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Celtic Fairy Tales and Legends : Volume 4 - Rosalind Kerven

Celtic Fairy Tales and Legends

Volume 4

By: Rosalind Kerven

Hardcover | 20 February 2024

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From mermaids to dragons, 16 ancient Celtic fairy tales retold with their histories

The Celtic cultures of the British Isles - Ireland, Scotland and Wales - have produced some of the richest traditional tales in Europe. Three words best sum up their themes and flavour: adventure, enchantment and romance.

In this book, Rosalind Kerven has revived the best Celtic fairy tales for a new generation. The stories are sourced from old folk tale collections from all three regions, alongside selected medieval Welsh and Irish texts.
  • Visit mysterious Otherworlds inside the hills and below the sea - including a land where only the truth is ever spoken
  • Meet iconic characters such as the first great Welsh poet, Taliesin, and the mighty Irish hero, Fionn mac Cumhaill
  • Cheer on bold Scots lasses such as Mallie Whuppy, as she outwits a fearsome giant, and Kate Crackernuts, who rescues a prince from bewitchment
  • Encounter witches, fairies, a bogle, talking animals and strange underwater beings
Each story is retold from the medieval texts and oral storytelling traditions of Ireland, Scotland and Wales, with fascinating background notes and a long list of sources and further reading included. The background notes feature a list of source material, analyses of themes, and examples of similar legends from all over Europe.

About the Author

Rosalind Kerven, "connoisseur of myths and folk tales" - The Independent, is a narrative folklorist and the author of over 70 books published in 22 countries. She has specialist knowledge of world myths, legends and folk tales and is on a mission to bring these wonderful old stories back to life for modern readers. Her bestselling titles include English Fairy Tales and Legends, Viking Myths & Sagas, Faeries, Elves & Goblins and Arthurian Legends. She lives in the Northumberland National Park.
Industry Reviews

A poetic and beautifully-presented introduction to the imaginative corpus of Celtic myth.

-- Lucy Holland * Author of Times Bestseller 'SISTERSONG' and 'Song of The Huntress' *

'There are hours of enjoyment to be had in reading these time-honoured tales, passed down through many generations of storytellers.'

* The Herald (Scotland) *

'Kerven has particular insight on this form of storytelling and how one defines a myth, legend and a fairy tale.'

* The Irish Post *

'Rosalind Kerven brings the rich heritage of Celtic culture vividly to life.'

-- Choice

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Celtic Fairy Tales and Legends : Volume 4 - Rosalind Kerven