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Cochise : The Life and Times of the Great Apache Chief - Peter Aleshire


The Life and Times of the Great Apache Chief

Hardcover Published: 6th August 2001
ISBN: 9780471383635
Number Of Pages: 368

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A biography of one of the most important figures in the history of the American West This rare biography of the revered Cochise is also the first to adopt an Apache view of a crucial period in American history. Already a powerful and sophisticated leader after years of fighting the Mexicans, Cochise was the only Native American leader to win a war against the Americans after they wrested the southwest from the Mexicans in 1848. Revealed here is the complex and intimate relationship between the Apache and the Mexicans - - and the bewilderment of Apache leaders in dealing with what appeared to be a confusing, contradictory, and, in the end, incomprehensible white world. Peter Aleshire (Phoenix, AZ) is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of American Studies at Arizona State University, West Campus, and author of Reaping the Whirlwind and The Fox and the Whirlwind: Gen. George Crook and Geronimo, A Paired Biography (Wiley: 0-471-32575-9). He is also the Associate Editor of Phoenix Magazine.

Industry Reviews

A well-intentional but unsatisfying life of the Apache warrior, "arguably the only Native American leader to actually win his war with the United State of America." Aleshire (American Studies/Arizona State Univ.); The Fox and the Whirlwind: General George Crook and Geronimo, 2000), begins his life of Cochise, the great Chiricahua Apache fighter and strategist, with an apology: because the conventional historiography of the 19th-century American West does not allow for Native American voices, he asserts, he has had to use considerable invention in looking at Apache history from an Apache point of view. That's all well and good, but Aleshire takes a few long stretches in recounting the eventful, violence-plagued life of Cochise (1804?-74), who had his hands full battling Mexicans and Americans while trying to secure a homeland that would be safe from intruders, while at the same time trying to rein in ambitious, bellicose compatriots like Geronimo. For one thing, Aleshire attributes to Cochise ideas and statements that no reliable history corroborates ("Cochise especially likes this story, " he writes at one point before relating a folktale gathered by an anthropologist in the late 1930s); for another, he tends to crib rather heavily from the ethnographic literature, and the best lines here are often those of writers such as Morris Opler, Eve Ball, and Keith Basso; for still another, Aleshire has an unfortunate habit of writing in a sort of noble-savage pastiche that's thick with simile from the Chief Dan George school of Indian rhetoric ("Cochise felt caught in the midst of his enemies, like the deer who hear the echo of the wolves ahead and behind"; "He had steeled his heart, like a knife heated and quenched"; "Now Cochise's heart leaped up in his chest, like an eagle lunging against a tether"). The surfeit of conjecture, sentimentality, and stentorian tone works, in the end, against Aleshire's reliability as a narrator and historian, and it makes this a chore to read. Readers with a serious interest in Cochise's life and times will prefer less self-conscious lives, such as Edwin Sweeny's Cochise and David Robert's Once They Moved Like the Wind, to Aleshire's imaginative treatment. (Kirkus Reviews, July 1, 2001)


He Turns to Fight (October 1869).

In the Beginning.

The Peace Unravels (1824).

The Death of Pisago Cabezon and the Rise of Cochise (1838).

War to the Death: Cochise He Rises (1846).

Storm from the East: The White Eyes Arrive (1856).

"Cut-the-Tent"-- Driven to War (1861).

War of Extermination (1861).

Cochise Triumphant (1861).

Battle of Apache Pass: Return of the Americans (July 1862).

Death of Mangas Coloradas: The Shadow of the Giant (Late 1862).

Cochise the Avenger (Late 1864).

Turn toward Peace: Thomas Jeffords (Early 1871).

Power Takes a Hand (Mid-1871).

The One-Armed General and the Last War Won (October 1872).

The Frail Peace--the Dying Chief (1873).





ISBN: 9780471383635
ISBN-10: 0471383635
Audience: General
Format: Hardcover
Language: English
Number Of Pages: 368
Published: 6th August 2001
Publisher: John Wiley and Sons Ltd
Country of Publication: US
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