and InGaAs layers by iron implantation: Effects of substrate temperaturep. 41
Inductively coupled argon plasma enhanced quantum well intermixing in InGaAs/InGaAsP laser structurep. 45
Annealing studies of Si-implanted GaN by Hall-effect and photoluminescence measurementsp. 49
Optical evaluation of spatial carrier concentration fluctuations in doped InP substratesp. 53
An "anomalous" drift of defects under electric field in CdSe and CdS single crystalsp. 57
Injection energy dependence of electron thermalization length in AlGaAs/GaAs quantum well structuresp. 61
Optical and structural investigations of GeSiO[subscript 2] systemsp. 65
Thermal quenching of emission of self-assembled InAs quantum dots embedded into InGaAs/GaAs MQWp. 69
Guided surface-acoustic-wave modes in AIN layers grown on SiC substratesp. 73
Photoluminescence from deep levels in Fe-doped InP substratesp. 77
Many-body effects as probe of defects presence in heavily doped AlGaAs/InGaAs/GaAs heterostructuresp. 81
Two-dimensional mapping of resistivity in semi-insulating GaAs wafers with large diameter using a nondestructive techniquep. 85
Sonic-stimulated temperature rise around dislocationp. 89
The cluster variation method for semiconductor alloysp. 93
Exciton formation inhibition in GaInAs/InP Fe doped quantum wellsp. 97
Compositional dependence of electron traps in Ga(As,N) grown by molecular-beam epitaxyp. 101
The influence of the quantum lifetime on the width of the quantum Hall plateausp. 105
Intersubband transitions in strain compensated InGaAs/AlAs quantum well structures grown on InPp. 109
Interfacial and piezoelectric properties of highly strained InGaAs/GaAs quantum well structures grown on (111)A GaAs substrates by MOVPEp. 113
Quantum-Wires and -Dots
Carrier dynamics in self-organized In(Ga)As/Ga(Al)As quantum dots and their application to long-wavelength sources and detectorsp. 117
Single-electron transistorsp. 125
Selective formation of high-density and high-uniformity InAs/GaAs quantum dots for ultra-small and ultra-fast all-optical switchesp. 133
Mechanical interaction in near-field spectroscopy of single semiconductor quantum dotsp. 137
Magnetic properties of (Ga,Mn)N grown directly on 4H-SiC(0001) by molecular-beam epitaxyp. 141
Selective MBE growth of GaAs ridge quantum wire arrays on patterned (001) substrates and its growth mechanismp. 145
Large transition energy separation at 1.31 [mu]m emission from InAs/GaAs quantum dotsp. 149
Optical spectra of quantum dot aggregates in sub-wetting layer regionp. 153
Self-organized growth of InAs quantum dots and reduction of dot density by in-situ annealingp. 157
Narrow size-dispersion CdSe quantum dots grown on ZnSe by modified MEE techniquep. 161
Spectroscopy of high-density assemblage of InAs/GaAs quantum dotsp. 165
Properties of InGaAs coupled quantum wire structures grown on vicinal (111)B GaAs with quasi-periodic corrugationp. 169
One-dimensional free exciton in CdTe/Cd[subscript 0.74]Mg[subscript 0.26]Te quantum wiresp. 173
Analysis of self-assembled GaN nanorods on Si(111) substratep. 179
Electroluminescence of asymmetric coupled GaAs/AlGaAs V-groove quantum wiresp. 183
Effects of nitrogen incorporation in In(Ga)As/GaAs quantum dotsp. 187
Photoconductivity of GaAs/AlGaAs quantum wires measured along the wires directionp. 191
Electronic Devices
GaAs HBTs with reduced collector capacitance for high-speed ICs and microwave power applicationsp. 195
InP/GaAsSb/InP heterojunction bipolar transistorsp. 203
Industrial aspects of III/V electronics: GaAs IC manufacturing in Taiwan for wireless communicationsp. 211
Silicon germanium technologies for high-speed digital and analog applicationsp. 217
AlGaN/GaN HEMTs grown by molecular beam epitaxy on sapphire, 6H-SiC, and HVPE-GaN templatesp. 223
High power AlGaN/GaN HEMT'sp. 227
High breakdown electric field for Npn-type AlGaN/InGaN/GaN heterojunction bipolar transistorsp. 231
Multiwafer epitaxy of GaN/AlGaN heterostructures for power applicationsp. 235
Fabrication and electrical performance of oscillators in GaInP/GaAs-HBT MMIC technology up to 40 GHzp. 239
Experimental demonstration of a resonant tunneling delta-sigma modulator for high-speed, high-resoluton analog-to-digital converterp. 243
InAs/AlGaSb heterostructure displacement sensorsp. 247
Charge balanced Ga[subscript 2]O-GaAs interface and application to self-aligned GaAs p-channel enhancement mode MOS heterostructure field-effect transistor
Investigation of quantum transport phenomena in resonant tunneling structures by simulations with a novel quantum hydrodynamic transport modelp. 255
Correlation between channel temperature and negative resistance in AlGaN/GaN HEMTsp. 259
Effect of temperature on the avalanche properties of sub-micron structuresp. 263
In[subscript 0.53]Ga[subscript 0.47]As ionization coefficients deduced from photomultiplication measurementsp. 267
InGaP/InGaAs/GaAs double channel pseudomorphic high electron mobility transistorp. 271
70-nm-gate PHEMT fabricated by a trilayer process of ZEP/P(MMA-MAA)/PMMA resistp. 275
Studies on the low-k BCB passivation of 0.1[mu]m gamma gate PHEMTsp. 275
Design of low loss transmission lines on GaAs substrates using the surface micromachining methodsp. 283
Correlation of pulsed IV measurements and high power performance of AlGaN/GaN HEMTsp. 287
120 nm gate length e-beam and nanoimprint T-gate GaAs pHEMTs utilising non-annealed ohmic contactsp. 291
New composite-emitter HBTs with reduced turn-on voltage and small offset voltagep. 295
Properties of electronic states at free surfaces and Schottky barrier interfaces of AlGaN/GaN heterostructurep. 299
Direct S-parameter extraction by physical two-dimensional device AC-simulationp. 303
Optoelectronic Devices
High-power blue-violet lasers grown on 3-inch sapphire and GaN substratep. 307
III/V nitride LEDs and lasersp. 315
Recent advances in continuous wave quantum cascade lasersp. 323
Edge- and surface-emitting photonic-crystal distributed-feedback lasersp. 331
Quantum well infrared photodetectors and thermal imaging camerasp. 339
Temperature sensitivity of high power GaSb based 2[mu]m diode lasersp. 347
Long-wavelength, two-dimensional, WDM vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser arrays fabricated by nonplanar wafer bondingp. 351
High gain, low noise 4H-SiC UV avalanche photodiodesp. 355
Novel microcavity light emitting diodesp. 359
High extraction efficiency AlGaInP microcavity light emitting diodes at 650 nm with AlGaAs-AlO[subscript x] DBRp. 363
Orientation-mismatched wafer bonding for polarization control of 1.3 [mu]m wavelength vertical cavity surface emitting lasers (VCSEL)p. 367
Population inversion enhancement by resonant magnetic confinement in THz quantum cascade lasersp. 371
Interferometric temperature mapping of GaAs-based quantum cascade laserp. 375
Sensitivity of intersubband absorption linewidth and transport mobility to interface roughness scattering in GaAs quantum wellsp. 379
Improved temperature performance of GaAs/AlGaAs quantum cascade lasersp. 385
Electron-phonon strong coupling in intersubband resonatorsp. 389
Demonstration of 640x512 pixel four-band quantum well infrared photodetector (QWIP) focal plane arrayp. 393
Giant polarized photoluminescence and photoconductivity in type-II GaAs/GaAsSb multiple quantum wells induced by interface chemical bondsp. 397
Efficient nitride-based short-wavelength emitters with enhanced hole injectionp. 401
Study of polarization switch in a three-contacts vertical-cavity surface-emitting laserp. 405
Analysis of dynamics and intensity noise of semiconductor lasers under strong optical feedbackp. 409
High performance optically pumped 1.55 [mu]m VCSELs for novel telecom applicationsp. 415
GaN-based single mirror light emitting diodesp. 419
Nonlinear semiconductor materials for a fully passive low-loss optical combinerp. 423
Optically pumped vertical external cavity semiconductor thin-disk laser with CW operation at 660 nmp. 427
Polarization-sensitive photo-detectors based on strained M-plane GaNp. 431
Investigation of the modulation efficiency of depleted InGaAsP/InP ridge waveguide phase modulators at 1.55 [mu]mp. 435
Continuous wave operation of far-infrared quantum cascade lasersp. 439
Resonant phonon-assisted depopulation in type-I and type-II intersubband laser heterostructuresp. 443
Mid-infrared quantum cascade lasers operation above room temperaturep. 447
Scattering transport and electron temperature evaluation in terahertz GaAs/AlGaAs quantum cascade laserp. 451
Graded interface 9.3 [mu]m quantum cascade lasersp. 455
Lasing properties of GaAs/(Al,Ga)As quantum cascade lasers as a function of injector doping densityp. 459
Author Indexp. 463
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ISBN: 9780750309424
ISBN-10: 0750309423
Series: Institute of Physics Conference
Audience: Professional
Format: Hardcover
Language: English
Number Of Pages: 468
Published: 1st September 2003
Country of Publication: GB
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