Book Recommendations Inspired by Taylor Swift Eras

by |December 14, 2023

Are you counting down the days until Taylor Swift makes her way down under for her Eras tour? We definitely are! Taylor Swift is at the top of her game right now between being named Time’s Person of the Year, Spotify’s Global Top Artist, her record-breaking tour and of course, Travis Kelce!

We have found that lots of readers are big swifties. It’s like if there were a Venn diagram of those who are obsessed with books and those obsessed with Taylor was made, there would be a very big overlap in the middle. Whether you’re feeling Fearless, Red, or like you’re living in 1989 (all Taylors Version of course), these are our top book picks for whichever Eras mood you’re in.

Book recommendations inspired by Taylor Swift Albums

We have split our book recommendations into her various albums below.

Taylor Swift was 16 when she wrote and released her self-titled debut album. Themes of teenage romance and discovering your identity are very evident throughout the tracks. Her country roots shine here and some of our favourite songs include Tim McGraw, Our Song and Teardrops on My Guitar. This album gave us a taste of the star Taylor was going to become.

Taylor’s second and hugely popular studio album, Fearless, takes listeners on a journey of discovery in both love and life as a teenage girl in high school. Love Story and You Belong with Me are some of her classics that will have everyone at a party singing along.

Speak Now was the follow-up to Taylor’s successful album Fearless. Inspired by her transition from adolescence to adulthood, Speak Now explores love, heartbreak and growing up. This album gives a whimsical, fantasy vibe with songs like Long Live, Enchanted and Dear John.

Released in 2012, Red was the era that unearthed Taylor’s iconic red lipstick and the beginning of her transition into the pop genre. Emotions of intense love, frustration, and jealousy are key themes throughout the album as Taylor continues her coming-of-age journey navigating unhealthy romantic relationships and finding herself in the process. Song highlights include All Too Well (10 Minute Version) 22, Red, I Knew You Were Trouble and We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together.

As listeners grow up with Taylor, they are taken on a rollercoaster of love and loss and newfound independence as Swift begins her pivot from country to pop and takes control of the direction of her music. 1989 explores themes of sordid love, revenge and freedom very prevalent in songs like Style, Blank Space, Wildest Dreams and Welcome to New York.

Taylor gets her power back with revenge and boss energy in her Reputation album. She isn’t afraid to speak her mind and no longer cares what people think. We see anger and vengeance, yet as the layers get peeled back, Taylor’s romantic heart and vulnerability remain. Songs such as Look What You Made Me Do, Delicate, End Game and Don’t Blame Me come to mind.

Taylor is head over heels in love with this era. Giddy, excited, and infatuated by her partner, her songs reflect all the emotions one goes through in the process of falling unapologetically in love. Despite this, Lover touches on themes of loneliness and solitude yet continually portrays it from a romantic perspective. Song highlights include Cruel Summer, Lover, Miss Americana and The Heartbreak Prince and The Archer.

Folklore was Taylor’s first alternative album was born out of COVID lockdowns and includes some of her best writing to date. She takes listeners on a whimsical adventure of escapism, empathy, nostalgia, and romanticism. This beautiful album weaves several stories, including one between three characters (Betty, James and Augustine). Our favourite songs include cardigan, the last great american dynasty, exile, invisible string and august.

The sister album to Folklore, Evermore was inspired by the Autumn and Winter seasons. This stunning album is also very story-based and tells tales about love, marriage, infidelity and grief. Willow, Champagne Problems and Tis the Damn Season are just a few of the fantastic songs on the tracklist.

Midnights is Taylors’ latest release and became a smash hit, with songs like Karma, Anti-Hero and You’re On Your Own Kid being played everywhere. Taylor Swift reflects on all her previous albums and brings those intense emotions of love, life and even a bit of revenge back to the forefront.

There you have it – our book recommendations based on all the Eras of Taylor Swift! We think every Era has something special and weaves the tale of Taylors’ life. If Taylor could drop a memoir for us to read, we think we would devour it in one sitting. What books would you recommend for your favourite Era?

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