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Coherence and Quantum Optics VIII : Proceedings of the Eighth Rochester Conference on Coherence and Quantum Optics, held at the University of Rochester, June 13-16, 2001 - N.P. Bigelow

Coherence and Quantum Optics VIII

Proceedings of the Eighth Rochester Conference on Coherence and Quantum Optics, held at the University of Rochester, June 13-16, 2001

By: N.P. Bigelow (Editor), Joseph H. Eberly (Editor), C.R. Stroud (Editor), Ian A. Walmsley (Editor)

Hardcover Published: 29th February 2004
ISBN: 9780306481161
Number Of Pages: 710

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The Eighth Rochester Conference on Coherence and Quantum Optics was held on the campus of the University of Rochester during the period June 13-16,2001. This volume contains the proceedings of the meeting. The meeting was preceded by an affiliated conference, the International Conference on Quantum Information, with some overlapping sessions on June 13. The proceedings of the affiliated conference will be published separately by the Optical Society of America. A few papers that were presented in common plenary sessions of the two conferences will be published in both proceedings volumes. More than 268 scientists from 28 countries participated in the week long discussions and presentations. This Conference differed from the previous seven in the CQO series in several ways, the most important of which was the absence of Leonard Mandel. Professor Mandel died a few months before the conference. A special memorial symposium in his honor was held at the end of the conference. The presentations from that symposium are included in this proceedings volume. An innovation, that we believe made an important contribution to the conference, was the inclusion of a series of invited lectures chaired by CQO founder Emil Wolf, reviewing the history of the fields of coherence and quantum optics before about 1970. These were given by three prominent participants in the development of the field, C. Cohen-Tannoudji, 1. F. Clauser, and R. I. Glauber.

The Early Days of Quantum Optics in France.- Early History of Bell's Theorem.- Cavity QED with Strong Coupling - Toward the Deterministic Control of Quantum Dynamics.- Fast and Slow Light.- Controlling Quantum Rotation with Light.- Retrodictive Quantum Optics.- Spontaneous Intrinsic Decoherence in Two and Three Slits Young Interference Experiments.- All Optical Formation of a Bose Einstein Condensate.- Faster-than-Light Propagations and Their Applications.- Beyond Diffraction Limit in Optical Lithography via Quantum Entanglement.- "Stopping" of Light and Quantum Memories for Photons.- Quantum Aspects of Imaging.- Polarization Dynamics of a Two-Photon Laser.- Atomic Clocks and Cold Atom Scattering.- Manipulating Entanglement with Atoms and Photons in a Box.- Taming Light with Cold Atoms: Light at Bicycle Speed ... and Slower Yet!.- Dark Resonances in Solids for Quantum Computing and Slow Light.- Quantum Dot Single Photon Source.- Coherenceand Collective Behavior in Bose-Einstein Condensates.- Sub-Diffraction-Limited Resolution with Squeezed Light.- Fiber Generated Quantum Correlations for Quantum-Optical Communications.- JC Photons in Frequency Continua: Exact Solution and Quantum Features.- A Bose Einstein Condensate of Metastable Helium Atoms.- Quantum Interferometry with Fiber Solitons - A direct Experimental Test of Non-Separability.- Nonlinear Atom Optics: Bosons vs Fermions.- Instability, Area Quantization, and Area Gaps in Cavity-Accelerated Superradiant Atom-Cavity Systems.- Multitime Coherent Spectroscopies of Complex Molecules: From Infrared to X-Ray.- Wave-Particle Correlations of Non-Classical Light.- Real-Time Control of Atomic Motion Using Feedback.- Single Atomsand Single Photons in Cavity Quantum Electrodynamics.- Nontrivial Analogies Between Quantum Optics and Bose-Einstein Condensation.- Hyperentanglement in Parametric Down-Conversion.- Coherencein an Optically Trapped Fermi Gas.- Generation of Photon Number States by Cavity Quantum Electrodynamics.- Superluminal Light Pulse Propagation at a Negative Group Velocity.- Decoherence of Trapped-Atom Motional State Superpositions.- Recent Advances in Teleportation of Entanglement and in Fullerene Interference.- Nonclassical, Two-Photon Interferometry and Lithography with High-Gain Optical Parametric Amplifiers.- Simultaneous Quantum State Measurement Using Array Detection.- Quantum Positioning System.- High-Frequency, Time-Domain, Optical Homodyne Tomography.- Coherent Control of Atoms in an Optical Lattice.- Photoionization of Bose-Einstein Condensates.- Quantum Noise in Coupled Atomic and Molecular Bose-Einstein Condensates.- Cavity-QED with a Single Ion.- Superradiance in Photonic Crystals.- Temporal and Spatial Coherence Properties of Nonstationary Polychromatic Light Sourcesin One-Dimensional Photonic Band-Gap Structures.- Effectof measurements of Collective Observables on a Single Atom.- Experimental Demonstration of Wave Chaos in a Conventional Optical Resonator.- Bell State Preparation Using Pulsed Non-Degenerate Two-Photon Entanglement.- Efficient collection of Polarization-Entangled Photons on Type-II Parametric Down Conversion.- A Stochastic Map for Qubit Decoherence.- Fighting Decoherence with Pointer Engineering.- Uncertainty Relations Associated with Correlations in Mixed Quantum States.- Observation of Gouy Scars in Optical Wave Chaos.- Adiabatic Wavepacket Propagation.- Squeezing Light in Linear Dispersive Dielectrics.- Intensity-Field and Intensity-Intensity Correlations in a Strongly Coupled Cavity QED System.- Separation Approach for Jaynes-Cummings Model in Multi-Level Atom.- Ion Coulomb-Crystals: A Medium for Storage of Quantum States of Light?.- Chaotic Walking of a Cold Atom in an Ideal Cavity.- Feedback with Conditional Measurements in Cavity QED.- Effects of Decoherence on Entangled Atomic Wave Functions in Microcavities.- Fiber Generated Quantum Correlations for Quantum-Optical Communications.- Bloch-Siegert Oscillation for Detection and Quantum Teleportation of the Phase of an Oscillating Field.- Two-Photon Diffraction and Quantum Lithography.- Suppressing Decoherence and Heating with Quantum "Bang-Bang" Controls.- Entanglement Disentangled by Spacetime Vortices.- Atomic Inversion for an Atom Coupledto a Squeezed Vacuum in a Coherently Driven Cavity.- Quantization of the Field in Dielectrics.- Quantum Optical Effects Across a Metallic Film.- Coupled Interferometer Scheme for Generating Maximally Entangled Photonic States.- Enhanced Second-Harmonic Generation Due to a Local-Field Effect.- Nonclassical Behaviours of Optical Field in Photoncs Band Gaps Structures.- The Photon Modeland Non-Hermitean Modes.- Induced Coherence without Induced Emission in Parametric Down-Conversion.- Correlation Functions, Measurement Operators, and Conditioned Atomic States in Resonance Fluorescence with Spectral Resolution.- Quantum Algebras for Quantum Optics.- A Delayed-Choice Quantum Eraser Experiment.- Delayed Single-Photon Self-Interference - A Double Slit Experiment in the Time Domain.- Retrodiction with Two-Level Atoms: Atomic Previvals and Micromaser Field Measurements.- Measurements of the Geometric Phase of First-Order Optical Gaussian Beams.- Fresnel Diffraction of Circular Apertures Illuminated with Partially-Coherent Light: Cross Spectral Density Propagation.- Radiation Forces Produced by Non-Paraxial Beam Trapping.- Measurement of the Polarization-Induced Asymmetry in Focal Spots.- Partially Coherent Imaging Through Turbulence with an All-Optical Adaptive-Optics System.- Interrelation Between Spatial and Temporal Reciprocity Inequalities of Partially-Coherent Beams.- Ultra-Sensitive Autocorrelation of 1.5 ?um Light with a Photon-Counting Silicon Avalanche Photodiode.- A New Phase Space Product for Light Beams of Any State of Coherence.- Spectral Changes in Focused Partially Coherent Wave Fields.- Nonachromaticity and Reversals of Topological Phase as a Function of Wavelength.- The Law of Conservation of Radiance is a Consequence of the Partial Coherence of the Optical Field.- Application of Modal Theory of Coherence for Nonstationary Partially Coherent Optical Fields.- Photonic Electro-Magnetic Resonance.- Partially Coherent Volume Diffraction.- Inverse Diffractive Optics: Asymptotic Technique for Light of Any State of Coherence.- Demonstration of a Coherent Thermal Source.- Image Reconstruction in Scalar Wave Optics.- High Depth of Field Microscopy with an Interferometric Imaging System.- On the Nonlinear Orbital Motion of the Driven Two-Photon Jaynes-Cummings Model.- Jaynes-Cummings Model with Moving Phased Atoms.- Dynamics of Two Atoms Coupled to a Cavity Field.- Pattern Formation, Localization and Coherent Structures in Nonlinear Wave Dynamics.- Stochastic Simulations and Discreteness of Light.- From the Ordinary Threshold Regime to Ideal Thresholdless Lasing.- Criticality and Dynamics of Quantum Fluctuations in an OPO.- Quantum Deflection of Ultracold Atoms by Ideal Mirrors.- Spontaneous Emission Near Metal-Coated Dielectric Cylindrical Structures.- Time-Frequency Wigner Function of Ultrashort Light Pulses.- Rotation Angle of the Wigner Distribution Function of the Partially Coherent Fractional Fourier Field.- Quasiclassical Calculations of Wigner Functions in Nonlinear Dynamics via Wavelets.- Quantum Correlations in a Passive Nonlinear Optical Fiber Resonator.- Time Asymmetry in Measurements Based on Photoelectric Detection.- Photon Correlations in the Homodyne Detection of Squeezed Light.- Rigorous Analysis of Homodyne Detection.- Joint Quantum Measurement Using Unbalanced Array Detection.- A New View of Bell's Inequalities.- An Experiment for Testing de Broglie-Bohm Theory Against Standard Quantum Mechanics.- Bell's Inequalities for Multiphoton States.- Testing Bell Inequalities in Photonic Crystals.- On the Detection of Single Mode Quantum Coherence at Optical Frequencies.- Soliton Interaction Control in Coherently Excited Three-Level System Embedded in a Nonlinear Waveguide.- Nonexponential Decoherence of Coherent State Superposition in Degenerate Optical Parametric Amplifier.- Decoherence Control by Homodyne-Mediated Feedback.- QuantumControl of Population Inversion in the Presence of Spontaneous Emission.- Decoherenceof a Trapped Ion: The Combined Effect of the Micromotion and the Stray Fields on the Fidelity of Motional States.- Coherent Control of the Excitation Routes in Four-Wave Mixing with Rdyberg Levels.- Cold Collision Control in Cavity QED.- Wave Packet Control in the Fourier Time Basis.- VacuumNoise in Presence of Atoms.- Quantum Interference Effect in Molecular Systems.- Lighting a Dark State by Shaping of Light-Induced Potentials.- Dynamical Creation of Entanglement by Feedback.- State-Selective Phase Control of Molecular Wave Packets in Two Electronic States.- Quasimodes and Pseudomodes in Structured Reservoirs.- Pulse Generationin Vibrating Cavities.- New Ultra-Bright Source of Entangled Photons.- Source of Photon-Number-Squeezed Light with Adjustable Level of Squeezing.- High-Visibility Two-Photon Interference in Femtosecond Pulse Pumped Type-II SPDC.- Four Photon Entanglement from Parametric Down Conversion.- Observation of Time-Dependent Inhibited Spontaneous Emission.- Conditional Coherence via Phase-Sensitive Post-Selection.- Quantum Descriptions of Light Propagation in a Parametric Amplifier.- Higher Order Photon Statistics of Intracavity Second Harmonic Generation.- Observation of Nonclassical Photon Statistics in Two-Photon Interference.- Demonstration of the Complementarity on One- and Two-Photon Interference.- The Role of Hyperentanglement in Quantum Interferometry.- Eliminating Frequency and Space-Time Entanglement in Multi-Photon States.- OPO in Transverse Degenerate Cavities: Multimode Operation and Spatial Quantum Effects.- Optical Patterns Sustained by Quantum Noise.- Continuously Induced Coherence and Quantum Zeno Effect.- Towards a Quantum Zeno Tomography.- Separability of Gaussian States.- Wigner Function Dynamics on the Sphere.- An Experiment on the Stimulated Emission of the Evanescent Photon.- Nonclassical Measure of Multi-Mode Radiation Field.- Generation of States with Holes in the Photon Distribution at Controlled Positions.- The Spin-Orbit Decomposition of the Angular Momentum of Free Electromagnetic Fields is Artificial.- Heisenberg Equation-of-Motion Methods Applied to Non-Markovian Open Systems.- A Phase Operator from Discretized Complete Set of Coherent States.- Dynamics of a Two-Photon Laser.- The Principles of Active Spectroscopy of Elastic Light Scattering.- Off-Diagonal Radiative-Decay-Coupled Optical Transitions in Double Quantum Wells.- Forward Four-Wave Mixing Mediated by a Kerr Nonlinearity.- Honeycomb Pattern Formation by Laser-Beam Filarpentation in Atomic Sodium Vapor.- Initiation of Superfluorescence: Collectiveand Noncollective Emission.- Frequency Offset Locking of 35 mW of 657 nm Visible Laser Diodes.- Collective Interaction Between Radiation and Atoms: Phase Transition, Optical Gratings and the Influence of the Modeling Hypothesis.- Local Field Effects on the Spatiotemporal Dynamics of Broad-Area Two-Level Lasers.- Dynamics of Multiple-Collapse with Ultrashort Laser Pulses.- Spectroscopic Methods for Subwavelength Atom Localization.- Laser Accelerating of Neutral Atoms: Vecksler-Macmillan Phase Stability.- Self-Pulsing in an Optical Ring Cavity Coupled with Three-Level Atoms.- Matter-Wave Mixing by Optical Cavity Fields.- Saturation Law and the Resonance Fluorescence Spectrum of a Forced Two-Level Atom Described by Modified Optical Bloch Equations.- Efficient 1-D Velocity Selection in Laser-Cooled Atom Clouds.- Integrability, Chaos and Mixed Phase-Space in Atom Optics Billiards.- Atom Lasers, Coherent States, and Coherence.- Atom Laser Dynamics.- Atom-Laser Line-Narrowing by Feedback.- Coherence in an Optically Trapped Fermi Gas.- Phonon Excitations and Stability of a Bose-Fermi Mixture Quantum Gas.- Slow Polaritons in Atomic Bose-Einstein Condensates.- Master Equation Approach for an Ideal Bose Gas.- Monopole Charge Distributions of Rotating Condensates.- Observation of Vortex Phase Singularities in Stirred Bose-Einstein Condensates.- Inner-Shell X-Ray Lasing without Population Inversion.- Spatiotemporal Dynamics of Three-Level Inversionless Lasers.- Spectral Width of Electromagnetically Induced Transparency in Hot Atomic Gases.- Absorptive Photon Switching by Quantum Interference.- Coherent VUV and XUV Production Enhanced by EIT.- Laser Cooling of an EIT Material Inside a Double Cavity.- Lambda Propagation Laws.- Signal Velocity and Quantum Fluctuation in Superluminal Light Pulse Propagation.- Slow Light in a Solid without Using Electromagnetically Induced Transparency.- Electromagnetically Induced Transparency with Standing-Wave Drive in the Frequency Up-Conversion Regime.- Pulse Propagation in a High-Gain Bichromatically-Driven Raman Amplifier.- Superluminal Nonlinear Anti-Echoes.- On the Collisional Cooling of Co-Trapped Atomic and Molecular Ions by Ultracold Atoms: Ca+ + Na and Na2+(v*,J*)+ Na.- Mandel's Q-Parameters for the Outcoming Atom Statistics of a Micromaser.- Finite Temperature Correlations in the Trapped Bose-Einstein Gas.- Quantum Solitons as Possible Qubits.- Manifestation of Classical Phase in a Single Spontaneously Emitted Photon.- Dynamics of Single-Atom, Single-Photon Trapping in Cavity QED.- Entanglement in Cascaded-Crystal Parametric Down-Conversion.- Absorption Spectra of the Four Level N System with Two Strong Fields, in Laser-Cooled Rubidium.- From Local to Nonlocal Entanglement.- Leonard Mandel Symposium.- A Thumb-Nail Sketch of the Career of Professor Leonard Mandel.- Dye and Ring Laser Experiments. Or: Photon Statistics of Lasers and Atoms (and a Whole Lot of Other Stuff).- Parametric Down-Conversion: The Twins are Born for a Life of Entanglement.- The Quantum Phase - A New Theory Meets Experiment.- Parametric Downconversion II - The Twins Grow Up.

ISBN: 9780306481161
ISBN-10: 0306481162
Audience: Tertiary; University or College
Format: Hardcover
Language: English
Number Of Pages: 710
Published: 29th February 2004
Country of Publication: US
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