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Cellular and Molecular Biology of Filamentous Fungi : AMERICAN SOCIETY MIC - Katherine A. Borkovich

Cellular and Molecular Biology of Filamentous Fungi


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Incorporating the latest findings from such disciplines as physiology, taxonomy, genomics, molecular biology and cell biology, this publication is an ideal starting point for any research study of filamentous fungi. Its extensive use of illustrations and tables also makes it an excellent textbook for both graduate and undergraduate students, helping them easily grasp and apply new concepts.

Cellular and Molecular Biology of Filamentous Fungi begins with an historical perspective, cell morphology and taxonomy, and then moves on to such topics as cell growth, development, metabolism, and pathogenesis. The book covers model organisms in detail as well as a broad variety of dimorphic and ???obligate??? filamentous fungal species. You???ll learn how individual species have adapted themselves to highly diverse ecological niches. In addition, comparisons to studies of the yeasts Saccharomyces cerevisiae and Schizosaccharomyces pombe help you better understand the nature of fungi and the underlying evolution that leads to diversity in this fascinating kingdom.

Each chapter has been written by one or more leading experts. These authors, representing a ???Who???s Who??? in the field of fungal biology, offer you the latest genomic-based approaches alongside a careful evaluation of the current literature. Presenting the full range of the fungal kingdom and covering such important topics as saprophytes, pathogens and endophytes, this publication captures our current understanding of fungal biology, all in one volume.

Key Features
??? Serves as an ideal first point of reference for any investigation into filamentous fungi
??? Describes a highly diverse range of plant and animal pathogens in one volume
??? Integrates the latest findings from such fields as taxonomy, genomics, and cell biology
??? Presents insights and perspectives from leading researchers and pioneers in the field of fungal biology
??? Provides the latest understanding of saprophytes, pathogens, and endophytes

Table of Contents Contributors ** Preface ** I. INTRODUCTION TO THE FILAMENTOUS FUNGI 1 History and Importance to Human Affairs Joan W. Bennett, Rowland Davis, and Carlene Raper 2 Hyphal Structure Robert W. Roberson, Maritza Abril, Meredith Blackwell, Peter Letcher, David J. McLaughlin, Rosa R. Mourino-Perez, Meritxell Riquelme, and Maho Uchida 3 A Top-Down Systems Biology Approach for the Identification of Targets for Fungal Strain and Process Development Machtelt Braaksma, Robert A. van den Berg, Mariet J. van der Werf, and Peter J. Punt 4 Phylogenetics and Phylogenomics of the Fungal Tree of Life Joseph W. Spatafora and Barbara Robbertse 5 Signal Transduction Pathways Gyungsoon Park, Carol A. Jones, and Katherine A. Borkovich II. REPLICATION AND EXPRESSION OF THE GENETIC CODE 6 Mitotic Cell Cycle Control Colin P. C. De Souza and Stephen A. Osmani 7 Meiosis Claire Burns, Patricia J. Pukkila, and Miriam E. Zolan 8 DNA Repair and Recombination P. Jane Yeadon, Hirokazu Inoue, Frederick J. Bowring, Keiichiro Suzuki, and David E. A. Catcheside 9 Chromatin Structure and Modification Zachary A. Lewis and Eric U. Selker 10 Transposable Elements and Repeat-Induced Point Mutation A. John Clutterbuck and Eric U. Selker 11 Meiotic trans-Sensing and Silencing in Neurospora Rodolfo Aramayo and Robert J. Pratt 12 Mycoviruses Donald L. Nuss III. ORGANELLES 13 Mitochondria and Respiration Frank E. Nargang and John C. Kennell 14 Vacuoles in Filamentous Fungi Emma Jean Bowman and Barry J. Bowman 15 Peroxisomes in Filamentous Fungi Leonardo Peraza-Reyes, Eric Espagne, Sylvie Arnaise, and Veronique Berteaux-Lecellier IV. HYPHAL GROWTH 16 The Cytoskeleton in Filamentous Fungi Xin Xiang and Berl Oakley 17 The Cell Wall of Filamentous Fungi Nir Osherov and Oded Yarden 18 Hyphal Growth and Polarity Steven D. Harris 19 Hyphal Fusion Nick D. Read, Andre Fleissner, M. Gabriela Roca, and N. Louise Glass 20 Biology and Genetics of Vegetative Incompatibility in Fungi Duur K. Aanen, Alfons J. M. Debets, N. Louise Glass, and Sven J. Saupe V. METABOLISM 21 Glucose Margaret E. Katz and Joan M. Kelly 22 Gluconeogenesis Michael J. Hynes 23 Nitrogen Metabolism in Filamentous Fungi Meryl A. Davis and Koon Ho Wong 24 Amino Acids and Polyamines: Polyfunctional Proteins, Metabolic Cycles, and Compartmentation Rowland H. Davis 25 Sulfur, Phosphorus, and Iron Metabolism John V. Paietta 26 Secondary Metabolism B. Gillian Turgeon and Kathryn E. Bushley 27 Plant Cell Wall and Chitin Degradation Christian P. Kubicek, Verena Seidl, and Bernhard Seiboth VI. PHOTOBIOLOGY AND CIRCADIAN RHYTHMS 28 Light Sensing Luis M. Corrochano and Javier Avalos 29 Circadian Rhythms Michael W. Vitalini, Jay C. Dunlap, Christian Heintzen, Yi Liu, Jennifer Loros, and Deborah Bell-Pedersen VII. NUTRIENT, pH, AND STRESS SENSING 30 How Fungi Sense Sugars, Alcohols, and Amino Acids Chaoyang Xue, Daniel J. Ebbole, and Joseph Heitman 31 Regulation of Gene Expression by Ambient pH Joan Tilburn, Herbert N. Arst, Jr., and Miguel A. Penalva 32 Heat Shock Response Nora Plesofsky VIII. SEXUAL DEVELOPMENT 33 Mating Systems and Sexual Morphogenesis in Ascomycetes Robert Debuchy, Veronique Berteaux-Lecellier, and Philippe Silar 34 Mating and Sexual Morphogenesis in Basidiomycete Fungi Lorna Casselton and Michael Feldbrugge IX. ASEXUAL SPORULATION 35 Regulation of Aspergillus Conidiation Min Ni, Na Gao, Nak-Jung Kwon, Kwang-Soo Shin, and Jae-Hyuk Yu 36 The Conidium Daniel J. Ebbole X. INTERACTIONS OF FUNGI WITH PLANTS OR OTHER FUNGI 37 Magnaporthe oryzae and Rice Blast Disease Chang Hyun Khang and Barbara Valent 38 Fusarium Genetics and Pathogenicity John F. Leslie and Jin-Rong Xu 39 Ustilago maydis and Maize: a Delightful Interaction Flora Banuett 40 Necrotrophic Fungi: Live and Let Die Marty Dickman, Jan van Kan, and Christopher Lawrence 41 Epichloe Endophytes: Models of an Ecological Strategy Carolyn Young and Heather H. Wilkinson 42 Mycoparasitism Ada Viterbo and Benjamin A. Horwitz XI. ANIMAL PATHOGENS 43 Aspergillus fumigatus Judith C. Rhodes and David S. Askew 44 Cryptococcus neoformans: Budding Yeast and Dimorphic Filamentous Fungus James W. Kronstad, Jennifer K. Lodge, and Joseph Heitman 45 Histoplasma capsulatum Chad A. Rappleye 46 The Fungal Pathogen Candida albicans Saranna Fanning and Aaron P. Mitchell Index

ISBN: 9781555814731
ISBN-10: 1555814735
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Format: Hardcover
Language: English
Number Of Pages: 802
Published: 2nd February 2010
Country of Publication: US
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