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Carl Young's Adobe Acrobat 6.0 : Getting Professional Results from Your PDFs - Carl Young

Carl Young's Adobe Acrobat 6.0

Getting Professional Results from Your PDFs

Paperback Published: 24th May 2004
ISBN: 9780072231380
Number Of Pages: 420

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Harness the full power of Acrobat 6 Professional’s many features Create functional PDFs using the must-have PDF-creation tool, Acrobat 6 Professional. With guidance from Adobe Certified Expert Carl Young, you’ll tackle all Acrobat topics and become a pro. Start off with the basics for producing good PDFs, then get tips on maximizing Acrobat 6 Professional’s advanced capabilities--mark up and add comments in PDFs, create forms, customize PDFs using Acrobat JavaScript, create more than one PDF at a time using batch processing, and secure your PDFs. You’ll also discover how to make PDFs from Adobe, Corel, CAD, and Microsoft applications, plus QuarkXPress. Package multimedia elements such as movies and sound files into a PDF Create first-rate interactive PDFs that are searchable and can be indexed either on the web or on a CD Make PDFs for people with visual or reading disabilities Add and reply to comments, generate reports of comments, and import and integrate comments into Microsoft Word Create user-friendly PDFs from WordPerfect Secure PDFs for reliable and trustworthy interdepartmental and interagency communication Use the power of batch processing to process hundreds of files at a time Use prepress and built-in preflighting to create industry-standard PDF/Xs Navigate large CAD drawings, and print the drawings to scale Carl Young is President of DigiPub Solutions, the producer of the PDF Conference. He is an Adobe Certified Expert in Acrobat and FrameMaker, as well as a Certified Technical Trainer. Adobe selected him to run the first public Acrobat 6 training sessions at their worldwide launch of Acrobat 6.

Acknowledgmentsp. xix
Introductionp. xxi
PDF Standards for Everyone
What's New in the Acrobat and PDF Universep. 3
How to Adopt the Right Member of Adobe's Acrobat Familyp. 4
Acrobat Elementsp. 5
Acrobat Standardp. 6
Acrobat Professionalp. 6
Reader Linguistically No Longer Part of Acrobat Familyp. 7
Extended Acrobat Family Membersp. 7
Acrobat Capturep. 7
Adobe Distiller Serverp. 8
Adobe Document Serverp. 8
Adobe Document Server for Reader Extensionsp. 8
Adobe Form Designerp. 9
What's New in Acrobat Professionalp. 9
Print and Creative Professionalsp. 9
Preflightingp. 10
PDF/X Creation and Supportp. 11
Creativep. 12
More Multimedia Supportp. 12
New Viewing Optionsp. 12
Enhanced User Aidsp. 13
Editor's Marksp. 13
The Review Processp. 15
Integration with Word XPp. 15
Forms Creationp. 16
Engineering Drawingsp. 16
Improved UIp. 17
Task Buttonsp. 17
Items Below Menus Reorganized into Logical Groupsp. 17
Docking Toolbarsp. 18
Better Helpp. 19
Only One Set of Navigation Buttonsp. 19
Much More Like an MS Office Application than an Adobe Onep. 20
More Compression Without Loss of Image Integrityp. 20
Better Securityp. 20
What Adobe Means by Certified PDFp. 21
New Functionalityp. 22
Layersp. 22
Headers and Footersp. 23
Watermarks and Backgroundsp. 23
Right-Click Combine in Adobe PDFp. 24
Better Accessibility Optionsp. 24
Read Aloudp. 25
Auto Scrollp. 25
More Options for the Visually Impairedp. 25
Reflowp. 25
Creating Accessible PDFsp. 26
Win Versus Mac Differencesp. 27
No Browser Plug-in Until Safarip. 28
No Round-Tripping of Comments into Word for the Macp. 28
Why Quality Mattersp. 29
What's the Matter with PDF?p. 30
Creation Is Easy, but Getting It Right Is Notp. 32
Start with a Thoughtful Mind Setp. 32
Classifying the Types of Problem PDFsp. 33
The Typesp. 33
Diagnosing Problem PDFsp. 36
Start with Document Propertiesp. 36
Font Informationp. 38
Checking for Problemsp. 38
Creating the Best PDF for the Jobp. 43
Good PDF Creation Is For Everyonep. 44
Four Fundamental Ways to Create PDFsp. 44
Adobe Acrobat Distillerp. 45
What's in the Acrobat Boxp. 45
Suggestions for Improvementp. 47
Changing Adobe PDF Settingsp. 47
Modifying the Standard Settingsp. 48
Modifying the Smallest File Size Settingp. 49
What About File Size?p. 53
Acrobat 6 Compatibilityp. 53
Create Settings for High-Quality PDFsp. 53
What About PDFWriter?p. 54
PDF Directly from an Applicationp. 54
Third-Party PDF Creatorsp. 54
Desktop Alternativesp. 55
Server-Side PDFp. 55
Paper to PDFp. 55
Alternatives to Capturep. 57
Strategies for Creating Efficient PDF Workflowsp. 58
Working with Fontsp. 58
Font Handling 101p. 58
Subsetting and Embeddingp. 59
An Urban Legendp. 60
Preparing Graphics for PDFp. 60
Working with TIFF Imagesp. 61
PDF Optimizerp. 63
Making Onscreen PDFsp. 67
Common Problems in Onscreen PDFsp. 68
Fixing Problem PDFsp. 69
Zombie PDFp. 69
Lost in Space PDFp. 69
Fix the Page Numbers in a Labyrinth PDFp. 73
Betrayal PDFp. 75
Preserving Links and Bookmarksp. 75
Fat Albert PDFp. 76
Waiting Game PDFp. 77
Wrong Turn PDFp. 77
Honey, I Shrunk the Kids PDFp. 79
Beauty and the Beast PDFp. 82
Searching for Bobby Fischer PDFp. 82
Alternatives to Capturep. 85
Good Examples of Onscreen PDFsp. 85
A Financial Reportp. 86
An Interactive Brochurep. 86
An Onscreen Book in PDFp. 89
Making a PDF Everyone Can Readp. 91
Why It Matters to Youp. 92
New Accessibility Features in Acrobat 6p. 93
Why Accessibility Matters in the PDF Worldp. 94
General Considerationsp. 97
An Illustration of the Problemp. 98
Creating a Tagged PDFp. 99
Microsoft Wordp. 99
Adobe Applicationsp. 100
Editing Tagsp. 105
Testingp. 106
In Business with Acrobat
Putting Acrobat to Workp. 109
Matching Acrobat to Officep. 110
Acrobat Integration with Other Applicationsp. 111
Viewing PDFs Inside Web Browsersp. 111
Web Capture from Microsoft Internet Explorerp. 111
Microsoft Outlook Integrationp. 113
What About Microsoft Publisher?p. 113
Microsoft Office Applicationsp. 114
Enable Tagged PDF for Accessibility in Wordp. 115
Setting Up PDFMaker for Microsoft Wordp. 116
Prepping Microsoft Word for Conversion to PDFp. 117
Styles and Fieldsp. 117
Create a Table of Contentsp. 118
Setting Up Bookmarksp. 119
Settingsp. 120
Running PDFMakerp. 121
Troubleshooting PDFs Created from Wordp. 122
Repurposing PDFsp. 123
Acrobat Export Optionsp. 125
Tabular Datap. 127
Creating from Microsoft Excelp. 127
Troubleshooting Excel Spreadsheetsp. 127
Creating PDFs from Microsoft PowerPointp. 127
Why Use a PDF Presentation?p. 128
Create from Multiples (eBinder)p. 129
Creating from Microsoft Visio and Autodesk AutoCADp. 129
Open Office 1.1p. 130
Working Together: Acrobat Collaborationp. 131
Onscreen Reviewing with Acrobatp. 132
Types of Onscreen Reviewsp. 133
Review and Markup Toolsp. 133
Commenting Toolsp. 134
Insert a New Acrobat Note Commentp. 136
Using Editor's Marksp. 136
Working with Commentsp. 138
Sorting and Filtering Commentsp. 139
Reporting on Commentsp. 140
Reviewing with Acrobatp. 140
Using Acrobat to Duplicate a Paper-Based Review Cyclep. 141
Using E-mail-Based Reviewsp. 142
How It Worksp. 143
Starting an E-mail-Based Reviewp. 143
Participating in an E-mail-Based Reviewp. 144
Receiving and Reconciling Comments from Reviewersp. 146
Browser-Based Reviewsp. 146
Using Browser-Based Reviewsp. 147
Setting Up WebDAV for Browser-Based Reviewsp. 148
Importing Comments into Word XP/2002/2003p. 150
Checklist for Integrating Acrobat and Word Commentsp. 151
Review Trackerp. 152
Comparing Documentsp. 153
PDF from Corel WordPerfectp. 155
Searching for a Perfect PDF from WordPerfectp. 156
Terminologyp. 156
Publish to PDFp. 157
Setting Up Your Documentp. 158
Create a Table of Contentsp. 159
Create WordPerfect PDFp. 162
Publish to PDFp. 162
Finish the Jobp. 163
Making a WordPerfect PDF Accessiblep. 163
Working with Acrobat Security and Digital Signaturesp. 167
Why Secure a PDF?p. 168
Acrobat Security Typesp. 170
Displaying Security Settingsp. 170
What About eBooks?p. 170
Password-Protected PDFsp. 171
Which Security Level Is Best?p. 172
Compabilityp. 172
Document Open Passwordp. 172
Permissions Passwordp. 173
Printing Allowedp. 173
Changes Allowedp. 173
Enable Copying of Text, Images, and Other Contentp. 174
Enable Copying of Text, Images, and Other Content and Access for the Visually Impairedp. 174
Enable Text Access of Screen Reader Devices for the Visually Impairedp. 174
Enable Plaintext Metadatap. 174
Adobe Policy Serverp. 175
Digital Identitiesp. 175
About Digital IDsp. 176
Creating Your Digital IDp. 176
Sharing Your Digital IDp. 177
Requesting Digital Certificatesp. 177
Assembling a List of Trusted Identitiesp. 178
Configuring Identity Search Directoriesp. 180
Encrypting a Document for a Group of Usersp. 180
Using Digital Signaturesp. 181
About Acrobat Digital Signaturesp. 182
Using Your Signaturep. 182
Applying an Invisible Digital Signaturep. 183
Displaying an Invisible Signaturep. 183
Creating a Digital Signature Form Fieldp. 184
Signing a Digital Form Fieldp. 184
Configuring the Appearance of Your Digital Signaturep. 185
Certifying a Documentp. 186
Steps to Certify a PDFp. 187
The Wide World of Acrobatp. 191
PDF Covers the Mapp. 192
New Features in Acrobat 6p. 194
Multilingual PDFsp. 194
Different Languages on Separate Layersp. 196
New Features for Japanesep. 196
Bookmarks in Non-Western Languagesp. 196
Creation Is the Keyp. 197
Font Terminologyp. 197
Application Support for Unicodep. 199
Moving Beyond One-Document-at-a-Time Creationp. 201
Introductionp. 202
Acrobat Batch Processingp. 203
What Is Batch Processing?p. 203
Running a Sequencep. 204
Adobe and Non-Adobe Server Solutionsp. 210
The Development of Non-Adobe PDF Productsp. 210
The Server-Side PDF Opportunityp. 211
PDFs from Web-Based Productsp. 212
PDFs from Big Iron and UNIX and Windows Serversp. 212
Examples of Server-Based PDF Creationp. 213
What Is Not Legalp. 216
Converting File Cabinets of Paper to PDFp. 216
Adobe Acrobat Capturep. 217
Capture "Lite"p. 218
Alternatives to Capturep. 221
Company Informationp. 222
PDF Formsp. 223
Why PDF Forms?p. 224
How PDF Forms Can Benefit Your Organizationp. 225
Moving Up the Food Chainp. 225
PDF or HTML Forms?p. 226
PDF Forms from Acrobat Professionalp. 227
Create a Simple Formp. 228
Where Do PDF Forms Come From?p. 228
Start with an Imagep. 228
Combo Box and List Box Fieldsp. 234
Submitting Datap. 239
Receiving Form Datap. 242
PDF Forms from Other Applicationsp. 245
If You Really Enjoy Creating Formsp. 246
Company Informationp. 246
Introduction to Adobe Acrobat JavaScriptp. 247
About Acrobat JavaScriptp. 248
Acrobat JavaScript and HTML JavaScriptp. 249
Where Acrobat JavaScripts Can Be Usedp. 250
Folder Level Acrobat JavaScriptp. 250
Document Levelp. 250
Field Levelp. 250
Page Actions and Linksp. 253
Naming Fieldsp. 254
Termsp. 254
Inputting JavaScript into Acrobat Professionalp. 255
Syntaxp. 255
Objectsp. 256
An Example JavaScriptp. 256
Display the Date in a Fieldp. 257
What Just Happened?p. 257
Using the JavaScript Console/Debuggerp. 258
Useful Acrobat JavaScript Examplesp. 259
Performing a Calculationp. 259
Perform Another Calculationp. 261
Automatically Tab from One Field to the Nextp. 261
Alert Boxp. 263
Make Acrobat Bark Like a Dogp. 264
Add Voice to the Alertp. 265
Pop-Up Menusp. 266
Specify a User Preferencep. 268
Add a New Menu Itemp. 269
E-mail and Version Sniffingp. 270
E-mail Form Datap. 270
Check the Version of Acrobatp. 271
Acrobat 6.0 Software Development Kitp. 272
A Short Course for System Administratorsp. 273
An Acrobat on Every Deskp. 274
Incorrect Acrobat Installationsp. 274
Order of Installationp. 275
What to Installp. 275
Components of Acrobat Professionalp. 276
Where Is PDFMaker?p. 278
PostScript Driver Setupp. 279
Windows 2000/XP/2003p. 280
Font Issuesp. 285
Distiller Can't Find My Fontsp. 286
Fixing Phantom Font Problemsp. 286
Mac OS X Issuesp. 288
Installing Acrobat Across the Enterprisep. 288
Microsoft SMSp. 289
IBM Tivolip. 289
Keeping Up-to-Datep. 289
A Checklist for System Administratorsp. 291
The Listp. 291
Acrobat for Creative Professionals
Adobe Productsp. 295
Adobe Illustrator CSp. 296
Illustrator File Formatsp. 297
Creating a PDF from Illustratorp. 297
Illustrator Presets Comparedp. 298
Suggested Changes to the Illustrator Presetsp. 301
Printing to Adobe PDFp. 301
Adding File Information for Acrobatp. 303
PDF and Photoshop CSp. 304
Photoshop PDF Formatp. 304
Save As PDFp. 304
Placing PDFs in Photoshopp. 305
Opening a PDF in Photoshop CSp. 306
Importing Images from a PDFp. 306
Automating PDF to PSD Creationp. 307
Creating a PDF Presentationp. 308
Layer Comps to PDFp. 309
Importing and Exporting PDF Text and Audio Commentsp. 309
Transferring Photoshop Metadata to PDFp. 310
Importing PDFs into InDesign CSp. 310
Exporting to PDFp. 311
Changing Presetsp. 313
Creating Interactive PDFs with InDesign CSp. 313
About InDesign Buttonsp. 314
The Button Toolp. 314
Converting Objects to Buttonsp. 314
Button Optionsp. 315
Button Behaviorsp. 316
Creating Rolloversp. 316
Adding Hyperlinks and Bookmarksp. 317
Adding Hyperlinksp. 318
Adding Bookmarksp. 319
Considerations for Creating Interactive PDFs from InDesignp. 319
Adding Movies and Soundsp. 320
Creating Tagged PDFp. 321
Adobe PageMakerp. 321
Adobe FrameMaker 7.1p. 321
Importing PDFs into FrameMakerp. 322
Creating PDFs from FrameMakerp. 322
Setting Up FrameMaker for PDF Generationp. 322
Generating a PDF from FrameMakerp. 324
Corel Applicationsp. 327
Corel Ventura 10p. 328
Ventura Publish to PDF Capabilitiesp. 328
Online PDFs from Venturap. 329
Creating PDFs for Specific Usesp. 331
PDF for Document Distributionp. 332
PDF for Editingp. 332
PDF for Prepressp. 333
PDF for the Webp. 333
PDF/X-1p. 334
Fonts and Publish to PDFp. 334
CorelDRAW 11p. 336
Creating Online PDFs with CorelDrawp. 337
Creating Prepress PDFs from CorelDRAWp. 338
Creating PDF Forms with CorelDRAWp. 339
Corel DESIGNER 10p. 340
PDF from QuarkXPressp. 341
Overviewp. 342
QuarkXPress 4 and 5p. 342
Adobe's Recommended Solutionp. 343
Printing to Adobe PDF from QuarkXPress 4 or 5p. 345
Creating the PDFp. 347
Quark's PDF Solutionp. 348
Using the PDF Filter QuarkXTensionp. 349
Exporting the PDFp. 351
A 100-Percent Non-Adobe Solutionp. 351
Print Driver Configurationp. 353
PDF Export Optionsp. 354
Preflighting and Color Printingp. 357
Color Printing and PDFp. 358
PDF/X: The PDF Publishing Standardp. 358
What Is PDF/X?p. 360
Creating a PDF/X-1ap. 360
Advantages of PDF/Xp. 361
PDF/X Resourcesp. 362
Quality Assurancep. 363
Preflighting in Acrobat 6 Professionalp. 363
Previewing Color Separationsp. 365
Previewing Transparency Flatteningp. 367
Preflight Profilesp. 367
Creating a Preflight Profilep. 368
Exporting and Importing Preflight Profilesp. 369
Preflighting with PitStop Professionalp. 370
PitStop PDF Profile Control Panelp. 370
Printing from Acrobatp. 372
Print Optionsp. 372
Advanced Printingp. 374
Output Settingsp. 375
Marks and Bleedsp. 376
Transparency Flatteningp. 377
PostScript Optionsp. 377
Printing Layersp. 378
Measuring Toolsp. 378
Cropping Pagesp. 379
Job Definition Format (JDF)p. 380
Impositionp. 380
Indexp. 383
Table of Contents provided by Ingram. All Rights Reserved.

ISBN: 9780072231380
ISBN-10: 0072231386
Series: Professional Results
Audience: Professional
Format: Paperback
Language: English
Number Of Pages: 420
Published: 24th May 2004
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education - Europe
Country of Publication: US
Dimensions (cm): 23.5 x 19.0  x 2.1
Weight (kg): 0.72