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Butterflies and Demons - Eva Chapman

Butterflies and Demons

By: Eva Chapman

Paperback | 11 May 2020

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In the 1830s Mulrawirrapurka, the heroic Kaurna warrior and leader, strives to protect his people and his land after British settlers invade, claiming the Tandanya Plain as their own.

He spends the early years of settlement trying to keep the peace, working with the new colony to understand and respect each other's' values, but soon realises just how much authority the British hold over their new society.

For Murlawirrapurka, though, the British settlers aren't the only enemy, with increasing provisions attracting Indigenous people from all over the country, including the Kaurna's long time worst enemy, the Moorundie.

Frustrated with the British and determined to keep the Moorundie far from his home, Murlawirrapurka decides to take a stand. But for how long will defending his land and his people work out in his favour?

Told from multiple points of view in the 1830s and 1950s, Butterflies and Demons is a compelling story of heartache and hope.

About the Author

Born in Prague in 1947, Eva Chapman fled to Australia at the age of three with her mother, Olga, to escape conflict in their home country. She settled in Adelaide's western suburbs with fellow Soviet Union refugee Sasha.

Despite a traumatic childhood, Eva graduated from the University of Adelaide in 1968 and pursued multiple careers in teaching, psychotherapy, research, and business. She also gained a PhD in 1986 before retiring and pursuing a career in writing. Her works include the 2006 memoir to her parents, Sasha and Olga, and the recently published Sexy at 70: A Spiritual Journey.

Eva now resides in a wildlife sanctuary in Somerset, UK with her husband of more than 40 years Jake. She is a loving mother and babushka to her children and grandchildren.

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