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Chinese Nutrition Therapy : Dietetics in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) :  2nd Edition - Joerg Kastner

Chinese Nutrition Therapy

Dietetics in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) : 2nd Edition

Paperback Published: 17th December 2008
ISBN: 9783131309624
Number Of Pages: 300

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For millennia, the Chinese have taught that a healthy, appropriate diet is an integral part of maintaining good health and healing various disorders. Here, the author demystifies Chinese dietetics, one of the pillars of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Joerg Kastner provides an introduction to the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine and the energetics of foods. Emphasizing a holistic approach throughout, Chinese Nutrition Therapy provides readers with tools for integrating the principles of Chinese dietetics into their daily lives. The book includes a comprehensive classification of more than 300 readily available foods such as vegetables, grains, herbs and spices, fruit, meat, seafood, dairy products, oils and fats, and more. Numerous clinical examples and treatment suggestions artfully combine Western medical conditions with Chinese diagnostic techniques.

For this second edition the section on clinical examples has been expanded by detailed chapters on the treatment of obesity and physical and / or emotional fatigue. The explanation of causes of diseases according to Traditional Chinese Medicine, the different symptoms, and the lists of recommended foods and foods to avoid are supplemented by advice on the adequate acupuncture treatment.

Book features:

  • Descriptions of Chinese dietetics in practice and discussions of dietary factors, such as seasonal adaptations and differing requirements for children and seniors
  • Practical tips on how to adapt Chinese nutrition therapy to Western products and cooking methods
  • Clinical examples covering the major organ systems
  • A handy A to Z list of common foods and their healing characteristics
An essential reference for students and practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine, this user-friendly book will also be valued by nutritionists, dieticians, physicians, and anyone interested in living a long and healthy life.

An award-winning international medical and scientific publisher, Thieme has demonstrated its commitment to the highest standard of quality in the state-of-the-art content and presentation of all of its products. Thieme's trademark blue and silver covers have become synonymous with excellence in publishing.

Industry Reviews

"Kastner's Chinese Nutrition Therapy is an excellent introduction to Chinese dietetics for both students and practitioners of Chinese medicine ... I whole-heartedly endorse his book." - Nigel Wiseman

Provides an excellent introduction to the principles of traditional Chinese medicine and the qualitative effects of foods on our health...[Dr.] Kastner offers practical tips on how to adapt Chinese nutrition therapy to Western foodsand cooking methods. The text is beautifully produced, with many tables for clear reading. A great reference for practitioners, students and teachers of Chinese diet therapy.--The Lantern

"The author has done a very good job of introducing and explaining some often hard-to-get concepts and theories associated with TCM and Chinese dietetics...breakdowns, symbols, and highlights...help readers get key messages and points...anoyone interested in this topic should consider reading it."--American Journal of Lifestyle Medicine

"Well written...offers practical examples of the application of TCM...Dr. Kastner vividly captures the essence of TCM and its applications in nutritional therapy in a sensible and accurate manner...a welcome addition to the libraries of nutritional consultants and dietitians, herbalists, naturopathic doctors, physicians and nurses."--HerbalGram

About this Book 1 Theory

A. Introduction to the Basic Principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Chinese Dietetics

Yin and Yang

Therapeutic Principles of TCM Opposition of Yin and Yang Co-dependency of Yin and Yang Alternate/reciprocal consumption of Yin and Yang Reciprocal transformation of Yin and Yang

The Five Phases (Wu Xing)

The Five Vital Substances Qi (life force) Jing (essence) Xue (blood) Shen (spirit/conscience) Jin-Ye (body fluids)

Causes of Diseases

External Bioclimatic Factors,

The Five Adverse Climates

Inner Influences,

The Five Emotions Traditional Chinese Nutritional Theory

The Qi Energy Concept of TCM

Function of the Triple Burner (San Jiao, 3E)

B Methodology of Nutritional Therapy

The Energetics of Foods Thermal Nature Hot Warm Neutral Cold Cool Example: Yang-Foods Example: Yin-Foods The Five Flavors Sweet Flavor Pungent Flavor Salty Flavor Sour Flavor Bitter Flavor

Organ Networks Example Carrot Patterns of Movement of Food

VI. Influencing of Thermal Nature Preparation with Cooling Effect Preparation with Warming Effect

The Individual Cooking Methods

Baking Blanching Frying and Roasting Steaming Grilling Cooking Cooking with Alcohol Cooking with a Lot of Water Cooking with Cooling Ingredients

Slow, Gentle Searing Salting Smoking Seasoning

Preparing Meals in the Cycle of the Five Phases

2 Chinese Nutritional Theory in Practice

The Basic Recommendations of Chinese Nutrition The Path to Healthy Eating Habits The Inner Attitude General Recommendations

The Special Meaning of the Earth Phase

Strengthening of the Inner Middle

Nutrition in Accordance with the Times of Day Breakfast Lunch Evening/Dinner

Nutrition in Accordance with the Seasons

Spring Summer Fall Winter Nutrition in Accordance with the Pathogenic Factors

Cold Heat Dampness and Wetness Dryness External Wind Internal Wind

Nutrition in Accordance with the Human Life Cycle Children Midlife Older People

3 Chinese Dietetics in Practice

A General Use of Chinese Dietetics

Practical Tips for a Successful Implementation of Nutritional Advice

Importance of Chinese Dietetics in TCM General Indications of Chinese Dietetics No fear of dogmatism General Dietary Recommendations Ranges of Application General Qi Deficiency General Yang Deficiency General Yin Deficiency Yin Excess Conditions and Dampness Yang Excess Conditions Blood-Weakness, Blood Deficiency (Xue Xu) Strengthening of Defensive Qi (Wei Qi) Promotion of Lung Qi Dampness and Phlegm Diseases

B Specific Use of Chinese Dietetics Network: Spleen/Pancreas- Stomach Earth Element Zang Organ: Spleen/Pancreas (Pi)/MP Fu Organ: Stomach (Wei) Ma Purposes and Functions of Spleen/Pancreas and Stomach Special Diet and Spleen/Pancreas-Stomach Network Spleen Syndromes and Chinese Nutrition Stomach Syndromes and Chinese Nutrition

Organ Network: Lung-Large Intestine Metal Element

Zang Organ: Lung (Fei) Fu Organ: Large Intestine (Da Chang)

Lung Syndromes and Chinese Nutrition

Organ Network: Kidney-Bladder Water Element

Zang Organ: Kidney (Shen) Fu Organ: Bladder (Pang Guan) Kidney Syndromes and Chinese Nutrition

Organ Network: Liver-Gallbladder Wood Element Zang Organ: Liver (Gan), Le Fu Organ: Gallbladder (Dan), Gb Nutrition and Organ Network

Liver Syndromes and Chinese Nutrition Organ Network: Heart-Small Intestine Fire Element Zang Organ: Heart (Xin) Fu Organ: Small Intestine (Xiao Chang) Nutrition and Organ Network Heart Syndromes and Chinese Nutrition 4 Food Classification

Vegetables Egg Plants Bamboo sprouts Chinese Cabbage Green Onions Cucumber Cabbage Lettuce Leek Lotus Root Spinach Sweet Potato Tomato Onion

Grains Buckwheat Spelt Barley Oats Millet Corn Rye Yellow Soybean Black Soybean Wheat Spices and Herbs Brown Sugar, Whole Cane Sugar Chili Vinegar Grain Sugar (Malt Sugar Maltose) Honey Fresh Ginger Garlic Coriander Sea Algae (General) Mushrooms

Pepper Salt Soy Sauce White Sugar Cinnamon Fruit Pineapple Apple Tangerine, Orange Apricot Banana Pear Grapefruit, Pomelo Cherry Kiwi Peach Plum Watermelon Grapes Lemon Meat Chicken Chicken Liver Duck Venison Rabbit Beef Liver

Lamb, Mutton, Sheep Pork Fish/Sea Food Eel Oysters Prawns/Crawfish Trout Herring Carp Anchovies Sardines Squid Mackerel Crab Mussels

Dairy Products, Eggs, Oils and Fats Milk Sheep s- and Goat s Milk Butter and Cream Yogurt Cheese Sheep s Milk Cheese/Goat s Milk Cheese Chicken Egg Peanut Oil Sesame Oil Soy Oil Nuts and Seeds Peanut Hazelnut Chestnut Almonds Pine Seeds Black Sesame Sunflower Seeds Other Foods Tea Coffee Alcoholic Beverages

5 Clinical Examples Respiratory Tract Diseases Indicating Sign: Colds Bronchitis/Chronic Bronchitis Indicating Sign: Cough Indicating Sign: Sore Throat Indicating Sign: Frontal Sinusitis and Maxillary Sinusitis Bronchial Asthma Gastro-intestinal Diseases Indicating sign: Diarrhea Indicating Sign: Constipation Indicating Sign: Epigastric Disease Indicating Sign: Nausea and Vomiting Indicating Sign: Meteorism Indicating Sign: Hiccup, Hiccough

Cardiovascular Diseases General Weakness, Lack of Energy, Low blood pressure Indicating Sign: High Blood Pressure

Eye Diseases Inflammations

Skin Diseases Neurodermatisis Acne

Urogenital Diseases Indicating Sign: Urinary Tract Infections Incontinence, Enuresis, Frequent Urination Impotence, Weakness of Libido

Gynecological Diseases Morning Sickness and Vomiting Obesity / Losing Weight Overweight Fatigue, exhaustion, burn-out Bibliography

Resources Further Resources Rate Information

6 For the Time-Pressed Reader

Foods Classified According to Phase/Organ Network Earth Phase Spleen, Pancreas, Stomach

Metal Phase Lung - Large Intestine

Water Phase Kidney - Bladder

Wood Phase Liver-Gallbladder

Fire Phase Heart - Small Intestine

Foods from A - Z 7 Glossary


ISBN: 9783131309624
ISBN-10: 3131309628
Series: Complementary Medicine (Thieme Paperback)
Audience: Professional
Format: Paperback
Language: English
Number Of Pages: 300
Published: 17th December 2008
Publisher: Thieme Publishing Group
Country of Publication: DE
Dimensions (cm): 24.1 x 17.1  x 1.52
Weight (kg): 0.63
Edition Number: 2
Edition Type: New edition

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