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Building a Profession - Jillean Ludwell

Building a Profession

By: Jillean Ludwell

eBook | 1 November 2023

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The history of the establishment of the conveyancing profession, and the fight to establish a licensing scheme for Conveyancers in Victoria, is a story worth telling.

This book covers the early beginnings of the profession in the 1860s, its demise in the early 1900s and its revival in the 1980s.

It explains how a small group of strong-minded, resilient Conveyancers were determined to open up the conveyancing market, competing with lawyers and providing the public with a choice of practitioner.

The path was long and challenging, as the group had to overcome continuous resistance by successive Victorian governments, strong opposition from a well-resourced Law Institute of Victoria and an expensive and stressful court case before they succeeded.

Their ultimate success should not be underestimated and is a reminder to current and future Conveyancers not to take their profession for granted.


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