Building a Winning Career : A complete guide to securing and thriving in your ideal senior role - William Cowan

Building a Winning Career

A complete guide to securing and thriving in your ideal senior role

By: William Cowan

Paperback | 16 November 2021

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Finalist in The Australian Career Book Award 2022 - Hosted by The Royal Society of Arts Oceania  

Do you know how to seek out and win your next executive role?

Are you well prepared to take the next steps in your career?

If not, you may fail to reach your full potential and miss out on building a winning career.

Most career advice available today does not address the needs of senior job seekers. Building a Winning Career sets out a proven process that has worked for hundreds of senior executives, delivering superior results for those considering their next career move.

In Building a Winning Career, William Cowan describes strategies that best position you for success while avoiding common traps. Filled with Practical examples, this book will help you:

  • prepare and manage your job search for best results
  • build your network to be an exponential multiplier for you
  • be confident and ready when you meet recruiting teams
  • launch yourself in a new role and nail it
  • take active steps to think through how to manage your career
Industry Reviews

'A must read for senior leaders in finding the right new job or those wanting to take their career to the next level. It's highly engaging, yet practical, with home truths that you won't get from your family, friends or colleagues.'

Kalpana Gee - Senior Banking Executive

'This book is outstanding and provides really insightful and valuable information that can be practically applied by any executive who wants to secure their ideal role and build a successful career.'

Ian Nankivell - 35 years as a leader in executive search

'In a world of ever-increasing disruption, the navigation of one's own career will continue to be challenged in ways that we can't imagine. This book provides concepts, strategies and tactics that help in a way like no other.'

David Nicolson - Senior Career Consultant

'How do you cut through the emotion when you are out of work? To be focused, rational, reflective, and successful, you need a great process based on expert experience. That is why you need this book!'

Russell Parker - Global CEO

'This book offers precious pearls of wisdom for all to learn from and apply. It is guaranteed to become your trusted career companion, one you will consult for practical, transferable insights throughout your career.'

Aim©e Samuels-Meens - Senior Career Consultant

'Getting a great job is about so much more than being the best candidate. There is an art to being the successful candidate and this book provides straightforward and practical advice to help you get your dream job.'

Julia Shtepa - Senior Financial Services Executive

'This book fills an important gap in the inadequately served field of career guidance. It provides executives - at all levels - with practical advice on how to re-position and significantly enhance career progression.'

Alan Winton - Senior Search Executive

'I am fortunate to have successfully worked with William, embracing the principles, practical methods and purposeful disciplines in this book. The purposeful and practical path laid out in this book make the process less confronting.'

Greg White - COO

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