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C++ in a Nutshell : In a Nutshell - Ray Lischner

C++ in a Nutshell

In a Nutshell


Published: 18th May 2003
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Published: 6th October 2009
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To-the-point, authoritative, no-nonsense solutions have always been a trademark of O'Reilly books. The In a Nutshell books have earned a solid reputation in the field as the well-thumbed references that sit beside the knowledgeable developer's keyboard. "C++ in a Nutshell" lives up to the In a Nutshell promise. "C++ in a Nutshell" is a lean, focused reference that offers practical examples for the most important, most often used, aspects of C++.

"C++ in a Nutshell" packs an enormous amount of information on C++ (and the many libraries used with it) in an indispensable quick reference for those who live in a deadline-driven world and need the facts but not the frills.

The book's language reference is organized first by topic, followed by an alphabetical reference to the language's keywords, complete with syntax summaries and pointers to the topic references. The library reference is organized by header file, and each library chapter and class declaration presents the classes and types in alphabetical order, for easy lookup. Cross-references link related methods, classes, and other key features. This is an ideal resource for students as well as professional programmers.

When you're programming, you need answers to questions about language syntax or parameters required by library routines quickly. What, for example, is the C++ syntax to define an alias for a namespace? Just how do you create and use an iterator to work with the contents of a standard library container? "C++ in a Nutshell" is a concise desktop reference that answers these questions, putting the full power of this flexible, adaptable (but somewhat difficult to master) language at every C++ programmer's fingertips.

Prefacep. ix
Language Basicsp. 1
Compilation Stepsp. 1
Tokensp. 2
Commentsp. 8
Character Setsp. 8
Alternative Tokensp. 9
Trigraphsp. 10
Declarationsp. 12
Declarations and Definitionsp. 12
Scopep. 14
Name Lookupp. 16
Linkagep. 22
Type Declarationsp. 24
Object Declarationsp. 29
Namespacesp. 42
Expressionsp. 50
Lvalues and Rvaluesp. 50
Type Conversionsp. 52
Constant Expressionsp. 56
Expression Evaluationp. 57
Expression Rulesp. 59
Statementsp. 83
Expression Statementsp. 83
Declarationsp. 84
Compound Statementsp. 86
Selectionsp. 87
Loopsp. 89
Control Statementsp. 92
Handling Exceptionsp. 94
Functionsp. 98
Function Declarationsp. 98
Function Definitionsp. 106
Function Overloadingp. 109
Operator Overloadingp. 124
The main Functionp. 130
Classesp. 132
Class Definitionsp. 132
Data Membersp. 139
Member Functionsp. 142
Inheritancep. 155
Access Specifiersp. 167
Friendsp. 170
Nested Typesp. 172
Templatesp. 174
Overview of Templatesp. 175
Template Declarationsp. 177
Function Templatesp. 180
Class Templatesp. 186
Specializationp. 191
Partial Specializationp. 194
Instantiationp. 195
Name Lookupp. 199
Tricks with Templatesp. 205
Compiling Templatesp. 208
Standard Libraryp. 211
Overview of the Standard Libraryp. 211
C Library Wrappersp. 215
Wide and Multibyte Charactersp. 215
Traits and Policiesp. 217
Allocatorsp. 223
Numericsp. 225
Input and Outputp. 229
Introduction to I/O Streamsp. 229
Text I/Op. 235
Binary I/Op. 237
Stream Buffersp. 237
Manipulatorsp. 241
Errors and Exceptionsp. 243
Containers, Iterators, and Algorithmsp. 246
Containersp. 246
Iteratorsp. 261
Algorithmsp. 266
Preprocessor Referencep. 276
Language Referencep. 290
Library Referencep. 327
[left angle bracket]algorithm[right angle bracket]p. 328
[left angle bracket]bitset[right angle bracket]p. 369
[left angle bracket]cassert[right angle bracket]p. 375
[left angle bracket]cctype[right angle bracket]p. 376
[left angle bracket]cerrno[right angle bracket]p. 378
[left angle bracket]cfloat[right angle bracket]p. 380
[left angle bracket]ciso646[right angle bracket]p. 384
[left angle bracket]climits[right angle bracket]p. 384
[left angle bracket]clocale[right angle bracket]p. 386
[left angle bracket]cmath[right angle bracket]p. 390
[left angle bracket]complex[right angle bracket]p. 397
[left angle bracket]csetjmp[right angle bracket]p. 406
[left angle bracket]csignal[right angle bracket]p. 407
[left angle bracket]cstdarg[right angle bracket]p. 410
[left angle bracket]cstddef[right angle bracket]p. 412
[left angle bracket]cstdio[right angle bracket]p. 413
[left angle bracket]cstdlib[right angle bracket]p. 429
[left angle bracket]cstring[right angle bracket]p. 439
[left angle bracket]ctime[right angle bracket]p. 445
[left angle bracket]cwchar[right angle bracket]p. 450
[left angle bracket]cwctype[right angle bracket]p. 465
[left angle bracket]deque[right angle bracket]p. 470
[left angle bracket]exception[right angle bracket]p. 475
[left angle bracket]fstream[right angle bracket]p. 478
[left angle bracket]functional[right angle bracket]p. 487
[left angle bracket]iomanip[right angle bracket]p. 503
[left angle bracket]ios[right angle bracket]p. 504
[left angle bracket]iosfwd[right angle bracket]p. 523
[left angle bracket]iostream[right angle bracket]p. 525
[left angle bracket]istream[right angle bracket]p. 527
[left angle bracket]iterator[right angle bracket]p. 535
[left angle bracket]limits[right angle bracket]p. 553
[left angle bracket]list[right angle bracket]p. 558
[left angle bracket]locale[right angle bracket]p. 564
[left angle bracket]map[right angle bracket]p. 602
[left angle bracket]memory[right angle bracket]p. 613
[left angle bracket]new[right angle bracket]p. 623
[left angle bracket]numeric[right angle bracket]p. 627
[left angle bracket]ostream[right angle bracket]p. 629
[left angle bracket]queue[right angle bracket]p. 634
[left angle bracket]set[right angle bracket]p. 638
[left angle bracket]sstream[right angle bracket]p. 647
[left angle bracket]stack[right angle bracket]p. 655
[left angle bracket]stdexcept[right angle bracket]p. 657
[left angle bracket]streambuf[right angle bracket]p. 660
[left angle bracket]string[right angle bracket]p. 667
[left angle bracket]strstream[right angle bracket]p. 686
[left angle bracket]typeinfo[right angle bracket]p. 693
[left angle bracket]utility[right angle bracket]p. 695
[left angle bracket]valarray[right angle bracket]p. 698
[left angle bracket]vector[right angle bracket]p. 720
Compiler Extensionsp. 729
Projectsp. 735
Glossaryp. 741
Indexp. 745
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