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Colour Vision Deficiencies XII : Proceedings of the twelfth Symposium of the International Research Group on Colour Vision Deficiencies, held in Tubingen, Germany July 18-22, 1993 - B. Drum

Colour Vision Deficiencies XII

Proceedings of the twelfth Symposium of the International Research Group on Colour Vision Deficiencies, held in Tubingen, Germany July 18-22, 1993

By: B. Drum (Editor)

Hardcover Published: 31st January 1995
ISBN: 9780792328896
Number Of Pages: 562

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From the 98 presentations of the XIIth Symposium on Colour Vision Deficiencies, 61 were selected after peer review and revision by the authors. In addition to these contributions this volume contains a cumulative index to all authors in the IRGCVD proceedings since the first one in 1968, including the present volume.
The contents include contributions on basic questions of anatomical and electrophysiological organisation of the neural pathways underlying colour vision; and on ways in which disturbances of these pathways can produce acquired colour vision deficiencies. Further contributions deal with genetics and congenital red--green colour deficiencies and colour vision testing.
The resulting publication contains much of interest to basic vision scientists as well as to specialists in colour vision deficiencies.

Peripheral colour contrast sensitivity in patients with inherited retinal degenerationsp. 3
Color vision and retinitis pigmentosap. 13
Colour vision after surgery for retinal detachment: scleral buckling versus vitrectomyp. 21
Pharmacology of a colour coding synapse in the retinap. 29
Dopamine antagonists impair 'red-green' discrimination in goldfish after intravitreal injectionp. 37
Visual defects in subjects with Down's syndromep. 43
Heterochromatic brightness matching and wavelength discrimination in juvenile diabetics: A three-year studyp. 47
Opponent-color detection threshold asymmetries in subjects with optic nerve abnormalitiesp. 53
S-cone contrast sensitivity in glaucoma as a function of mean luminancep. 63
Motion thresholds of coloured stimuli of different luminance contrasts are increased in ocular hypertension and early primary-open-angle-glaucoma (POAG)p. 73
Visual functions in a patient with acquired achromatopsiap. 87
The effects of sub-cortical and cortical damage on colour visionp. 95
Macular and perimacular colour vision in homonymous hemianopsiasp. 109
Correlation between Rayleigh match range in protans and deutans and the difference in [actual symbol not reproducible] between hybrid and normal pigmentsp. 119
Neural network models for normal and dichromatic color visionp. 127
Deuteranopia under conditions of a large fieldp. 135
The red-green chromatic system in X-chromosome-linked anomalous trichromatsp. 149
The spectral sensitivity characteristics of congenital red-green color vision deficienciesp. 159
Dual bases in dichromatic color spacep. 165
Tritan pairs estimated by modulation photometry of red, green and blue lightsp. 177
Interocular difference in Rayleigh matches of color normalsp. 185
Dichoptic color mixingp. 193
Absence of lightness constancy as a deficit of monochromatic visionp. 197
Foveal densitometry and color matching in oligocone trichromacyp. 203
Study on color mechanism dependency in the off effectp. 211
Psychological factors and defective colour visionp. 221
Color discrimination under mesopic conditions in cats and humansp. 227
Ageing and chromatic contrast sensitivityp. 235
Unique-colors in Honeybees?p. 243
Contribution of two colour opponent mechanisms to Fechner-Benham subjective coloursp. 251
The spectral sensitivity of the acuity criterion: Effect of nonlinear summation of isolated parvocellular receptive field centersp. 259
Ganglion cell circuits in primate foveap. 267
Blue cone bipolar cells of the macaque retinap. 277
Short-wavelength-sensitive cones: morphology and color-specific connectionsp. 285
Assessment of S cone sensitivityp. 299
The range of simultaneous scotopic contrast colorsp. 309
The necessary intensity of the white background when measuring the response of the S cone systemp. 317
S-cone light adaptation: effects of moderately intense adapting flashesp. 321
Suppressive rod-cone interactions: Underlying mechanisms and practical applicationp. 329
Rod and cone signal processing in mesopic heterochromatic photometryp. 335
Rod-mediated cone sensitization in a population of off-centre ganglion cells in cat retina in the presence of large adapting backgroundsp. 343
Retinal and brain responses of S-conesp. 353
Evaluation of macular function by red-flicker electroretinogram in optic media opacitiesp. 365
The cerebral generator of the colour evoked component N87 of the visual evoked potential: Localization by application of the regional source techniquep. 369
Diagnosis of protan and deutan color vision deficiencies with pattern-ERG and VEPp. 375
Spectral sensitivity by flash, flicker and pattern ERGp. 381
Psychophysical and occipital responses to aberration-free blue/yellow and red/green gratingsp. 391
Receptive field dimensions of macaque retinal ganglion cellsp. 399
Objective assessment of short wavelength sensitive (SWS) mechanisms with the spatio-chromatic VEP: X-linked achromatopsia and transient tritanopiap. 407
Analysis of EEG to colored lights by the maximum entropy methodp. 415
The use of CRT displays in research on colour visionp. 423
Discrimination ellipses in the MacLead-Boynton diagram: results for normal and color-deficient subjects obtained with a CRT displayp. 445
Computer generated pattern on a video screen for the examination of colour vision deficienciesp. 453
A new lantern test using light emitting diodesp. 459
A new lantern test using light emitting diode lampsp. 467
Heterochromatic luminance matches in automated Rayleigh and Moreland equationsp. 473
Automated Moreland equations on 7[degree] and 2[degree] fieldsp. 481
Effect of lamp voltage on Nagel anomaloscope settingsp. 489
Design and use of the Holmgren Wool testp. 495
Protans and PAPI: Recognition of a two colour code by persons with defective colour visionp. 501
A new Windows-based computer program for analysing and plotting results of the Farnsworth-Munsell 100 hue testp. 511
Macular pigment contributes to variance in 100 hue testsp. 517
Evaluation of light sources for the D-15 color vision testp. 523
Panel D-15 test in color vision deficiencies at reduced illumination levelsp. 531
Author Indexp. 539
Cumulative IRGCVD Proceedings Index, 1971-1994p. 541
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Published: 31st January 1995
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