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Combat Faith - Hal Lindsey

Paperback Published: 1st August 1986
ISBN: 9780553343427
Number Of Pages: 252

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In his most important book to date, New York Times bestselling author Hal Lindsey shows us the way to the one kind of faith tough enough to meet the tough times ahead: combat faith.

World events clearly indicate that our generation has been chosen to witness the prophetic last days of this age. During these troubled times, the Bible tells us, ordinary faith will not be enough and many will be lured from God’s truth.
Now, more than ever, we must learn to break the “faith-barrier”; to overcome worry, anxiety, and fear and enter into a new dimension of peace and stability; to claim the invincible inner peace that God has promised each of us—no matter the circumstances.

Hope for the Gathering Stormp. 1
Will the Church Go Through a Great Persecution?
Few Dare Call It Conspiracy!
The Advent of an Age of Paranormal
The Dawning of the "New Age Movement"
The Religious Invasion from the East
The New Age "Diets"
The New Age and Physical Fitness
The New Age Invasion of Education
The New Age and Visualization
The New Age and "Alternative Medicine"
The Coming Collision
The Communist Threat
True Christians Are at Top of Communist Hit List
The Need for a "Combat Faith"
The Many Facets of Faithp. 21
God's Definition of Faith
Being Sure of What We Hope For
Being Certain of What We Do Not See
Faith Is Object-Centered
The Paradox of Faith
No Faith, No Fellowship
How Faith Relates to Grace
Faith Is a Gift of God
How Grace Relates to Works
How Faith Relates to Good Works
Faith Only Grows in the Atmosphere of Grace
Faith-Rest: God's Base for Victorious Living
Faithrest Operates Through a New World-View
Flying By Instruments and the Divine Viewpoint
Some Close Parallels
The Faith-Rest Defined
Cracking the "Faith Barrier"p. 35
Introduction to God's Rest
The Meaning of God's Rest
Our New Sabbath
God's Faith Course No. 101
The Impact of Parents' Faithp. 45
The Heritage of Faith
Abraham's Greatest Sacrifice
God's Commendation of Moses' Parents
Encouragement for Today's Parents
Concerning Teaching Children
An Act of Faith That Changed Historyp. 55
Moses' Amazing Decision
Source of Moses' Knowledge
Who Was the Fool?
Settling the Question of Whose Will
God's B.D. Degreep. 63
Disciplined by Grace
The Flight into Bootcamp
How God Turned Failure into Blessing
God's Forty-Year Seminary
Nice Going God!
God's Gracious Providence
The Lost Forty Years
A Lesson in Solitude
The Principle of Broken Things
Another Broken Vessel
Principles of God's B.D. Degree
A Different Kind of Man
Power Perfected in Weaknessp. 79
God Re-calls His Champion
Any Old Bush Will Do, Moses!
God's Glory in Earthen Vessels
Moses! Moses!
Moses Tries to "Chicken Out"
"I Don't Know Your Name"
"What If the Israelites Don't Believe God Sent Me?"
"I Am Not Eloquent"
Lord, I Believe; Help My Unbelief!
Keeping a Covenant and Busting a Marriage
A Comforting Reunion
How Faith Humbled an Empirep. 89
The Moses Who Returned
Moses' First Confrontation with Pharaoh
God's Strongest Promise
Reasons for Delay
Signs and Wonders in Judgment
The Occult in Pharaoh's Court
Israel's Great Liberation
The Passover: God's Drama of the Crossp. 97
When the Humble Get Angry
Humility Is Not Pacifism
The Night a Nation Was Saved
God's Perpetual Reminder to Israel
The Battle Is the Lord'sp. 105
The Miracle of Israel's Foretold History
The Population of the Exodus
The Lord's Strange Leading
Where's That Pillar Going Now?
The Lord's Way of Leading
Pharaoh Takes the Bait
Israel's Glorious Opportunity--Fumbled!
"Spiritual Geometry?"
Moses Cracks the Faith Barrier
When It's Wrong to Pray
How One Man's Faith Saved a Nation
The Baptism of Moses
Moses' Reputation: From Hero to Bum to Hero
Israel's 20/20 Hindsight Faith
The Red Sea and You
Snatching Defeat From the Jaws of Victoryp. 119
The Curse of a Short Memory
One of Life's Most Dangerous Addictions--Grumbling
The "Wrong Kind of Water" Test
Growing From Smaller to Greater Faith Exploits
The Dynamics of Praise
Faith Is Like a Muscle
God's Solution for Bitterness--a Tree
The Lord Who Heals
Palm Springs of Sinai
The No Food, No Water Testp. 127
Surprise! Surprise! ... Israel Gripes Again!
The Sin of Looking Back
The Worst Sin Christians Commit
Promises for the Worry Addict
The Sin the Lord Could Not Forgive
Grace Upon Grace
No Water
A Smitten Rock That Became a Spring
Some Sad Lessons
Grasshoppers or Giants?p. 137
The Majority Report, Part 1
The Minority Report, Part 1
The Majority Report, Part 2
You Are What God Says you Are!
The Plague of the Human Viewpoint
So What's New?
The Minority Report, Part 2
One Man and God Are a Majority!
The Majority Is Usually Wrong!
Upward to the Pinnacle of Faith
True Intercessory Prayer
Forgiven but Disqualified
The Reward of Faith
The True Fountain of Youth
The Real Tragedy of It All
The Real Warp. 153
The Ancient Conflict
The Beginning of Sorrows
Like Begets Like
The Great Cause of Human Suffering
Why Man Was Created
Satan Won the First Batle
Round One
Satan's Strategy
God Has Won the Great Battle
Is God Unfair?
The Weapons of Our Warfarep. 165
Three-Dimensional Warfare
The Filling of the Spirit, Our Source of Power
Jesus Christ Is Our Model
The War Against the Flesh, and the Filling of the Spirit
The Indwelling of the Spirit
The Filling of the Spirit and Spiritual Gifts
The Filling of the Spirit and Maturity
The Filling of the Spirit Is Not a Mutual Assistance Program
Why the Believer Can Never Be Condemned
Two Principles of Life Contrasted
How to Be Filled With the Spirit
The War Against the Devil
Our Strength
Intelligence Report on Our Enemy
Checking Out Our Armor
The Belt of Truth
The Breastplate
The Shoes
The Shield
The Helmet
Our Sword
Prayer, Our Heavy Artillery
Having Prepared, Be Ready to Fight!
Combating the World-System
The Battle for Our Affections
Worldliness Defined
The Delicate Line
Final Briefing
Why Do Christians Have Trials?p. 192
Need We Fear Trials?
Do Committed and Spiritual People Have Trials?
God's Love for Each Believer
The Eternal Perspective
Discipline for Sin
The Discipline of Divine Love
Discipline versus Punishment
Four Principles of Discipline
Trials to Keep Us From Pride
Trials to Build Faith
Trials That Cause Growth
Trials That Teach Obedience and Discipline
Trials That Prevent Us from Falling into Sin
Trials That Equip Us to Comfort Others
Trials That Prove the Reality of Christ in Us
Trials That Glorify God
Trials for a Testimony to the Angels
God's Revelation to the Angels
In Defense of Job
Jesus' Negative Confession
The Twelfth Commandment
Endurance in the Race of Faithp. 220
The Dynamics of Waiting on the Lord
Learning to Run in God's Race
Casting Off Excess Baggage
Endurance: The Essence of Combat Faith
Jesus, the Supreme Example of Combat Faith
When Deliverance Is Delayed
Focusing on Things Not Seenp. 227
The Eternal Things That Are Not Seen
Our New Bodies
Our New Dwelling Place
Our Crowns
The Crown of Righteousness
The Crown of Life
The Crown of Glory
The Crown of Exultation
Our New Garments
God's Special Books
The Book of Tears
The Book of Remembrance
Kings and Priests
Higher Than Angels
We Shall Know God as He Now Knows Us
Hope, the Key to a Dynamic Present Faith
Notesp. 237
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ISBN: 9780553343427
ISBN-10: 0553343424
Audience: General
Format: Paperback
Language: English
Number Of Pages: 252
Published: 1st August 1986
Country of Publication: US
Dimensions (cm): 22.8 x 15.2  x 1.6
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Edition Number: 1