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Come Out My People! : God's Call Out of Empire in the Bible and Beyond - Wesley Howard-Brook

Come Out My People!

God's Call Out of Empire in the Bible and Beyond

Paperback Published: 31st October 2010
ISBN: 9781570758928
Number Of Pages: 400

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A compelling view of two competing religious visions---one of "creation" and the other of "empire"---that run throughout the Bible.

"A remarkable offering for those who care about the interface of power and faith with all the threats and seductions that go with it. . . As I read, I felt overwhelmed, both by the mass of data and by the cunning of interpretation. I could not put it down, and expect to continue to be instructed by it.---Walter Brueggemann

"Howard-Brook undertakes what few dare anymore: an introductory primer for the whole Bible...This book invites disciples to `connect the dots', in order to recover our ancient, anti-imperial identity, and to embrace a radical faith and practice that are personal and politica."---Ched Myers

"Howard-Brook illuminates how ancient empires exercised control and manipulation of people not simply by political and military means, but also through the religion of empire. Throughout he makes clear that the core message of the God of creation is to call people out of empire, to refuse to cooperate with the forces of destruction and domination today."---Richard Horsley

"Will become a classic for communities that seek first to receive the gracious gift of God's alternative future to Empire."---Jarrod McKenna

"If we who sojourn in America are to be a community that can both name and resist the lure of Empire, we need a story more powerful than the story called America. Wes Howard-Brook knows than the Bible tells such a story. May its story be ours as we're set free from our imperial imaginations to dream with our Creator of a new world here and now."---Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove

Prefacep. xiii
Abbreviationsp. xvii
In The Beginning
Introduction: ôIs God on Our Side?ö The Two Religionsp. 3
ôThen God Said, 'Let there be light!'ö (Gen. 1)p. 13
The Bible as Story and as Historyp. 13
ôBy the Sweat of Your Face You Shall Eat Breadö (Gen. 2-3)p. 22
ôAnd He Built a Cityöp. 30
East of Edenp. 30
ôAm I My Brother's Keeper?ö (Gen. 4)p. 33
The Historical Origins of ôthe Cityöp. 36
YHWH's Regret (Gen. 5-9)p. 43
The Beginning of Empire (Gen. 10-11)p. 45
Making One's Name Greatp. 47
ôLet Us Make a Name for Ourselvesö: The Tower of Babel (Gen. 11)p. 47
ôI Will Make Your Name Greatö: YHWH's Call to Abram to Come Out of Empire (Gen. 12)p. 51
The Well-Watered Plain of Sodomp. 55
Turning to Egypt for Food (Gen. 12)p. 55
Choosing for Oneself (Gen. 13-14)p. 56
Entertaining Angels … or Not (Gen. 15-19)p. 58
Fulfilling YHWH's Promisesp. 66
Ishmael ôyitzchaqingö (Gen. 21)p. 67
The Binding of Isaac (Gen. 22)p. 68
Acquiring a Holding in the Land (Gen. 23)p. 70
Finding a Wife for Isaac (Gen. 24)p. 71
Two Nations Are in Your Womb (Gen. 25)p. 73
Learning to Be a Trickster (Gen. 27-29)p. 75
Wrestling with God and Humans (Gen. 31-32)p. 80
The Price of Settling Too Soonp. 83
From Exodus To Exile: The Two Religions In Conflict Amid God's People
Entering the ôExit Storyöp. 93
Solomon's Wisdomp. 98
Dating Solomonp. 104
Solomon's ôNation Buildingöp. 115
Not Dividing the Babyp. 123
Finding the ôWay Outöp. 134
Jeroboam's Rebellionp. 134
Birthing Israel, the People of YHWHp. 140
The Revenge of the Shilonitesp. 156
Kissing Calvesp. 161
Elijah, ôTroubler of Israelö and His Successor, Elishap. 161
Amos and Hosea: Calling Israel Back to the Sinai Covenantp. 165
ôI Have Found the Book of the Torah in the House of YHWH!öp. 172
Hezekiah, Isaiah, and Micah Respond to the Threat of Assyriap. 172
Josiah, the Deuteronomistic History's True Herop. 179
Monarchy, according to the Compromise Narrativep. 187
Role of Moses and Joshuap. 192
The Destruction of Jerusalem and the End of the Monarchyp. 197
What Was ôIsraelö before the Monarchy?p. 199
From Exile To Easter: Fallen Jerusalem, Fallen Babylon
The First Fall of Jerusalem: Jeremiah and Ezekielp. 215
Jeremiahp. 215
Ezekielp. 225
ôIn the Wilderness, Prepare the Way of YHWHö: Envisioning a Way out of Exilep. 232
ôComfort, O Comfort My Peopleö: Second Isaiah's Promise of Release from the Prison of Exilep. 233
Ezekiel, Part Two: New Jerusalemp. 239
The Struggle over Jerusalem's Restorationp. 244
Introductionp. 244
Haggai-Zechariahp. 247
The Law of Your God and the Law of the King: The Imperially Sponsored Restoration Project of Ezra-Nehemiahp. 249
against the Poorp. 256
ôDo Not Let the Foreigner Joined to YHWH say, 'YHWH Will Surely Separate Me from His People' ö: The Dissenting Voice of Third Isaiahp. 264
Genesis for a New Generationp. 268
Second Zechariah and the Beginning of Eschatological Hopep. 271
Leviticus: Cosmos, Temple, and Text in Microcosmp. 273
Chronicles: David as Patron of the Priesthood and Templep. 278
ôThe Books of Mosesö as Persian-supported ôlawö for Yehudp. 283
Assessing the Range of Visions for the Restored People of Godp. 285
Seeking ôWisdomö under Greek Rule, Part One: The Ptolemaic Empirep. 287
From Persia to Greecep. 287
Wisdom from Above: A Brief Overview of ôRoyal Wisdomöp. 290
Hellenistic Royal Ideology in Ptolemaic Egyptp. 293
ôI Will Send You the Prophet Elijahö: Malachi and the Closure of the Era of Prophecyp. 296
ôAll the Earth Was Filled with the Godlessness and Violence That Had Befallen Itö: First Enoch's Book of the Watchersp. 298
ôAll Is Vaporö: Qoheleth's ôPoxö on Both Housesp. 309
Seeking ôWisdomö under Greek Rule, Part Two: The Seleucid Empirep. 313
The Shift from Ptolemaic to Seleucid Rule of Judea in 200 BCEp. 313
Royal Wisdom on the Eve of Crisis: The Book of Sirachp. 315
The Epistle of Enoch: Measuring ôWeeksö until the Coming of God's Reignp. 318
The Crisis under Antiochus IV Epiphanesp. 323
The Maccabees: Zealous and Violent Defenders of the Temple and of Religious Traditionp. 325
ôAnd They Began to Open Their Eyesö: Enoch's Dream Visionsp. 330
ôAnd I Saw One Like a Human Beingö: The Book of Danielp. 335
From Greece to Rome: Longing for God's Reign to Comep. 355
The Hasmonean Dynasty: Empire from Withinp. 355
Cosmos and Calendar: Enoch's Astronomical Book and the Book of Jubileesp. 359
The Qumran Community: Awaiting the ôEnd of Daysö in the Desertp. 362
The Temple Scroll: Envisioning a New Temple and a New King for Israelp. 366
Psalms of Solomon: Looking for a Messiah to Save Jerusalemp. 367
The Reign of Herod the Great, Puppet of Romep. 371
Parables of Enoch: Awaiting the Son of Manp. 372
From Easter to the Eschaton: Jesus' Fulfillment of the Religion of Creation and Defeat of the Religion of Empire
Enlightenment and Empire: Reading Jesus from the Locus Imperii in the Light of the Resurrectionp. 383
The Gospel of Jesus Christ against the Gospel of Empirep. 393
ôThe Beginning of the Good News of Jesus Christö: The Gospel of Markp. 399
ôStrive First for the Kingdom of Godö: Matthew's Gospelp. 407
Proclaiming Jubilee: Luke's Gospel and Acts of the Apostlesp. 418
ôSavior of the Worldö: The Gospel of Johnp. 435
ôChrist the Power of God and the Wisdom of Godö: Paul's Counter-imperial Gospelp. 447
Paul's ôConversionöp. 451
Forming and Nurturing Communities of the ôCalled Outö (ekklesiai)p. 454
Paul's Gospel of the Victory of the Creator God over the Gods of Empirep. 457
ôCome Out, My Peopleö: The Book of Revelationp. 466
Conclusion: Hearing and Responding to God's Call: ôCome Out, My People!öp. 473
Bibliographyp. 475
Indexp. 517
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ISBN: 9781570758928
ISBN-10: 1570758921
Audience: General
Format: Paperback
Language: English
Number Of Pages: 400
Published: 31st October 2010
Publisher: Orbis Books (USA)
Country of Publication: US
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