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Bush V. Gore : the Court Cases and the Commentary - Ej Jr Dionne

Bush V. Gore

the Court Cases and the Commentary

Paperback Published: 1st February 2001
ISBN: 9780815701071
Number Of Pages: 360

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On December 12, 2000, a controversial decision by the Supreme Court of the United States effectively ended the disputed presidential contest between George W. Bush and Albert Gore Jr. with a 5-4 ruling that revealed the court to be as bitterly divided as the electorate. Four days earlier, the Florida Supreme Court had abruptly changed the dynamics of the election by reversing a lower court and ordering hand recounts of " undervotes" statewide. The U.S. Supreme Court quickly stepped in to halt the recounts and agreed to hear Bush v. Gore. After brief oral arguments and a short period of deliberation, the high court reversed the state court decision. The justices in both cases were bitterly divided, and passionate language emerged in both the majority rulings and the dissents. The drama and divisiveness of this extraordinary saga come to life in the rulings, opinions, and dissents from these two cases: U.S. Supreme Court case 00-949 (Bush v. Gore) and Florida Supreme Court case 00-2431 (Gore v. Harris). The first section of this volume gathers the complete text of both rulings, along with selections from oral arguments in the U.S. Supreme Court case. The second section of the book gathers the most significant opinion pieces from journalists and scholars on both sides of the political fence. Selected and organized by political analysts E.J. Dionne and William Kristol, these articles illuminate the perspectives of both sides about the various twists and turns in the post-election campaign, and the landmark judicial intervention. A companion website will provide links to documents from additional legal proceedings and other related documents and writings. The legal and historicalsignificance of the 2000 election will be studied and debated for years to come. This volume combines the most important source documents with the most intelligent opinion and analysis about the conflict and its controversial resolution.

Industry Reviews

"A 'must' for students of political science and American electorial history." -- Midwest Book Review, 4/18/2001 "Kristol and Dionne's collection stand[s] up well as an account of the 'outside story' in Florida." --Richard Lowry, National Review, 4/19/2001 "'Bush v. Gore' is essential reading... It features a wide range of intelligent commentary, from hard-hitting leftist critiques in The Nation, to confused centrist plaints in The New Republic, to jarring conservative responses in The Weekly Standard." --Corey Robin, Brooklyn College, SUNY, Newsday, 6/20/2001 "The editors, who differ on recount questions, have been careful to balance opinions in their column selections." --Robert Nardini, Library Journal, 9/24/2001 "... makes for entertaining and informative reading to see such contrasts in opinion." --Kenneth R. Mayer, Congress & the Presidency, 10/1/2001 "Bush v. Gore [is] a well-edited, balanced work... The book collects the principal decisions and varied and thought-provoking views on the main facets of the battle." --Steven I. Himelstein, Dorsey & Whitney LLP (Law firm), New York Law Journal, 5/4/2001

Chronologyp. xi
Introduction: The Florida Momentp. 1
Court Cases
Advisory Opinion DE 00-10, Florida Department of State, Division of Elections, November 13, 2000p. 9
Advisory Opinion DE 00-11, Florida Department of State, Division of Elections, November 13, 2000p. 11
Advisory Opinion DE 00-13, Florida Department of State, Division of Elections, November 13, 2000p. 12
Advisory Legal Opinion AGO 2000-65, Florida Attorney General, November 14, 2000p. 14
McDermott v. Harris, Leon County (Florida) Circuit Court, November 14, 2000p. 19
Palm Beach County Canvassing Board v. Harris, Supreme Court of Florida, November 21, 2000p. 24
Bush v. Palm Beach County Canvassing Board, Supreme Court of the United States, December 4, 2000p. 48
Gore v. Harris, Leon County (Florida) Circuit Court, December 4, 2000p. 53
Gore v. Harris, Supreme Court of Florida, December 8, 2000p. 58
Bush v. Gore, Supreme Court of the United States, December 9, 2000p. 97
Bush v. Gore, Supreme Court of the United States, December 12, 2000p. 100
Per Curiamp. 100
Chief Justice Rehnquist, concurringp. 109
Justice Stevens, dissentingp. 117
Justice Souter, dissentingp. 121
Justice Ginsburg, dissentingp. 126
Justice Breyer, dissentingp. 132
Gore v. Harris, Supreme Court of Floridap. 144
Order on Remand, December 14, 2000p. 144
Opinion, December 22, 2000p. 145
Commentary November 7-21, 2000
Scrap This System from The Washington Postp. 165
Gore's Spoiled Ballot from The Weekly Standardp. 167
The Electoral College, Unfair from Day One from The New York Timesp. 171
A Gore Coup d'Etat? from The Wall Street Journalp. 173
A Time to Act Presidential from The Washington Postp. 175
Counting the Vote: Stop This Litigation from The Wall Street Journalp. 176
Dept. of Close Calls: George W.'s Cousin from The New Yorkerp. 179
Suddenly, Bush Likes the Lawyers from The Washington Postp. 181
The Gore Coup from The Weekly Standardp. 183
Can Gore Ever Win? from The New York Timesp. 187
Why the Restraint? from The National Reviewp. 189
Commentary November 22-December 9, 2000
What Now? from Slatep. 193
This Willful Court from The Washington Postp. 196
Supremely Ill-Judged from The Wall Street Journalp. 198
Hands Off from The New Republicp. 201
Gore Owes It to Nation to Fight On from The Boston Globep. 204
Our Imperial Judiciary from Timep. 206
Crowning the Imperial Judiciary from The New York Timesp. 209
Deadlines and Dishonesty from The Washington Postp. 211
The Judicial-Activist State from The National Reviewp. 213
The Phantom Poll Booth from The New York Review of Booksp. 217
Florida Fatigue from The Washington Postp. 222
A Legislature's Duty from The Wall Street Journalp. 224
Rein in the Legislature from The Washington Postp. 227
Florida Ballot Spoilage Likelier for Blacks from The Washington Postp. 229
First Principles in Florida from The Weekly Standardp. 234
Gov. Bush's Cynical End-Around in the Florida Legislature from The Boston Globep. 238
Keep Them Out! from The New York Timesp. 240
W. Stands for Wrongful from The LA Weeklyp. 242
Double Standard from The Washington Postp. 246
Ghosts in Florida from The Washington Postp. 248
Commentary December 10-13, 2000
A President by Judicial Fiat from The Weekly Standardp. 253
Our Robed Masters from The Weekly Standardp. 255
Let the Voters Decide from The Washington Postp. 257
The Equal-Protection Card from The National Reviewp. 260
The Court Casts Its Vote from The New York Timesp. 262
Left Tells Right: "Heads I Win, Tails You Lose" from The Wall Street Journalp. 264
In Blocking Vote Count, High Court Shows Which Team It's Rooting For from The Los Angeles Timesp. 266
Florida's Silver Lining from The American Prospectp. 269
Let the Count Continue from The Washington Postp. 272
No Surprise. It's an Activist Court from The New York Timesp. 273
Judicial Activism on Trial from The Washington Postp. 275
Commentary December 14, 2000...
A Place Forever Changed by Indecision 2000 from The Palm Beach Postp. 281
Constitutional Crash Landing from The National Reviewp. 284
So Much for States' Rights from The Washington Postp. 287
A Muddled Ruling from The Wall Street Journalp. 289
Partisanship Rules from The Nationp. 293
Supreme Travesty of Justice from The Washington Postp. 294
Another Kind of Bitter Split from The New York Timesp. 296
A Failure of Reason from The New York Timesp. 299
A Brand New Game from The Washington Postp. 301
A New Voting Rights Movement from The New York Timesp. 306
The Bush Victory from The Weekly Standardp. 308
The Supreme Court Commits Suicide from The New Republicp. 311
Unsafe Harbor from The New Republicp. 317
An Act of Courage from The Weekly Standardp. 319
Equal Protection Run Amok from The Weekly Standardp. 321
The Real Division in the Court from The Weekly Standardp. 323
Eppur Si Muove from The New Yorkerp. 330
Why the Florida Recount Was Egregiously One-Sided from The National Journalp. 332
Contempt of Court from The American Prospectp. 336
What We'll Remember in 2050 from The Chronicle of Higher Educationp. 339
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ISBN: 9780815701071
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Published: 1st February 2001
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