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Commentary on Revelation - E W Bullinger

Commentary on Revelation

Paperback Published: 15th April 2004
ISBN: 9780825423932
Number Of Pages: 736

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Revelation is one of the most difficult, widely debated books of the Bible. However Bullinger, an untiring scholar of God's word, treats Revelation not as a work to be interpreted by man, but as God's own interpretation of the future to us. Bullinger's vast knowledge of the Scriptures, his unique grasp of history, and his unusual interpretative ability will challenge you to rethink your views of interpretation.

This commentary is not merely a warmed-over version of other men's views. Bullinger looks at every verse and devotes major discussions to key debated issues in the book of Revelation.Verse-by-verse discussionWritten by a well-known classic scholar

Publisher's Prefacep. xiii
Prefacep. xv
Introduction to the Book of Revelationp. 1
The Five-fold Division of the Biblep. 3
The Hebrew Character of the Bookp. 4
The Church Is Not the Subject of Old Testament Prophecyp. 7
The Lord's Dayp. 9
The Titles of Christp. 15
"The Son of Man" (1:13)p. 15
"The Almighty" (1:8)p. 17
"Lord God" (1:8)p. 19
"The First and the Last" (1:11)p. 20
"Prince of the Kings of the Earth" (1:5)p. 21
"Who Is to Come" (1:8)p. 22
"The Living One" (1:18)p. 23
The People of the Book: Servantsp. 28
The Title of the Bookp. 31
The Descriptions of the Bookp. 34
"The Word of God" (1:2)p. 35
"This Prophecy" (1:3)p. 36
"The Testimony of Jesus Christ" (1:2, 9)p. 38
Certain Expressions in Chapters (1-3)p. 41
"Unto Him That Loved Us" (1:5)p. 41
"Kings and Priests" (1:6)p. 44
"His Father" (1:6)p. 45
"Kingdom and Patience" (1:9)p. 46
"Out of His Mouth Went a Sharp Two-edged Sword" (1:16)p. 47
"A Great Voice" (1:10, 12)p. 48
"He That Hath an Ear, Let Him Hear" (2:7)p. 49
The Character of Christ's Advent (1:7)p. 52
The Vision of the Son of Man (1:13-16)p. 56
Revelation: The Complement of Genesisp. 57
The Summary of Its Contents (1:19)p. 60
The Seven Assemblies As a Whole (1:11)p. 63
Ephesus: The day of Israel's Espousals (Exodus: "Thy First Love")p. 73
Smyrna: The Period of Israel's Wanderings (Numbers: Days and Years)p. 74
Pergamos: The Wilderness Period (Numbers: "Balaam")p. 75
Thyatira: The Period of Israel's Kings (1 & 2 Kings: Ahab and Jezebel)p. 76
Sardis: The Period of Israel's Removal (1 & 2 Chronicles)p. 79
Philadelphia: The Period of Judah's Kings (2 Chronicles and Isaiah)p. 80
Laodicea: The Period of Judah's Removal (The Minor Prophets)p. 82
The Promises to the Seven Assembliesp. 86
Ephesus: "The Tree of Life" (Gen. 2)p. 89
Smyrna: "The Second Death" (Gen. 3)p. 90
Pergamos: "The Hidden Manna" (Ex. 16)p. 90
Thyatira: "The Morning Star" (Num. 24)p. 92
Sardis: "Names Confessed" (2 Sam. 23)p. 94
Philadelphia: "The Temple" (Sam. & Kings)p. 96
Laodicea: "The Throne" (Kings & Chron.)p. 99
The Scope of Revelation Shown by Its Place in the Canonp. 103
Outline of the Book of Revelationp. 115
Introduction (1:1-20)p. 127
The People on the Earth (2:1-3:22)p. 162
The First Epistle: Ephesus (2:1-7)p. 165
The Second Epistle: Smyrna (2:8-11)p. 173
The Third Epistle: Pergamos (2:12-17)p. 178
The Fourth Epistle: Thyatira (2:18-29)p. 184
The Fifth Epistle: Sardis (3:1-6)p. 190
The Sixth Epistle: Philadelphia (3:7-13)p. 197
The Seventh Epistle: Laodicea (3:14-22)p. 204
The First Vision "In Heaven" (4:1-5:14)p. 211
The Throne (4)p. 213
The Throne and the Book: the Lion and the Lamb (5)p. 231
The First Vision "On Earth" (6:1-7:8)p. 247
The First Seal (6:1, 2)p. 251
The Second Seal (6:3, 4)p. 254
The Third Seal (6:5, 6)p. 256
The Fourth Seal (6:7, 8)p. 259
The Fifth Seal (Martyrdom, 6:9-11)p. 262
The Sixth Seal (Signs in Heaven, 6:12-17)p. 272
The Sealing of the 144,000 (7:1-8)p. 279
The Second Vision "In Heaven" (7:9-8:6)p. 285
The Great Multitude and the Seventh Seal (7:9-17)p. 285
The Seventh Seal (8:1-6)p. 293
The Second Vision "On Earth" (8:7-11:14)p. 301
The First Trumpet (Hail and Fire, 8:7)p. 305
The Second Trumpet (the Burning Mountain, 8:8, 9)p. 307
The Third Trumpet (the Fallen Star, 8:10, 11)p. 312
The Fourth Trumpet (Sun and Stars Smitten, 8:12)p. 313
The Fifth Trumpet or First Woe (8:13-9:12)p. 314
The Sixth Trumpet or Second Woe (9:13-11:14)p. 324
The Third Vision "In Heaven" (11:15-19)p. 369
The Seventh Trumpet or Third Woe (11:15-18)p. 370
Opening of God's Temple in Heaven (11:19)p. 378
The Third Vision "On Earth" (11:19)p. 383
The Fourth Vision "In Heaven" (12:1-12)p. 385
The Woman and the Dragon (12:1-5)p. 387
The Woman and Child (12:5)p. 394
The Great Conflict of the Ages (12:6)p. 400
The War in Heaven (12:7-9)p. 404
The Loud Voice in Heaven and Third Woe (12:10-12)p. 410
The Fourth Vision "On Earth" (12:13-13:8)p. 413
The Result of the War "in Heaven" As Regards Israel (12:13-13:1)p. 414
The Result of the War "in Heaven" As Regards the Earth (13:1-18)p. 419
The Fifth Vision "In Heaven" (14:1-5)p. 442
The Lamb and the 144,000p. 442
The Fifth Vision "On Earth" (14:6-20)p. 448
The First Angel (14:6, 7)p. 450
The Second Angel (14:8)p. 453
The Third Angel (14:9-13)p. 454
The Son of Man and the Last Three Angels (14:14-20)p. 459
The Fourth Angel and the Harvest (14:15, 16)p. 461
The Fifth Angel (14:17)p. 463
The Sixth Angel and the Vintage (14:18-20)p. 463
The Sixth Vision "In Heaven" (15:1-8)p. 465
The Sixth Vision "On Earth" (16:1-18:24)p. 476
The Great Judgments (16:1-21)p. 476
The First Vial (on the earth, 16:1, 2)p. 479
The Second Vial (on the sea, 16:3)p. 481
The Third Vial (on the rivers, 16:4-7)p. 482
The Fourth Vial (on the sun, 16:8, 9)p. 483
The Fifth Vial (on the throne of the beast, 16:10, 11)p. 484
The Sixth Vial (on the Euphrates, 16:12-16)p. 485
The Seventh Vial (on the air, 16:17-21)p. 490
The Great Harlot (17:1-18)p. 494
The Vision (17:1-6)p. 495
The Interpretation (17:7-18)p. 513
The Great City (18:1-24)p. 552
The Announcement of Babylon's Judgment (18:1-3)p. 556
God's people: Their Call to Come Out of Her (18:4)p. 561
The Reasons for Babylon's Judgment (18:5-8)p. 563
The Lamentation of the Kings Over Babylon's Fall (18:9, 10)p. 566
The Merchant's Lamentation (18:11-14)p. 570
The Merchants and Their Loss (18:15-17)p. 573
The Lamentation of the Shipmasters (18:17-19)p. 574
The Manner of Babylon's Judgment (18:21-23)p. 576
God's People: Their Call to "Rejoice Over Her" (18:20)p. 575
God's People: Their Blood Found in Her (18:24)p. 578
The Seventh Vision "In Heaven" (19:1-16)p. 579
The Final Heavenly Utterances (19:1-10)p. 579
The Final Heavenly Actions (19:11-16)p. 596
The Seventh Vision "On Earth" (19:17-20:15)p. 603
The First Judgment (19:17-21)p. 604
The Second Judgment (20:1-3)p. 607
The Third Judgment (20:4-6)p. 611
The Fourth Judgment (20:7-10)p. 626
The Fifth Judgment (20:11-15)p. 638
The People on the New Earth (21:1-22:5)p. 645
The Vision of the New Heaven and Earth and the New Jerusalem (21:1, 2)p. 646
The Loud Voice and Things Uttered (21:3-8)p. 648
The Vision of the Bride or Holy City (21:9-22:5)p. 651
The Conclusion (22:6-21)p. 676
On the Relation of Astrology to the Book of Revelationp. 691
Index of Subjectsp. 703
Index of Textsp. 713
Index of Structuresp. 735
Index of Greek Words Explainedp. 737
Index of Hebrew Words Explainedp. 738
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ISBN: 9780825423932
ISBN-10: 0825423937
Audience: General
Format: Paperback
Language: English
Number Of Pages: 736
Published: 15th April 2004
Country of Publication: US
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